Agforce warns of potential animal activist activity

Beef Central, 16/03/2023

QUEENSLAND farm lobby group AgForce is urging producers to ‘stay alert, but not alarmed’, as police warn of potential animal activist activity on farms.

In a statement earlier this week, Agforce said the Queensland Police Service hadadvised that The Farm Transparency Project (previously known as Aussie Farms) has recently finalised a campaign calling for photos to be entered into a competition under the heading of ‘Bearing Witness’ and ‘Undercover’, encouraging footage that supports their animal activism agenda.

The Farm Transparency Project was previously involved in inciting animal activists to take part in on-property protests and incursions; particularly pig, poultry, and dairy farms.

Beef Central understands there is no evidence of any coordinated activity to invade farms. However, Agforce said it was important to be wary of the increased activity.

“As a result of their latest call for action, there remains a likely threat of aggravated incursions on farms, particularly to those operating intensive animal production activities,” the statement says.

“Members are warned that activists may install recording devices on properties and/or disrupt the operations on agricultural and pastoral properties.

“These images and videos are very likely to be uploaded to public media outlets to publicise their cause and to recruit more members.

“Please remain vigilant and report any concerns to police.”

Agforce has a series of general rules for landholders who are approached by animal activists. Remain calm and politely ask them to leave, otherwise alert the police and use a phone to film the encounter.


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  1. Cynthia Turner, 19/03/2023

    Trespassing is illegal and should be dealt with accordingly.
    These activist need to be taught they are breaking the law by Trespassing

  2. J C, 18/03/2023

    No Trespassing.

    The Project group should also politely go through the correct channels to request access to view livestock in regards to welfare assurance.

    Farmers would be happy to accomodate those requests.

    Maybe even ask farmers to record their own environments instead.

    Too many radical criminals that could be involved in these protests groups especially.

  3. Peter lindley, 18/03/2023

    It’s a shame that these individuals mainly the younger generation didn’t stand up for the tyranny that has been going on in our society for the last 3 years, and into the future with our present government.
    Instead of worrying about farmers that feed the people & help capture carbon to sustain life as we know, it’s funny how they don’t even look at where their food comes from (agriculture) instead of living on government handouts if they only looked at the big picture, It’s their future that they are destroying so don’t come crying and whinging to the very people you are harassing when everything hits the fan. Most likely the same people who support renewable energy good luck with that.

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