Sharp price rises continue on AuctionsPlus

Beef Central, 15/02/2020

These 75 backgrounder Droughtmaster steers, softer types 13-16 months averaging 256kg from Kalbar in southern Queensland, sold this week for 514c/kg.


SHARP rises continued in most young cattle categories on AuctionsPlus this week, where an offering of 10,843 head achieved an 89 percent clearance across all three sales.

Southern Queensland, the North-West Slopes & Plains and the Northern Tablelands, areas that have had significant rainfall in recent weeks, continued to dominate buying.

A smaller offering of cows and calves attracted strong bidding interest, up $787 on average compared with the week before. Prices ranged from $1920 to $3000, averaging $2462.

Top price went to 18 PTIC Angus cows 534kg, PTIC to Angus bulls with 5-6 month old calves at foot, from Binalong, NSW.

Buyers from the Northern Tablelands purchased cow & calf units for $2830 all the way from Euroa, VIC. The 26 Angus station-mated cows 456kg had 4-5 month old calves at foot.

Another highlight was a line of registered stud Droughtmaster PTIC cows and calves offered by Ambleside Droughtmasters, Lawgi Dawes, QLD. The cows were 3-8 years averaging 464kg and were PTIC to Droughtmaster bulls, with 3-5 month old calves at foot.

PTIC cows also had a reduced offering this week with 494 head on the market, down 596 from last week.

Prices remained strong, ranging from $1360 to $2250 to average $1906, up $341. Thring Pastoral Co from Mandurama, NSW secured the highest price with 44 EU accredited PTIC Angus cows. The Te Mania blood, 3-5 year old cows averaged 461kg and were PTIC to Angus bulls.

Out of Myrtleford, VIC a line of 44 EU accredited purebred Angus cows 587kg at 5-6 years, due to calve in early August which sold for $2200. They will remain in VIC, travelling to Corryong.

Other highlights included a line of 32 PTIC Poll Hereford x Hereford cows 4-5 years averaging 621kg from Naradhan, NSW selling for $2060.

Numbers of PTIC heifers remained steady on last week, with 505 head offered. Keeping with the upward trend of prices, PTIC heifers sold from $1290 to $2460 and averaged $1797, up $37 from last week. Top price was achieved by 28 EU accredited 17-18 month old Angus heifers 474kg from Ghin Ghin, VIC, PTIC to Angus sires.

Other highlights included 26 EU accredited Angus cows, 22-23 months, 507kg and PTIC to Landfall Angus bulls, selling for $2350 from Boorhaman, VIC; and 22 Angus cows, 20-22 months, 545kg, selling for $2030 from Inman Valley, SA.

Young cattle

Light steers less than 200kg sold from 411c to 604c this week, averaging 483c, up 15c. Top price went to 40 Poll Hereford weaned steers, 150kg at 6-7 months, offered by Wooling Pastoral Co, from Narrawa, NSW.

From Bombala, NSW, 100 Hazeldean blood Angus steers, 4-5 months averaging 169kg sold for 576c, while 83 weaned Charbray/Brahman cross steers, 5-12 months averaging 176kg from Tambo, QLD made 468c.

Steers 200-280kg sold for 337c to 539c this week, averaging 65c higher than last week to 480c. A line of 37 Angus steers 5-6 months averaging 203kg sold by AH & NA Evans, Coonabarabran, NSW topped the market.

Other highlights included 77 Angus steers, 6-7 months, 220kg from Boorowa, NSW selling for 520c; 33 Angus steers, 7-8 months, 222kg from Deepwater NSW selling for 516c; and 75 backgrounder Droughtmaster steers, 13-16 months, 256kg from Kalbar, QLD selling for 514c.

Steers 280-330kg sold from 350c to 496c this week to average 432c, 53c higher than last week. Top price went to 80 weaned Angus steers, 6-7 months 298kg offered by Top Walga Pastoral Co from Warrumbungle, NSW.

Angus steers dominated the top prices in this weight category with other highlights including 64 Angus steers, 17-18 months, 291kg from Port Fairy, VIC selling for 454c; from the same vendor 59 Wagyu x Angus steers, 17-18 months, 324kg selling for 442c; and 78 Angus x Simmental steers, 6-8 months, 291kg, from Spring Ridge, NSW selling for 440c.

