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Ceres Tag launches Global Distribution Network

Sponsored Content, 08/04/2024

CERES Tag is announcing the launch of its Global Distribution Network, a development that it believes will reshape the world of animal monitoring.

With distributors now on five continents, the Global Sistribution Network promises unparalleled benefits for livestock producers worldwide, and marks a significant leap forward in efficiency, sustainability, and enhanced productivity on a global scale, according to CERES Tag founders David and Melita Smith.

CERES Tag is known globally for its zero-infrastructure animal monitoring platform harnessing direct-to-satellite technology.

A global distribution network represents a pivotal realisation of the shared vision held by both co-founders, ensuring the widespread availability of CERES Tag’s advanced smart sensor technology across diverse agricultural landscapes.

A large driver for seeking to implement a global distribution network is the growth in demand for both the Pasture Feed Intake (PFI) algorithm and CERES Tag’s ability to assist with deforest-free supply chain transparency. Producers can now predict methane emissions and derive phenotype data for genetic selection with PFI, and in addition maintain access to EU market with the ability to provide transparent supply chain data.

“Our vision has always been to create a world where livestock monitoring is not just advanced but accessible to everyone,” Melita Smith said of the transformative impact of the global distribution network.

“The rollout of our global distribution network is a pivotal step in making this vision a reality, ensuring that farmers across the world can benefit from the transformative capabilities of CERES Tag.”

David Smith, whose expertise lies in technology and innovation, echoed the sentiment, stating: “Our mission has been to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and practical on-farm applications.

“The global distribution network enhances our ability to bring CERES Tag’s advanced monitoring solutions to farmers worldwide, providing them with the tools they need to optimise livestock management and drive sustainable practices.”

The expanded distribution network extends the benefits of CERES Tag’s technology to a wider range of livestock producers, democratising access to advanced animal monitoring.

By reaching markets globally, David and Melita said CERES Tag is committed to empowering farmers of all scales, allowing them to leverage the power of direct-to-satellite information for biosecurity, provenance, health monitoring, and theft detection.

Furthermore, the global presence facilitated by the distribution network set the stage for valuable knowledge exchange and collaboration opportunities.

Farmers and industry stakeholders across the globe can share insights, best practices, and innovative solutions, fostering a global community committed to advancing livestock management.

“Graziers leveraging CERES Tag’s technology through the global distribution network can anticipate heightened operational efficiency, improved livestock health, and enhanced sustainability. The direct-to-satellite information ensures real-time insights into the well-being and location of animals, empowering farmers to make informed decisions that positively impact productivity and profitability.

“As CERES Tag’s global footprint expands, the agricultural industry stands to gain from the collective knowledge, expertise, and innovation fostered by this interconnected network.”

The rollout of the global distribution network reaffirmed the commitment of CERES Tag to transforming the future of livestock monitoring, and creating a more connected, efficient, and sustainable global agricultural community.








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