Roma sale 6 Sep 2022: Yarding drops to 1629

Beef Central, 07/09/2022

Yarding 1629 Change -4359

Numbers fell to 1,629 at the Roma Store Sale after last week’s widespread rain. The mixed quality yarding was drawn from a wide supply area and steers accounted for two thirds of the yarding. A good buying panel that included restockers lot feeders and processors was present and operating. Competition remained firm with buyers competing strongly on frame over condition for steers, with price fluctuations reflective of quality variations. Light weight steers rose by 3c to 84c/kg. Medium weight steers to restockers were up by 12c to 21c/kg. Heavy weight steers to restockers rose by 13c/kg. Light weight heifers fell by 17c to 73c/kg. Medium weight heifers to feed improved by 12c, while heavy weight heifers to processors rose by 7c/kg. Cows eased slightly with medium weight prime cows down by 9c and heavy weight cows down by 6c/kg.

Light weight steers under 200kg made to 746.2c to average 686c/kg. Yearling steers under 280kg to feed or background made to 726.2c to average 696c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers under 330kg to feed reached 646.2c to average 550c/kg. Yearling steers under 400kg to restockers made to 614.2c to average 588c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to restockers reached a top of 510.2c to average 480c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers under 200kg made to 394.2c to average 394c/kg. Yearling heifers under 280kg to restockers made to 568.2c to average 505c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers under 330kg to feed sold to 558.2c to average 480c/kg. Yearling heifers under 400kg to restockers reached a top of 408.2c to average 408c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers to processors made to 470.2c to average 422c/kg.

The largest sample of grown steers made to 362.2c to average 362c/kg. The largest sample of grown heifers reached a top of 388.2c to average 383c/kg. Medium weight prime cows made to 370.2c to average 368c/kg. Heavy weight prime cows made to 392.2c to average 378c/kg. Heavy weight bulls made to 380.2c to average 368c/kg. No cows and calves were yarded.

Market Reporter: Sherrill Stivano

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Weekly Roma Store report

Weaner steers under 200kg topped at 746c/kg and averaged 653c/kg, weaner steers in the 200-280kg range reached 726c/kg and averaged 658c/kg. Steers in the 280-330kg range reached 646c/kg and averaged 520c/kg, and steers in the 330-400kg range reached 614c/kg and averaged 555c/kg. Feeder steers in the 400-500kg range topping at 510c/kg and averaging 459c/kg.

West Mac Pty Ltd, Gidgealpa, Innaminka sold Angus cross steers to 648c/kg reaching a top of $1,959 to average $1,739.

BJ & WR Taylor, Marjundale, Injune sold Charolais cross steers to 614c/kg reaching a top of $2,127 to average $2,042.

PJ & ME Brennan, For Far, Mitchell sold Charbray cross steers to 610c/kg reaching a top of $2,111 to average $1,801.

M & NE McKay, Macwood, St George sold Santa Gertrudis cross steers to 608c/kg reaching a top of $2,168 to average $2,076.

Dart Pastoral Co, Bannockburn Station, Torrens Creek sold Droughtmaster cross steers to 536c/kg reaching a top of $2,004 to average $1,803. The Charolais cross heifers sold to 520c/kg reaching a top of $1,773 to average $1,472. The Charolais cross mickey bulls sold to 600c/kg reaching a top of $1,625 to average $1,528.

Heifers under 200kg topped at 394c/kg and averaged 394c/kg, while heifers in the 200- 280kg range topped at 568c/kg and averaged 474c/kg. Heifers in the 280-330kg range topped at 558c/kg, averaging 450c/kg. Heifers in the 330-400kg range topped at 430c/kg, averaging 406c/kg. Heifers in the 400-500kg range topped at 470c/kg, averaging 418c/kg. Cows in the 330-400kg range reached 350c/kg and averaged 311c/kg. Cows in the 400- 500kg range topped at 383c/kg, averaging 336c/kg. Cows in the 500-600kg range topped at 392c/kg, averaging 368c/kg. Cows over 600kg topped at 385c/kg, averaging 373c/kg.

RC Business, Maronga, St George sold Santa Gertrudis cross cows to 385c/kg reaching a top of $2,464 to average $2,082

DR Gordan, Peronne, Injune sold Brahman cross cows to 364c/kg reaching a top of $1,997 to average $1,820.

Source: NLRS, Roma Saleyards


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