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A cow walks into a ladder… can you caption this picture?

Beef Central, 21/08/2015

Caption comp pic 1


The Long PaddockCan you think of a funny caption for this picture of a cow with thwarted ambitions to climb a ladder to greener pastures?

If so head across to our Facebook page by clicking on the link below and add your entry.

The best caption as chosen by our team of judges will win a copy of Andrew Chapman and Tim Lee’s wonderful tribute to droving, The Long Paddock, courtesy of ABC Books.

We look forward to your entries, and best of luck!

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  1. Shane Walker, 08/04/2019

    Told ya dad, its cows and ladders not snakes and ladders.

  2. Daniel Hough, 27/08/2015

    A wise old cow once said… What goes up must come down!

  3. Jock Douglas, 24/08/2015

    I’m heading for home from a high stress people handling course. In the interest of work place safety we now provide exit facilities for people who highly stress their cows.

  4. paul maclean, 24/08/2015

    ‘This new ear tag feels different to the old one.’

  5. Brian Gwynne, 24/08/2015

    Here I am. Outstanding in my field on the ladder to success.

  6. ROSEMARY WALKDEN, 23/08/2015

    I believe you wanted the ladder?

  7. Chris Gunther, 23/08/2015

    So, a cow runs into a ladder.
    She says, “I rung you, you didn’t answer?”
    and the ladder says, ” I know , I hung up on you”.

  8. Stan Emmon, 22/08/2015

    Please phone Dr Simmental, he will know what to do.

  9. Donald Bonney, 22/08/2015

    Trying to keep above the climbing prices

  10. Jock Douglas, 21/08/2015

    She’s taking a ladder because she heard that drinks were on the house.

  11. Gary Mason, 21/08/2015

    The black cat crossed my path as I walked under the ladder!!

  12. Gary Mason, 21/08/2015

    The blue truck is to blame!

  13. Gary Mason, 21/08/2015

    Who said cows can’t be creative!

  14. Brett Hall, 21/08/2015

    I know Angus has short ribs! But it now looks like I have found the poms Jacobs Ladder!

  15. Karl McKellar, 21/08/2015

    Quick girls the molasses tank is this way! OR Seriously have you seen the legs on angus bulls?

  16. Andrew Smith, 21/08/2015

    ” It’s a steal, $5 bucks “

  17. Jack Kennedy, 21/08/2015

    The Blackadder.

  18. Peter Gilmour, 21/08/2015

    I wish i could climb up to be a Wagyu!

  19. Alison Maynard, 21/08/2015

    to the Dexter bull ,’ you’re up, I’m cycling!'[ that was a bit of a lowline]

  20. Ken Scott, 21/08/2015

    Stairway to China.?
    Or Shortcut to China!

  21. Chris Ruberg, 21/08/2015

    Is this my stairway to heaven

  22. Geoff Haack, 21/08/2015

    We Angus have always been adept at crawling under, through and over most fences I’m simply taking it to the next level – he he now keep me in ………….if you can!!

  23. John Friend, 21/08/2015

    When they said that, We, Angus Cattle have found the Ladder for success, isn’t this what were supposed to do?

  24. Peter Ahern, 20/08/2015

    Romeo, Romeo, where art thow? Bugger it i;m headin for you.

  25. Neville Galloway, 20/08/2015

    It didn’t come with instructions!

  26. Darren Manning, 20/08/2015

    I’m here to clean the gutters on the hay shed, really I am!

  27. Suecicchinelli, 20/08/2015

    Don’t you think this makes me look fat?

  28. Simon Bannister, 20/08/2015

    No Bull!! This social ladder climbing thing is not what they all said it was!!!!!!
    I wonder how the other breeds do it????

  29. Elizabeth Kelly, 20/08/2015

    MOOving on up!

  30. Jenny James, 20/08/2015

    Wow there is bling and there is BLING

  31. tim Ferrier, 20/08/2015

    i rung you

  32. Neil Barrie, 20/08/2015

    “Is it obvious that we Angus are social climbers”

  33. Peter White, 20/08/2015

    We will never be LPA accredited

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