Feeder steers 330-400kg sold from 317c to 459c, averaging 408c, up 30c from last week. Top price was achieved by 67 weaned Angus steers, 10-11 months averaging 342kg from Tenterfield, NSW. In this stock category, there has been a significant amount of bidding activity from feedlots in recent weeks. A feedlot in Northern NSW purchased a line of 100 Te Mania/Ardrossan blood Angus steers all the way from Port Fairy, VIC for 457c.

The 17-18 month old steers originated from Nundle, NSW, and travelled down south to agistment last Spring which allowed them to grow out to 348kg.

A Southern QLD feedlot paid 441c for a line of 99 Angus and Angus x Simmental steers 6-8 months averaging 361kg originating from Spring Ridge, NSW.

Steers heavier than 400kg averaged 386c this week, priced between 320c and 419c, up 7c. Top price went to 74 Angus steers, 17-22 months, 415kg offered by Morgan Super Fund from Condamine, QLD. Other highlights included 81 Angus steers, 17-18 months, 427kg selling for 391c to a Northern NSW feedlot; and 82 European/British crossbred feeder steers, 14-18 months, 425kg purchased by a Southern QLD feedlot for 375c.

Heifers less than 200kg sold from 332c and 438c this week to average 394c, down 26c. Top price went to 52 Poll Hereford heifers, 6-7 months, 179kg from Wooling Pastoral Co Narrawa, NSW, from the same line that topped the light steers. Other highlights included 59 Angus and Angus cross heifers, 5-6 months, 186kg from Omeo, VIC selling for 427c; and 40 Santa and Charolais cross heifers, 7-10 months, 174kg from Gloucester, NSW selling for 421c.

Heifers 200-280kg sold from 295c to 446c this week, averaging 390c, up 11c from last week. Gippsland Water from Dutson Downs, VIC secured the top spot with its line of 98 weaned Angus heifers 9-10 months averaging 229kg. The same vendors had another line of 106 Angus heifers, 9-10 months, 259kg which made 425c.

From across the border in Narrandera, NSW, 46 Reiland Angus heifers 7-8 months averaging 205kg sold for 444c, to a buyer in NSW. From Hartley, NSW, a line of majority Limousin X heifers 4-6 months averaging 213kg made 433c.

Heifers 280-330kg were priced between 309c and 420c this week, to average 377c, up 39c. Top price went to 107 Angus future breeder heifers, 12-15 months, 321kg, offered by Elamville P/L, Yerong Creek, NSW. Other highlights included 89 Angus heifers, 8-10 months, 323kg from Meningie, SA selling for 392c; 50 Yearling Charolais heifers, 18-23 months, 286kg from Mudgee, NSW selling for 392c; and 120 Santa and Angus x Santa heifers, 8-11 months, 309kg from St George, QLD selling for 385c.

Feeder heifers 330 to 400kg were priced between 315c and 385c this week, averaging 361c, up 11c on last week. Top price went to 38 Angus heifers, 16-22 months averaging 349kg from Willow Tree, NSW. They were purchased by a Southern QLD feedlot, which also purchased another two lines from the same vendor, including 39 crossbred feeder heifers, 16-22 months, 352kg which sold for 371c, and 21 crossbred feeder heifers, 16-22 months, 352kg which sold for 370c.

From Warialda, NSW, a line of predominately Santa cross & Angus cross feeder heifers, 14-17 months, 368kg were bought for 383c by the same Southern QLD feedlot. A single line of heifers in the 400+kg weight category saw 16 Shorthorn future breeders 16-20 months, 401kg from Minlaton, SA sell for 312c.

In a breakdown of young cattle sold this week, by weight range:

  • Under 200kg: Steers sold from 411-604c to average 483c, while heifers sold from 332-438c to average 394c
  • 200-280kg: Steers sold from 336-539c to average 479c, while heifers sold from 294-446c to average 389c
  • 280-330kg: Steers sold from 350-496c to average 432c, while heifers sold from 308-420c to average 377c
  • 330-400kg: Steers sold from 316-458c to average 408c, while heifers sold from 315-385c to average 361c
  • 400+kg: Steers sold from 320-419c to average 386c, while heifers sold for 311c/kg.


Source: AuctionsPlus






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