Recruitment: Beefing up your resume so it’s fit for purpose

Beef Central, 27/09/2013


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  • Marketing Manager – AA Co
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A WELL-CONSTRUCTED, organised and well-written resume says a lot about a potential employee.

Your resume reveals far more about you than many people realise. So how can you ensure it is giving the right impression?

Many people are undermining their own chances of securing the ideal job and other positions because their resumes are not up to scratch.

A recent survey discovered that the most common mistake job seekers make is not tailoring their resume to the role they are applying for.

Another major concern among job advisers and recruitment consultants was that applicants often submit resumes containing spelling mistakes, which suggest they have not put as much care and attention into their application as they perhaps should.

"A resume is an applicant's shop window and it's vital that people invest the time in keeping their resume up-to-date and tailoring it for each application, “AWX director Cameron Dart said.

"With the right advice and support, anyone can turn their resume from a careers void into a careers victory."

“Don't waffle, be precise and use positive action words such as ‘initiated this’ or ‘created that’ to reinforce the message that you're an upbeat, ‘can-do’ type of candidate,” he said.

A quarter of job seekers revealed that they had not tailored their resume to specific roles in the past, with 40 percent of unemployed people acknowledging that this was one of their frequently-made errors.

There are other simple changes that people can make to improve their chances of securing an interview: having an appropriate email address is one of them, as is ensuring that social media profiles are professional-looking.

Simple things like ensuring that the name of the company is spelt correctly throughout the application is also essential for creating the right first impression, as is avoiding clichés such as 'team player' and 'results driven'.

It's important to remember that while the resume is a personal statement, it's primarily a business marketing document and it needs to be professional and positive in tone, content and presentation.

Here are some common pitfalls to avoid, if you want an employer to get the right impression of you from your resume:


Lack of relevant information

Many candidates make assumptions about what's important to the employer and so fail to provide the relevant information in their resume.

Insufficient evidence

Unsubstantiated claims won't work. You need to prove you have done what they need so provide examples.

Too generic

Many candidates write a broad resume because they want to keep their options open. But unless it's clear who you are and what you do, then recruiters won't know what to do with you.


Many resumes have errors in them and are often rejected on that basis alone. Your resume must be impeccably presented if you want to demonstrate your professionalism and attention to detail. Always ask someone else to check it over for you.

Negative information

Your resume should include only positive information. Never criticise a previous employer or refer to difficulties or disappointments unless you were able to turn them around.

Poor language

The use of jargon, clumsy expression or clichés can sabotage the chances of even the most capable of candidates. Your communication skills are being judged by your use of language in your resume.


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