Bindaree expands retail-ready operations with dedicated production site

Beef Central, 19/06/2018

NORTHERN NSW beef processor Bindaree Beef will greatly expand its retail-ready beef operations after securing a dedicated production site at Burleigh Heads, not far from the Queensland NSW border.

Bindaree’s retail ready Highland Park product on sale in Aldi supermarkets

The large-scale 9000sq m factory was formerly the main operations site for the TopCut/TenderPlus group, now owned by Simplot Australia, which has since relocated.

Bindaree will lease the facility on the Gold Coast from which it will grow its already established retail-ready beef processing operations, producing retail ready products for large Australian customers like the expanding Aldi supermarket chain, as well as overseas customers.

The Burleigh facility will generate portioned retail-ready and value-added food products using raw material from the Bindaree plant. The site also houses large-scale cold storage, blast freezing and warehousing capacity for finished goods.

The factory is only 11km from the Coolangatta international/domestic airport, with easy access to the Port of Brisbane to the north, both servicing export markets of Southeast Asia and beyond.

Up to now, all of the company’s retail-ready work has been carried out at the Inverell plant, the Burleigh Heads facility will allow it to expand is operations.

The new Burleigh facility comprises large dual production areas with multiple freezer and chiller areas, ten loading docks, staff amenities able to accommodate up to 300 staff, car parks and extensive office facilities. The site has previously been Halal, USDA and AQIS accredited.

Bindaree plans to invest a significant amount of money in the site to extend its operational capacity and product offerings in both the retail and food service sectors, expecting to commence operations early in the new financial year.

Andrew McDonald

Having the ability to further develop this key part of the business was pivotal in achieving the company’s strategic business objectives, Bindaree’s chief executive officer Andrew McDonald said.

Integrating with the Burleigh factory project, additional investment will also take place at Bindaree’s Inverell processing facility, to be able to produce products directly into Asian markets.

“These changes will help ensure that we are well-positioned to service our expanding export production requirements for value-added products – especially the growth in sales in China,” Mr McDonald said.

He said it was an exciting time for Bindaree Beef and its new joint venture partners – Hong Kong based Hui family and investment firm Archstone Capital – who continued to share Bindaree’s vision to become a more competitive company that can cater for both local and international markets; rapidly expanding its reach while also upgrading its facilities, supply chain and distribution channels.

Beef Central covered the investment by the Hui family and Archstone Capital in Bindaree in this story published last year.

A staged program of work on both sites will be completed over the coming months.

Bindaree Retail manager Ricky Taylor, who previously built the BE Campbell retail ready operations also supplying Aldi, Woolworths with pork, beef and lamb, will lead the team tasked with the responsibility of delivering a successful plant renovation and transition to the new premises.

Growth in Aldi operations

As Beef Central highlighted in this earlier story, Bindaree’s major domestic retail costumer, Aldi Supermarkets, continues to grow strongly in Australia, now operating more than 500 outlets across Australia.

Aldi will open another 32 stores this year in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia, and plans to refresh 40 more with is new store format, increasing its focus in fresh produce, meat, healthy foods and organics.

That expansion, and increasing demand for beef products including the in-house Highland Park and Jindurra Station brands produced by Bindaree, is a significant driver of Bindaree’s retail-ready and value-added expansion plans.

As part of latest moves, Bindaree is also investing in greater research and new product development capability.

Contrasting with the Coles and Woolworths models which place meat departments in a far corner of each outlet, Aldi places its chilled meat cases towards the front of each store – a learning which has come out of the company’s UK operations, which they believe delivers a significant uplift in protein sales.


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  1. Yekane, 09/07/2023

    Is the meats product vendor number 125397 is halal supplier or not halal.
    Thank you

  2. Peter brown, 28/07/2021

    Is jindurra station meat a subscriber to the halal consortium? If so ,goodbye Aldis.

  3. Beverly Langoulant, 13/02/2021

    Is Jindurra meat halal ?

  4. Gai Fardell, 03/09/2020

    Where is Jindurra Station? Qld Nsw? where is it near. Please advise
    Gai Fardell

  5. Mary brock, 20/08/2020

    Dear sir or Madam
    My name is Mary brock your rump blade steak is so beautiful to eat

  6. Sairah, 12/08/2020

    Is jindurra beef halal?

  7. Angela, 10/08/2020

    I puchased a piece of
    Scotch Fillet steak
    Under the Jindurra Station brand
    I only cooked it small amount of time which was well done
    And not much taste to it.
    I wont buy it again.
    And hard to get package open.

  8. Paul Stevens, 08/07/2020

    Sorry to say that despite barbequing correctly, all six cuts of Aldi Scotch Fillet were tough as old boots. We put them in the pressure cooker and stewed them for 30 minutes and that made them tendered but tasteless.

  9. Helen Woodhouse-Herrick, 25/06/2020

    Love the product in the past but unfortunately this time I was shocked with the toughness of the meat. Now I am giving you ‘friendly feedback’ because I’m a believer in doing that because it is in your best interest but to try and email or contact Aldi Horsham Vic. is impossible that’s why I am emailing you to have my say. I have pictures of the product and package and all of the above but find it difficult to communicate with my nearest store which is an hour drive from me here in the Wimmera, Vic. and not just around the corner so have to wait until our next trip. I thought I would see if this works.
    Kind regards,
    Helen of Nhill
    0427 0427 50 or 03 5391 1111.

