“When primary data on red meat consumption are analyzed with validated methods and in a transparent way according to the highest scientific standards, the result is always the same: intake of unprocessed red meat poses no risk to general health and provides valuable nutrition benefits,” said Dr Peer Ederer, main editor for the science collaborators on the synopsis .

Dr Theo de Jager, WFO President, said that from a farmer’s perspective, it is of utmost importance that all solutions and policies are solidly science-based.

“This is the only way we can ensure that they will still be valid in the future. This synopsis paper shows that livestock farming is a pivotal solution for Sustainable Food Systems and that unprocessed red meat is a key component of balanced diets.”

The WFO Scientific Council is an independent scientific body composed of 15 scientists, experts and professors from across the globe to equip WFO with the best scientific advice to enhance further the science-sound perspectives of the farmers’ voice in the international debate around agriculture and food systems.

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