Recruitment: Five keys to unlocking employee talent

Beef Central, 28/02/2014


Latest listings on our recruitment page, Jobs Central:

  • Stud Overseer – Newcastle Waters Brahman Stud (CPC)
  • Leading Hand – Anthony Lagoon NT (AA Co)
  • Station Secretary – Isis Downs (Qld) (CPC)
  • Shipping & Logistics Coordinator (Stanbroke)
  • Stockpersons – two positions (Teys Australia Beenleigh)
  • Station Manager – Fort Constantine (Stanbroke)
  • Meat Inspectors (AAO’s)  – (Meat Inspectors Pty Ltd)
  • CEO – NT Cattlemens Association (Rimfire)
  • Domestic Meat Sales & Trading (Rimfire)
  • Feed Team Supervisor, Wonga Plains Feedlot (Camm Agricultural Group)
  • Operations Manager, Condamine feedlot, Qld (Teys Australia)
  • Technical Services Officer – ALFA

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WITH resources limited and budgets tight, using every ounce of your employees’ talent is vital to your business’s success.

Regardless of whether they are large or small, most enterprises are so caught up in the day-to-day running of their business, some don’t realise they have treasure trove of untapped talent.

A recent survey indicated that 30-40 percent of talent is not being utilised, and it is not because employees aren't working hard, it is that their talent is not being optimised to its fullest potential.

Employees who show up and just do their jobs could likely be doing a whole lot more. Here are some steps that you can take to access that resource and get more motivation, skills, and innovation from the people who work for (and with) you:


Make sure employees' know your company's business objectives

The first step in unlocking your business’s true potential is ensuring employees understand how their specific job/role contributes to achieving your business objectives. Without a consistent process of setting goals for each individual employee that map directly to the company's objectives, they may be spending too much time on the wrong activities.

Establishing a formal process for creating relevant goals for each employee, and monitoring/measuring performance against company objectives, unquestionably results in both individual and company success.

Keep Employees Energised and Engaged

A key insight into driving phenomenal performance is not to get an employee to perform as expected, but to have them willingly go above and beyond the job description – because they want to.

Building a culture in which employees are energised and engaged to perform at and beyond requires both strong management skills, and a consistent process for providing accurate, quality feedback.

Ultimately, quality feedback is what keeps your employee's motivated and can be used to inspire and fire them up.

“It also increases job satisfaction and reduces turnover – two critical factors that most businesses would be concerned with on a daily basis” director of agribusiness labour resourcing company, AWX, Cameron Dart said.

In addition, inviting a different layer of employees to help with an important project or task, instead of just consulting team leaders, opens the potential to get all kinds of new information you may have not heard before.

The same effort can also be created by putting people into teams who normally wouldn't work together – chances are it will generate new ideas, and more motivated employees in the process.

Understanding your talent potential

Talent is not simply a person’s strengths or skill set. It also includes self-expression.

Invite your employees to go beyond their job descriptions and engage their interests and passions. With clear questions and generous listening, a manager or peer can be a talent catalyst to help a team-member articulate his or her talent.

“If you're seeing someone do their job with a high level of accuracy and performing well, consider that person may have the skills to take on something new and more challenging,” Mr Dart said.

For example, if you have an employee that is up-to-date with the latest social media trends, get them to set-up or manage your company’s Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Set some objectives around the targets you would like achieved to keep them motivated.

Find talent inspiration through obstacles 

You can’t afford to let obstacles stop you or even slow you down.  Instead find inspiration by using obstacles as talent enhancers. There are plenty of everyday obstacles that we can use to bring out our best and instigate a leap forward.

Get employees to talk about the way they all do a common task, for example writing a job advertisement. Most employees will take to this task in a different way and one employee’s ideas or process could save someone else time in the future.   

Find out what they need

Accommodating to your employees’ needs, even if it means breaking the rules of your company, can lead to highly-productive, motivated and devoted employees. This could be as simple as allowing an employee to work from home one day a week as long as they are contactable for key business hours.

When you engage your employees’ self-motivation and provide gateways for their talent to bubble up, the whole organisation will benefit.

This success depends on an open and ongoing dialogue and is one way to ensure business strategy is achieved. 





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