WH&S: Quad bike rollover alert launched

Beef Central, 27/10/2016

Commercial GPS tracking company, Austracker, has launched of the Rollover Rescue Tracker, an automated alert-based system designed to drastically reduce the time taken to rescue farmers if their quad-bike rolls.

Quad bike rollovers are currently the leading cause of farm deaths in Australia.

Wyandra quadAccording to a study by The Transport and Road Safety Research Centre at UNSW there were 22 quad bike fatalities and 70 injuries in Australia last year alone.

The Victorian State Government recently announced its $6 million roll-bar subsidy scheme, to be administered by the Victorian Farmers Federation, in response to the high death rate.

Austracker general manager Richard Mason encourages farmers to make use of the rebate, but to think of the Rollover Rescue Tracker as an additional part of their overall farm safety plan.

“Wherever possible we want to prevent accidents from happening – but unfortunately accidents can and do still happen, even to the best of riders,” he said.

“The roll-bars are essential, but as an added layer of safety, the Rollover Rescue Tracker means that even if an accident happens, a rescue team can get to riders faster.”

The tracker works by automatically sending out an alert to the rider’s chosen network – typically family, neighbours or co-workers.

Once the bike tilts more than 45 degrees the message will be sent by text or email alerting the network that the rider has rolled, and their co-ordinates. By clicking the coordinates the exact location will show on a map.

A siren will also sound to help rescuers find the rider in difficult conditions. If the rider doesn’t need assistance they can press a button on the bike to let the network know they are OK.

“Some of these farmers are working in very remote or solitary conditions. If there is an accident and they are injured it can be hours before others even realise something is wrong,” Mr Mason said.

“And then there’s the time it takes to locate the rider to rescue them. As paramedics say, the golden hour, that first hour after an accident, can mean the difference between life and death.”


About Austracker: Austracker is an Australian based company supplying GPS and tracking solutions to the field service, insurance and logistics industries. The company’s development team has worked closely with agricultural partners to develop tools utilize GPS tracking for safer, more efficient farming.




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  1. Rob Collier, 14/11/2016

    Blackhawk Tracking can offer solutions to most of your questions or scenarios. The satellite unit we use is nowhere near the capital cost that John Lambert says. We also offer the ability to txt message from your smartphone even when outside mobile phone coverage by using our link into the satellite network. This allows you to notify people you are ok or that you may be running late due to other issues. This is same network that allows us to see the tracking system and transmit when an event occurs immediately regardless of mobile phone reception. Please look at our site or contact me direct on 0452667587 to discuss if this product could assist you.

  2. John Lambert, 28/10/2016

    A good concept. Capital cost for the base unit about the same as a Quadbar at $625 but there is also an annual $315 cost. For satellite version $1695 and $628 pa. For responsible riders alarm would almost never go off. Alternately for risk takers may go off several times a year. On almost all occasions the rider will be alright so will hit the “I’m OK” button. If the rider is trapped it will depend how long it takes someone to reach them. If pressure on chest is causing asphyxiation you only have 4-6 minutes. If a leg or arm is being crushed the timeline is 20 minutes to get the quad off to avoid crush syndrome which can be fatal. Would suggest the ability to geofence dams and other areas where you don’t want the quad to go should be seen as an additional benefit, as well as the ability to detect if the quad is being driven off the property when not authorised (including being stolen).

  3. Matt Cooper, 28/10/2016

    Rob and Lindsay, I would suggest having a look at the Link product from Blackhawk Tracking ( It uses the Iridium satellite network for communication when outside of mobile coverage.

  4. Lindsay Ward, 28/10/2016

    I agree with Rob Zalewski. Why can’t radio be used. Even with short or broken aerials, radio reception within property boundaries would usually be adequate for some communication at least. Further, the gravy train of monthly charges no doubt associated with the internet based communication system would be avoided.

  5. Rob Zalewski, 27/10/2016

    For this to be of any use, we’d first need to have mobile phone reception!!! Great idea in theory, but the vital key infrastructure city slickers take for granted, is a pipe dream in the bush! Like most of rural NSW & Qld, my place isn’t even on the 3yr plan to receive mobile coverage! Come out to the bush, it’s just like visiting a 3rd world country!

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