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Bluetooth and GPS ear tags move ahead

Sponsored Content, 06/02/2023

AGTECH company mOOvement has announced the release of two new products, Bluetooth ear tags and a new version of GPS ear tags for cattle.

mOOvement’s new GPS solar-powered ear tags provide a solution to the long-standing problem of lost cattle.

With the ability to track cattle across long distances, producers can quickly and easily locate their missing heifers, and bulls saving time and money in recovery efforts.

The mOOvement ear tags work on LoRa IoT technology, providing a reliable and efficient solution for cattle tracking. With this technology, the ear tags do not require mobile reception across the farm for the cattle to be tracked.

This allows cattle producers to monitor their cattle even in remote areas where mobile coverage may be limited.

The tags provide cattle location updates every hour, making it easy to monitor the movement of cattle and generate accurate grazing patterns on the mOOvement platform.

The tags are also equipped with an accelerometer that can detect if a tagged animal has completely stopped moving and send an alert to the producer.

Additionally, the GPS tags have a Bluetooth sensor, which allows for close-range detection by mOOvement Bluetooth detection beacons, further adding relative location data for cattle activity tracking.

These advanced features and capabilities make mOOvement’s GPS ear tags the premier solution for cattle producers looking to streamline their cattle operations.

The tags are now commercially available, direct from the manufacturer, at a cost of $ 79 per unit, plus a $ 15-a-year subscription fee.

Another interesting problem that mOOvement is trying to solve is of tracking cattle activity and simplifying cattle data monitoring.

The Bluetooth ear tag aims to simplify cattle activity and data management. These tags work in conjunction with mOOvement’s Bluetooth detection beacons, which detect cattle within a radius of 30-40 meters and report cattle detections every 10 minutes.

This type of solution is especially useful when placed at water points, as cattle activity and visits to these points can be tracked, allowing farmers to count their cattle and identify decreasing activity at various points on the farm.

This type of activity monitoring and cattle data management is made simple with the use of mOOvement’s Bluetooth ear tags, providing farmers with the information they need to make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of their operations.

The Bluetooth ear tags cost only $ 7 a unit, plus the $ 15 per tag subscription fee.

A smart tag for cattle activity monitoring is a perfect starter product for cattle producers thinking of getting into implementing Agtech solutions on their farms.

The mOOvement platform also supports other mOOvement sensors like water monitors, rain gauges, and GPS ear tags, allowing farmers to transform their entire farm into a smart farm, enabling remote monitoring and management.

“We are thrilled to launch these new products, which we believe will have a significant impact on the Beef industry of Australia,” said Nisette Gorton, sales director, Australia of mOOvement. “Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and help them operate their farms more efficiently.”

After a continuous effort by mOOvement’s development team in Australia and working with cattle producers to understand their needs, Daniel Blickling, CTO of mOOvement said “Bringing the complex hardware technologies to weigh within 25 grams for the Bluetooth tags and 30 grams for the GPS tags are by itself a tremendous achievement. We are extremely happy with the performance of the new tags and the benefit it is bringing to our customers”.

Mr Blickling added that the new ear tags have a superior connectivity of LoRa technology, making them even more reliable in delivering cattle location information to farmers. The use of LoRa technology provides a robust and innovative solution for cattle management and tracking.

For more information on the new GPS and Bluetooth ear tags and how they can benefit your cattle operation, visit the  mOOvement website here.

Cattle producers will be able to take advantage of the new GPS ear tag and the smart Bluetooth ear tag to address on-farm biosecurity, and receive timely alerts and reports on their smartphones to make their cattle operation more efficient and cost-effective. Cattle producers can now take a step in the right direction to advance their farms into the smart farms of the future.

About mOOvement

mOOvement is a leading provider of cattle tracking and smart farm solutions. The company’s products help cattle producers improve their operations and make more informed decisions. MOOvement is committed to advancing the use of Agtech in the cattle industry and promoting sustainable cattle farming practices with the help of smart Ag-tech solutions. To find out more about mOOvement’s offering, visit their website: https://www.moovement.com.au

Contact: Nisette Gorton, Sales Director Australia, mOOvement.

email: nisette@moovement.co

Phone: +61 458 748 901




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  1. Felix Ssemakula, 07/05/2024

    Can I get more detailed information about the prices and possibility of shipping to Uganda?

  2. Garrey Sellars, 08/02/2023

    great concept i have questioned for a long time
    i think the $15 dollar per tage subscription is steep and the GPS tags are unaffordable ,imagine saddleing up to fitting to 1000 head herd

    • Bryan, 09/02/2023

      Imagine losing a 1000 head herd. Totally worth it if I can find them with GPS tags

  3. Peter Dunn, 06/02/2023

    I’m devastated that these tags were not available years ago. I would have attached them to the shirts of a couple of workers I inherited!!!!!!

  4. John Colless, 06/02/2023

    Well done TEAM Moovement with the release of Bluetooth and the new version of the GPS cattle ear tags.
    We have been early adopters of the GPS tags for tracking and checking on stud cattle, particularly first calf heifers at calving.
    Plus stock water tank monitoring and have found the system and tech back up support first class.
    John Colless, Wetherby Brangus.

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