AgForce explores legal action against carbon capture project in the GAB

Beef Central, 13/02/2024

QUEENSLAND state farm organisation, AgForce, has put forward the prospect of legal action against a controversial plan to inject waste carbon dioxide into Great Artesian Basin – by launching a fundraising campaign.

Swiss mining giant Glencore is still working through its Environmental Impact Statement with the Qld Department of Environment and Science, with a final decision on whether it will be allowed to proceed due in May.

The plan is to capture waste CO2 from the Millmerran Power Station and compress the gas into liquid form, before transporting it 260km further west to Moonie. Glencore subsidiary Carbon Transport and Storage Company is planning to do it as a three-year trial.

But AgForce chief executive officer Michael Guerin has expressed frustration at the fact the proposal has progressed as far as it has, without triggering any Federal Government protections against the GAB.

AgForce CEO Mike Guerin

“It’s hard to imagine the support would be the same if Glencore proposed pumping industrial waste into Sydney Harbour or the Great Barrier Reef,” he said in an opinion piece on the lobby group’s website.

“Yet, here we are very close to Glencore having all the approvals it needs to do exactly that to the Great Artesian Basin. That the idea was even conceived beggars’ belief, but that it is most of the way through the approvals process is staggering and simply unacceptable.

“Communities are angry, frustrated and deeply concerned.  That’s why we have taken such strong action to underwrite and lead legal proceedings.”

Fundraising campaign launched

The organisation has today launched a fundraising campaign to offset some of the legal costs.

“We seek to resolve this out of court but are prepared to go to the Federal Court if necessary.  We will leave no stone unturned in this campaign,” it said in inviting donations.

“We have strong and detailed legal advice showing we have a valid argument and good prospects of success. The Federal Minister has the authority to revoke the 2022 decision and we have provided the detailed reasoning that we believe allows her to make that revocation.  We are concurrently preparing filings in case we need to take it to court.”

Mr Guerin called on the Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to intervene.

“Minister Plibersek, this is a cry for help before it is too late.  Please heed our call and protect one of our most precious water resources,” he said.

Beef Central contacted the minister for a response early this afternoon, who chose not to comment.

A spokesperson for the department of Environment said the project does not fall under national environmental law.

Glencore defends project

Glencore is continuing to standby to the project and has given similar justification to what was highlighted in this comprehensive article last year. A spokesperson said:

“Glencore understands and respects the importance of the Great Artesian Basin to the Australian agricultural community. We also understand there can be resistance to new projects or technologies in agricultural areas.

“We encourage people to read our Environmental Impact Statement, which is publicly available and outlines the scientific data in detail.

“Just as the agricultural community has embraced technology to increase yields and crop qualities, the world will be reliant on technologies – like CCS –  to meet its global climate goals.”







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  1. Blicka, 09/04/2024

    If Glencore are so sure the process is safe then they should ship the compressed gas to their own water supplies in Switzerland.

  2. Warwick Smith, 15/03/2024

    How about glencore take the co2 and dump it into lake geneva. In their own little haven Switzerland. We got enough problems . The world has gone crazy about co2 which is plant food at the base of our food chain.
    Aliens if any would be laughing at our comical cc attempts which are akin to jumping out of a frying pan into the fire. Go home glencore.

  3. Jimcameron, 04/03/2024

    Unthinkable that one of Australia’s most valuable resources could be put at even the most minute risk. No way José. Find another way.

  4. RICHARD REHWINKEL, 17/02/2024

    I was told today that Bega cheese processing plant in Bega only had 5 wks supply of CO2 left for manufacturing and all the supply was imported. Why aren’t we filtering it and producing our own food grade CO2?????

  5. Dazwel, 16/02/2024

    CO2 + H2O = carbonic acid
    That’s how you get acid rain.

  6. Celia Karp, 16/02/2024

    Agforce should be financially supported. We’re talking about the 2nd driest continent in the world. Glencore has a history of bad behaviour. See my tweets starting February 23. It’s incredible the Federal Government lacks legislation. They need to get their act together and bring in urgent legislation to protect Great Artesian Basin. We’re 2nd driest continent on earth with a drying climate! Letters to Editor of major newspapers should be sent. This project is a national disgrace being allowed to get to first base by our Government’s!

  7. Geoff Marr, 16/02/2024

    Jesus.. seriously? They’d DO this? STOP THIS PLEASE.

  8. Greg Madden, 15/02/2024

    As yet, carbon capture and storage does not exist as a practical technology. Get off your backside and do what you promised before the election!! Stop this potential disaster..!! You will be held accountable at the next election because the number and severity of them is increasing.

  9. Helen Pannowitz, 15/02/2024

    WITH WIND ‘FARMS AND SOLAR FARMS’ destrying our food lands. Despicable beyond belief in destroying natural rural food bowl, beauty and nature.

  10. Jay Ramsay, 14/02/2024

    Toads were supposed to be a good idea when they were introduced!! Look what a disaster that turned out to be and can not be turned around.
    This so called trial goes bad then Glencore go Oops, sorry then walks away with our environment permanently ruined.
    No! JUST NO!
    A forgien company’s profit is not worth it.

  11. Tony Gleeson, 13/02/2024

    I struggle to find common ground with farm lobby groups but AgForce is on the money with this one.

    Hopefully many will support what they are doing.

    • David Dudley, 26/02/2024

      Yep, whichever MPs sign off on this well you’ll consign your names to the history books as well for all the wrong reasons!

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