  10. Kerry Orr, 15/06/2020

    Where does your meat come from qld, nsw, or Vic

  11. Natalie, 29/05/2020

    I am an accountant, who is involved in Business Management with our clients. One of the key principles, is to constantly ‘re-invent’ yourself.
    On this note…I purchased your “Jindurra Station Diced Beef vacuum pack” sold at Aldi stores. The packaging is hard to open, & the great big sticker across the package is difficult to remove – not to mention bad for the environment & not recyclable.
    IN THIS CHANGING MARKET – & WITH THE WORLD GOING “Green”, & plastic free, is there not perhaps another option for you to look at in your packaging.
    You advertise your meat as being ‘natural’ etc – could you not also take this 1 step further, & re-look at your packaging? This will only make you as a company, & your product MORE attractive to the average Aussie customer.
    Kind regards

  12. Lesley moore, 29/05/2020

    I’m really disappointed with the quality of the product I purchased yesterday. I particularly looked for a packet of beef sizzle steak with 6 steaks as there is only my daughter and myself so this would enable me to make 3 meals. This morning when I’m separating the steaks into 2s I find that the appearance of the stakes vs the actual size is deceptive. Three is the slices are pathetically small so false advertising I feel. Most disappointed vendor 125397 time 0838 line 3 0.494kgd $8.89 Ubd 03.06.20

  13. Gary read, 25/05/2020

    Just had t bones from jindurra meats. Purchased at aldis.sorry but the worst t bones i have ever had. Very disappointed.

  14. John HENSON, 25/05/2020

    If ALDI meat Beef and Lamb in particular is Australian, then why does the bar code NOT have the 93 prefix

  15. Rob Ladd, 12/05/2020

    Unfortunately I purchased from Aldi, beef eye fillet, one of your products. Being so tough it was inedible. Do not think have been more dissappointed. Having owned my own restaurant I have much experience in preparation, cooking and consumption of this cut of beef. I would appreciate you comments.

  16. Dim Houridis, 28/04/2020

    Does Bindaree Beef inject water, saline solution or any other product into its meats?

  17. Marvin Heaston, 08/03/2020

    Highland Park Eye Fillet is as good as it gets. We don’t eat any other beef. When it is this good why would you? Cheers

  18. Graeme pierce, 19/01/2020

    I worked with my father in large family meat business ( shops, small goods, exports, wholesale, )l find Aldi’s meat excellent better than the opposition super markets and up to and most times better than the individual shops.

  19. Annetta Alsop, 09/09/2019

    The good thing about Aldi beef is that it’s good quality at a reasonable price. Feeding teenagers quality protein is do-able. Both are fast growing and into sport. Their nutritional requirements are high. Thank you.

    • Andrew Brown, 05/04/2020

      I totally agree with Annette. Australians are looking for good quality Australian Beef at a reasonable price. Throughout the process pipeline, please ensure that the Australian farmers are paid reasonably for quality products – and I do feel that the Cattle Care Accredited programs can deliver assurance to the market.
      Keep up the good work and transparency of quality.

  20. Val, 01/08/2019

    WHERE EXACTLY Is the beef products marked JINDURRA STATION sourced from as there is NO cattle station of that name in Australia. Are we being SUCKED into buying overseas meat under the PRETENCE that it is AUSTRALIAN grown. IF it is Australian grown does it leave here as part of the processing

    We can assure you it is Australian domestic beef, Val. Jindurra Station is one of a suite of branded beef programs produced under license for Aldi by Bindaree Beef, near Inverell in northern NSW. None of Bindaree’s brand programs include beef from overseas. Due to Australia’s high level of biosecurity, the only offshore beef permitted to enter Australia is from New Zealand, Vanuatu and Japan. In reality, NZ and Vanuatuan beef rarely arrives in Australia, due to lack of cost-competitiveness. Japanese beef is present in the market in minute quantities – specifically Fullblood Wagyu beef sold at extremely high prices, mostly into high-end restaurants. Full names required for future reader comments please, Val, as per our long-standing comment policy. Editor

  21. Mohammad, 19/05/2019

    I have a question does the Bindaree’s beef product halal?
    Thank you very much.

  22. Rosemary Dowling, 24/03/2019

    Aldi advertises their meat from Jindurra Station, Killarnee lamb, Ironbark pork – where are these places please – some consumers would like to know the area where this meat comes from – eg Beaudesert, Colac etc & also the breed of cattle Angus, Hereford etc
    Thank you, Rosemary

    • Paul Mainwaring, 02/09/2019

      The name “Jindurra Station” is only a BRAND NAME….

      It is not a place, home or station here in Australia.
      Google it for verification

  23. Shane Irwin, 27/06/2018

    Sounds like a very exciting program ,all the best to you Andrew and your highly competent and dedicated staff who I am sure will give all their energy and experience to ensure a great success in this venture.

  24. Scott coleman, 21/06/2018

    Sounds interesting

  25. Bede Mcalpin, 20/06/2018

    Way to Go Andrew and the rest of the Bindaree team!

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