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Ongoing stable methane emissions from cattle doesn’t change the climate

Guest Author, 20 April 2018

Could it be that a lot of cattle producers world-wide are being unfairly blamed for progressing climate change because of the methane released by their cattle? Going one step further, in this contributed article Alan Lauder, long-time grazier and author of the book Carbon Grazing – The Missing Link,  suggests that the methane emissions of the Australian sheep and cattle industry are not changing the climate, because they have been stable since the 1970’s.

Red meat industry can be carbon-neutral by 2030, says MLA

Beef Central, 22 November 2017

Australia’s red meat industry can become carbon neutral by 2030, putting it head and shoulders above its global competitors, MLA managing director Richard Norton told the company’s AGM in Alice Springs this afternoon.

Is there any money in soil carbon projects? It seems there is now

James Nason, 09 December 2016

One question more than any other is directed at CarbonLink’s Terry McCosker by producers wanting know more about on-farm carbon storing projects. Is there any money in it?

Carbon now worth more than $190 million annually for farmers

Guest Author, 30 August 2016

There is no doubt Australian Government’s Emission Reduction Fund has created new opportunities for many landholders who will continue to reap the benefits for years to come, writes the Australian Farm Institute’s Mick Keogh.

Farming in 2050: storing carbon could help meet Australia’s climate goal

Guest Author, 31 March 2016

New markets and incentives could make storing carbon or producing energy from land more profitable than farming, and turn our agricultural land into a carbon sink.

World-leading research steers to genetic improvement in cattle

Beef Central, 23 November 2015

The Australian beef industry will benefit with the completion of three years world-leading research on genetic traits to breed lower methane producing cattle.

Another way of looking at the cows and carbon debate + VIDEO

Beef Central, 05 August 2015

Central Qld stud cattle breeder Geoff Maynard says until now the debate over cows and carbon has focussed almost exclusively on the animal’s ‘exhaust emissions’ – methane. But he argues via this Youtube video that a more holistic view should be taken, recognising cattle as nature’s carbon-capturers and converters.

Northern cattle producers: can money be made from the Emissions Reduction Fund?

Beef Central, 14 July 2015

This webinar will inform livestock producers about the opportunities in the Emissions Reduction Fund, how carbon markets work and how livestock producers can earn extra income from participating in the ERF.

Teys reduces carbon footprint with waste water treatment upgrade

Beef Central, 25 June 2015

As part of ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, Teys Australia has commissioned its new Beenleigh waste water treatment facility which substantially reduces the plant’s reliance on fossil fuels. Beenleigh’s waste water treatment facility can now generate, capture and deliver renewable energy back to the site, slashing greenhouse gas emissions by 33,000 tonnes each year.

CFI methodology for northern cattle underway

James Nason, 15 August 2014

A Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) methodology has been endorsed which could allow northern cattle producers on extensive operations to claim carbon credits by feeding nitrate supplements to their herd.