Cattle tick outbreaks a greater risk due to lack of resources: AgForce

Beef Central, 31/07/2018

Queensland cattle producers are frustrated and worried a lack of State Government resources is leaving them more exposed to tick outbreaks, AgForce says.

Female cattle ticks preparing to lay eggs. Image credit: Jason Tidwell.

AgForce Cattle Tick Committee Chair Justin Boshammer said the Queensland Government introduced a new management framework two years ago to simplify and strengthen the tick line, but hadn’t provided enough support to deliver the plan effectively.

“Ticks are a major problem plaguing our cattle industry, with the cost across northern Australia estimated at about $160 million a year,” he said.

“There have been recent cattle deaths and outbreaks in previously clean areas, with producers left exposed through lax surveillance and compliance activities.

“Producers are left wondering who to call in an emergency with reports of slow response times, and minimal or no support from government officers who are stretched thin on the ground.

“The promise of flexibility has not been backed up with the resources, surveillance or data to enable the safe movement of cattle tick carriers over the line, leaving Queensland producers at greater risk of cattle ticks.”

Mr Boshammer said a dedicated case manager would help ensure any outbreak was cleaned up and that producers and accredited certifiers had the support they needed.

“It’s well past time the State Government got out and listened to cattle producers along the tick line to hear for themselves the confusion, anguish and disappointment,” he said.

“The Queensland Government needs to demonstrate how the new regulations have delivered the positive benefits they spruiked two years ago, and explain what surveillance they have done to show where the issues are and what they are doing to address them.

“We were promised a strong surveillance system and data to back it up. The plan is there, but on the ground, there are not enough resources to deliver it.”

Source: AgForce Queensland


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  1. graeme mcdonald, 01/08/2018

    Agforce seems to have a poor memory of the recent past , two years ago the government spent a lot of $ on the tick line but their effectiveness was sadly lacking . So the currant system relies on all parties taking response for their actions. A short trip down memory lane will show everyone that the tick line was breached on numerous occasions that caused tick infestations in the clean country. The only support that was a shoulder to cry on while the government official locked you out of all markets and dictated how the situation was managed with very little financial support

  2. Emma Senna, 31/07/2018

    I would love to see a vaccine rolled out.
    A vaccine has been developed through a Queensland university for use on dogs.
    It needs backing to get rolled out.
    Sadly a lot of the oral tick prevention in canines is pretty toxic to some dogs including my own causing seizures etc.
    I hope some voices in the area of cattle management push this forward.

  3. Rob Atkinson, 31/07/2018

    Our industry should consider a strategy to get rid of ticks entirely. There is little doubt that a strategic campaign using Dectomax LA and Cydectin LA would see ticks removed from our landscape. And while we are at it, according to the CSIRO, Buffalo Fly could also be challenged using sterile male fly releases, as per screw worm fly elimination in the USA and Mexico. Australia has the National Sterile Insect Facility in Adelaide. CSIRO have not been approached by industry to investigate the possibility of eliminating Buffalo Fly.

  4. Russell Pearson, 31/07/2018

    Over 220,000 employed in the public service and no Stock Inspectors to manage the Tick control facilities any more

  5. Ray Patroni, 31/07/2018

    In Kingaroy our farmer friendly, all Queensland people inclusive??, Queensland Labor Party have the DAFF staff doing RSPCA work and the local agents doing the cattle tick surveillance.
    We do not checking why these tick outbreaks are happening. Queensland Labor once again prove that Agriculture is not part of their DNA!!

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