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MLA launches new round of domestic beef marketing ads

Beef Central, 19/03/2018

Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) has launched a fresh round of beef marketing activities under its domestic Beef marketing platform ‘Australian Beef the Greatest’ focusing on promoting the convenience and versatility of Australian beef – particularly as a mid-week meal option.

The ‘Australian Beef the Greatest’ platform was launched last year, inspiring Australian consumers to reconnect with beef by reminding them of the superiority of our product through messages spanning versatility, nutrition, provenance, sustainability and eating quality.

As part of the latest domestic beef marketing activities, TV commercials showcasing the versatility and range of cuts of Australian beef will be seen nationally utilising the successful ‘Australian Beef the Greatest’ creative content launched last year – as well as online and through social media channels.

New ‘out of home’ advertising will appear targeting consumers as they shop that is unique and targeted to each weekday – encouraging shoppers to purchase Australian beef for dinner by offering meal ideas for each night of the week.

The campaign has also partnered with celebrity cook Andy Allen, who has developed five quick and easy meal ideas that showcase the quality and convenience of Australian beef.

MLA Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Lisa Sharp said the new activities spoke directly to consumers about Australian beef’s natural versatility and positioned it as an easy everyday meal compared to other proteins at the point of purchase.

“Since launching last year, the new domestic beef platform ‘Australian Beef the Greatest’ has been effective in reinforcing the natural strengths of Aussie beef with consumers such as nutrition, provenance, eating quality and versatility,” Ms Sharp said.

“Our marketing is driven by deep consumer insights. We know that consumers are increasingly looking for proteins that they consider easy and convenient to use which presents a significant opportunity for beef to showcase its natural versatility.

“Ultimately, our marketing needs to be effective and drive demand for beef – and in turn provide returns for our levy payers.”

To view the TV commercial click on the video at the top of this page

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  1. Paul Franks, 20/03/2018

    I have never really looked at it before but looking at wikipedia on meat consumption around the world it is interesting to say the least. China surprised me. 58kg of meat consumption per head per year. With Chinese workers increasingly becoming more and more wealthy it would look to be a good market to get into.

    But back to beef marketing in Australia. Has anyone ever considered with some people in first world countries concerned about the death of an animal that they eat, that say you get 200kg of meat off a fat steer, the person who eats maybe 100kg of beef a year is only going to be responsible for the death of one meat animal every couple of years. While if you eat chicken you would be responsible for many more deaths (I am aware many animals are killed for grain/vegetable production as well)

  2. Brad Bellinger, 20/03/2018

    Tony, your argument holds no ground. I would consider the USA a developed western economy beef consumption has risen from 36 to 37 kg per person.
    The availability of beef has never been greater think McDonalds, think Hungry Jacks now available it seems on just about every street corner that wasn’t there 40 years ago.
    Will we be having this discussion in 20 years time when beef consumption drops to 10kg per person and another 2 billion dollars taken from our pockets by the Nationals red meat industry structure.

  3. Tony Connellan, 20/03/2018

    Declining beef consumption is not unique to Australia, Brad. It’s being seen in developed western economies worldwide. It has nothing to do with ‘marketing failure’ – it’s simply that consumer diets have changed. Constant serves of ‘meat and three veg’ that happened decades ago have been replaced by a more diverse diet. Think sushi, calamari, which 20 years ago I had never tried, but now regularly enjoy. Simplistic comparisons with consumption from bygone days proves nothing.

  4. Brad Bellinger, 20/03/2018

    The marketing efforts of MLA have been a failure. Beef consumption per person has dropped from 40kg to under 25kg in the 20 years since John Anderson formed MLA. To put it in perspective it represents our entire Japanese market.
    2 billion taken from producers pockets in levies and regulation over 20 years have provided no benefit.
    In other developed countries they subsidise farmers in Australia under National Party directions they tax and place regulatory burdens upon farmers and then wonder why people are leaving the bush.

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