Recruitment: Four reasons why a job ad is not attracting enough applicants

Beef Central, 28/06/2013


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ONE of the re-occurring themes when it comes to unfilled job vacancies is the ‘skills gap’.

We are all familiar with the issue – there are more positions out there demanding skilled workers than there are skilled workers.

Business having trouble attracting candidates who possess the necessary talent to fill the role. Yes, the issue of the ‘skills gap’ may still exist, but nothing is stopping employers from reviewing their job advertisements.

So what is preventing the influx of job applicants? The four following reasons could very well be the reason why:

Your job description lack description

When it comes to sales, people know that if you do not have a great sales pitch, then you are not going to get the clients that you’re looking for. The same can be said for a job posting.

If your ad is not as well put together and attractive as the opportunity itself, then you are not going to lure in the candidates that you need.

Vague job descriptions that offer little or no detail on what the job is about are sure to bring down your response numbers. Sell the culture and lifestyle that comes with the opportunity to work for you, tell them what the role entails and hint at the opportunity for growth within your business.

Too many requirements listed

Postings that demand ‘5-10 years of this’ and ‘15+ years of that’, yet fail to explain what the role actually entails are a no-no. Again, bleak job descriptions hurt you and are even worse when you are demanding an applicant have a certain amount of credentials but offer no reason why.

The same is true for salary. Jobs offering $8/hour and must have 5-10 years of experience may push job seekers to look elsewhere e.g. pay that is commensurate with experience.

No mention of benefits

Every job seeker is interested in the perks that may come with a position.

If someone sees a job ad that demands many credentials coupled with a heavy workload, yet offers no benefits, he or she is sure to keep moving. Make sure you list the benefits that come along with a role to attract more applicants.

Remember, the benefits are not always monetary. Think outside the box. For example, the AWX Group is a big advocate of leveraging on one’s company culture. If your company culture entails social activities, then advertise it.

The look of your advertisement is not appealing

This may sound trivial, but it counts. When it comes to job listings you do not want to leave anything to the imagination.

A simple ad with no company logos and no links to your website may deter job seekers. Why? Because they justifiably want to find out more about you, and they want to know what your business is all about. Job seekers should see your brand in job listings (or at least be able to click on a link that takes them to your website). Visually sighting your brand makes a good impression.

AWX Director Cameron Dart says it’s important to think about quality over quantity.

“Use a targeted approach, and resist the temptation to use every internet job board available,” he suggests.

“You want to attract job applicants, but you want quality applicants, and using the scatter-gun approach by posting your jobs to every job board around doesn't get the best applicants every time. Ensure that you know enough about the actual job duties so that you can write an effective job posting that gets the attention of well-qualified applicants,” Mr Dart said.




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