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Wagga sale 20 Nov 2017: Export processors retreat

by Leann Dax, 21 November 2017

Export prices continued to soften this week with one major processor buying the bulk of the offering.

An example of this was cattle weighing above 500kg where only one southern domestic buyer engaged in bidding on younger pens. The bulk of the offering sold 12c cheaper making from 250-274c/kg.

Cows were also easier this sale falling 7-10ckg. The better heavy beef cows sold from 219-235c with a single cow toping at 239c/kg. Leaner cows made from 205-230c/kg.

Due to a lack of yearlings suitable for the trade, prices tracked firm to 7c/kg dearer for the steer portion. Trade steers sold from 270-307c/kg. Heifers were in bigger numbers and a buyer who entered the market mid-way through the sale pushed rates back up to firm. Trade heifers sold from 250-280c/kg.

Vealers also trended easier losing 4-7c/kg, but good quality veal still sold from 300-310c/kg. Veal lacking finish and returning to the paddock sold at 340-368c/kg.

Feeder steers were in reasonable numbers and increased competition meant prices remained firm. Steers 400-500kg sold from 272-311c/kg. Lighter weight 330-400kg sold from 280-327c/kg.

The feeder heifer market was boosted by an extra buyer and rates were firm to a few cents dearer in places. The bulk of the feed heifers 330-400 sold from 258-295c/kg. Ends…



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