Recruitment: Are you a LinkedIn lemon?

Beef Central, 03/10/2013


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  • Goat Industry Development Manager – MLA
  • Sales & Marketing Manager – AA Co
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  • Program Coordinator – Indigenous Employment Program (NTCA)

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LinkedIn, the social networking website for people in professional occupations, can be an incredibly useful tool for anyone in agri-business, whether they work in human resources, operations or sales.

Particularly when hiring, it’s possible to uncover a wealth of information about potential employees with a simple search.

LinkedIn has made numerous changes over the past few months to become more than a job resource. The changes have made it a viable tool for people to connect, discuss, get answers to questions as well as connect with people that they just may be working with in the future.

Prospective employers and businesses can also list jobs on LinkedIn to bring in applicants, search for companies and people they want to do business with, connect with thought leaders, participate in group discussions and much more.

We’ve all been guilty of at times knowing our profile is not up to date, or we are not actively networking, but it’s time to stop. If you’re using LinkedIn for recruitment, job searching or to promote your company, you need to avoid being one of the Lemons.

Here are 15 ways to avoid being a LinkedIn Lemon:


100pc complete profile.

This is your personal brand, exposed to the public. Your LinkedIn profile is the first thing a viewer sees. It is important to make sure your brand is crisp and versatile so that you can reach out to all attendees.

Spam your contacts constantly.

Whether you’re asking for a recommendation or need an introduction, you can send messages to your network every day, but make sure it quality over quantity.

Public Profile.

As social media is evolving with Google's live search, Bing/Twitter as well as Google's Social Search, what was private is not anymore. Go public so people can find you.

Personal URL.

Increase your personal branding so easily by changing the default to a personal URL. Click Edit Public Profile Settings in the top right and then edit your PublicProfile URL to your name. As a job seeker this is a must.

My Website/My Company.

Keeping the default is asking people to look above to see who your current employer is and then go back and click on it. It’s a simple change: On your profile, click websites, then at the drop down, click "Other" and then type in the name and descriptive terms

Join Groups.

The maximum amount of groups you can join is 50. While that seems like a lot, how many people are at the max? There is so much information contained in groups – news, discussions, slide shares – that failing to join groups is basically like missing out on an opportunity to connect. Fifty is not always the easiest to keep up with, especially when you're job hunting, but the information shared in the groups is very valuable.

Participate in Discussions.

Social media is about connecting and building relationships – talking to people. Taking part in discussions gets you noticed as a viable job candidate, as well as keeping the conversation going and the sharing of information, viewpoints and knowledge.

Sharing news about your company or yourself.

LinkedIn is a social network, of people connected with similar interests – of course they want to hear what you or your company are up to.

Don’t submit job listings to every group you join, just the relevant ones.

People will mind constant off-topic posts in their groups. Make sure the group followers would be or know of suitable candidate first.

Understand analytics for your recruiting efforts.

LinkedIn has built the Talent Brand Index, which gives you numbers on your reach and effectiveness — but reading and acting on those numbers can ensure you are reaching the right candidates.

Add a LinkedIn icon to your email signature.

You are missing opportunities to grow your network with people you already know. Make sure it links to your personal URL.

Ignoring your connections’ networks.

Friends of friends do business with people they trust.

Rely solely on LinkedIn InMail to contact attractive prospects.

Sending all your messages to candidates through LinkedIn is not always the most reliable and quickest way to get in contact. Ask for personal or work email to get in contact. 

Only look at active candidates.

Since LinkedIn lets each member list if they’re actively looking, you should not ignore anyone who doesn’t want to publish that they’re interested in a new job.

Build your own personal network on LinkedIn.

It’s not only about making connections for your company, you should bother with creating a personal presence also — some people will respond better to a personal approach.


If any of this sound familiar, spend at least ten minutes a day to make sure your profiles are complete, honest and up-to-date. Get connecting, sharing and start adding to discussions.





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