Qld Govt says new Supreme Court decision vindicates its actions on Johne’s

Beef Central, 16/12/2014

The Queensland Government says a new decision by the State’s Supreme Court last Friday has vindicated its actions with regard to the quarantine Biosecurity Queensland placed on Vanrook and Inkerman Stations.

Queensland’s Chief Biosecurity Officer Dr Jim Thompson said Chief Justice Tim Carmody had confirmed that when there was any suspicion of Johne’s disease infection, biosecurity inspectors had no choice but to act promptly and issue a quarantine notice.

“Biosecurity Queensland will continue to issue quarantine notices on properties where there is evidence of a Johne’s disease risk,” Dr Thompson said in a Biosecurity Queensland media release.

“Queensland is a declared protected zone for Johne’s disease and we are working hard to keep it that way.

“The Queensland Government’s approach to maintaining this status, and the favourable access to markets it affords, is supported by the vast majority of our multi-billion dollar beef industry.

“We continue to follow national protocols for Johne’s disease management, and facilitate industry’s wishes to maintain the state’s low prevalence of the disease.

“To provide a more comprehensive approach to Johne’s disease control in Queensland, we have amended the Stock Regulation 1988 to cover all strains of Johne’s disease.

“Our strategy focusses on reducing the risk of bringing new cases of Johne’s disease into Queensland and preventing the spread of Johne’s disease already present here.”

Dr Thompson said since the Johne’s disease response in 2012 the state government had worked closely with affected properties with a focus on minimising the impacts to business.

“The total number of properties now under movement restrictions, from the combined 2012 and 2013 incidents is down to 23,” he said.

“A range of financial assistance is available to producers, including direct market, supply chain, and short-term quarantine assistance.

“More than $2.6 million has been provided by the Queensland Government in Johne’s disease assistance and supplementary payments.”

Source: Biosecurity Queensland



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  1. Tom Campbell, 15/01/2015


  2. Pamela Spann, 18/12/2014

    . I have asked before and I’ll ask again where and who are the silent majority?. Shame on this Government for their treatment of the graziers and Stud Breeders of this State.

  3. John Gunthorpe, 18/12/2014

    Unfortunately Jim your comments are again wide of the mark. If you read the decision you will find they have no mention of the scientific merit of BJD quarantine or your destructive Protection Zone policy. It is all about the legal process of the quarantine notices. Last tine you were offering comment on our overseas trade – another topic on which you have no experience. Suggest you keep your powder dry until someone finds justification for your eradication program for a disease that causes no production losses, is rare and difficult to find, and is costing millions of dollars and stress to all involved including the people who work for you.

    By the way if the minister is now saying all strains cause BJD, how did your department do the right thing and not trace forward an S strain mob ?

  4. John Gray, 18/12/2014

    Why would the Chief Justice come up with any other ruling, after all the QLD Gov owns the justice system, remember the old saying ” don’t bite the hand which feeds you”

  5. Wallace Gunthorpe, 17/12/2014

    Jim I thought we had given you quite a few examples over time where QDAFF has not worked in the best interest of quarantined producers.As recently as a couple of weeks ago I took a couple to meet the Minister but he pulled out so we met with you in Brisbane. These people have been destroyed by this policy and you heard them tell you what a mess QDAFF made of their situation.Hardly call that working closely with affected producers to minimise impact to their business.At the end of the meeting you asked this fellow and his wife if there was anything you could do for them? His answer was you have already done enough,you have destroyed our business !

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