Roma store 7 Feb 2017: Yarding jumps 75pc

Beef Central, 08/02/2017

Yarding 7649  Change 3287

The supply of stock was up on last week a massive 75%. The heat haying off even the feed that has had rain, combined with the current market, has encouraged producers to offload stock to cash in on current prices. Some additional restockers were present and operating along with the usual feeder and export buyers. The large samples yearling steers allowed average prices to ease in places, however top quality lines continued to attract strong competition. The supply of heifers exceeded demand and average prices eased 15c to 20c/kg. A large sample of cows could not maintain the levels of the previous week and lost 4c to 10c/kg with the plainer lines least affected.

Light weight yearling steers to restockers averaged 383c with some large runs making to 419.2c/kg. A very large sample of medium weight yearling steers to feed made the occasional 384.2c, with most close to 360c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed consistently sold in the mid 340c range with some to 350c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers to restockers averaged 328c and made to 346.2c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers made to 334.2c to average 320c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 313c and made to 320c/kg.

A small sample of heavy grown steers to export slaughter made to 304.2c to average close to 300c/kg. Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 228c and sold to 234c, while the best of the medium weights averaged 243c/kg. Good heavy cows made to 255.2c with the largest numbers close to 248c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 270c/kg.


Weekly Roma Store sale press report

A total of 7649 head of cattle were consigned at Roma’s Store Sale on Tuesday.

Weaner steers under 220kg topped at 418c/kg and averaged 384c/kg, while weaner steers in the 220-280kg range reached 419c/kg and averaged 369c/kg. Steers in the 280-350kg range reached 395c/kg and averaged 359c/kg, and steers in the 350-400kg range reached 378c/kg and averaged 346c/kg. Feeder steers in the 400-550kg range topping at 357c/kg and averaging 330c/kg.

Rosehearty Graz, Ingle Downs, Winton, sold Santa-cross steers to 419c/kg for 260kg to return $1,091. The Angus-cross heifers sold to 344c/kg for 252kg to return $868.

Brad Marks, Bullecourt, Charleville, sold Santa-cross steers to 418c/kg for 213kg to return $892.

T.C Grazing, Tarossie, Jackson, sold Angus-cross steers to 410c/kg for 197kg to return $808. The Angus-cross heifers sold to 344c/kg for 196kg to return $676.

R.B & M.A Tindall, Gaza, Isisford, sold Santa-cross steers to 388c/kg for 264kg to return $1,024. The Santa-cross heifers sold to 346c/kg for 210kg to return $727.

J.M & K.M Bock, Kilto, Wandoan, sold cross breed steers to 384c/kg for 270kg to return $1,040. The cross breed heifers sold to 346c/kg for 253kg to return $878.

Bailey Properties, Paradise Downs, Blackall, sold Charolais-cross steers to 382c/kg for 289kg to return $1,106. The Charolais-cross heifers sold to 330c/kg for 281kg to return $930.

Dart Pastoral Co., Thirlstone, Roma, sold Charolais-cross steers to 379c/kg for 325kg to return $1,234.

Whitton Cattle Co., Myrtleville, Injune, sold Charolais-cross steers to 378c/kg for 377kg to return $1,427. The Charolais-cross heifers sold to 322c/kg for 375kg to return $1,209.

N.B & S.D Courtice, Ladas Downs, Glenmorgan, sold Angus-cross steers to 374c/kg for 341kg to return $1,277. The Angus heifers sold to 335c/kg for 299kg to return $1,004.

G & G Burey, Springhill, Amby, sold Hereford steers to 374c/kg for 322kg to return $1,208.

M.D & C.R Redgen, The Rockies, Roma, sold Droughtmaster-cross steers to 370c/kg for 265kg to return $984.

Skygrove Pty. Ltd., Yurnga, Taroom, sold Brangus-cross steers to 364c/kg for 323kg to return $1,176.

Nixon Pastoral Co., Wyoming, Roma, sold Angus-cross steers to 358c/kg for 361kg to return $1,296. The Charolais-cross heifers sold to 320c/kg for 454kg to return $1,453.

Dalco Pty. Ltd., Sugarloaf, Wallumbilla, sold Santa-cross steers to 357c/kg for 449kg to return $1,603.

Doce Pty. Ltd., Bottletree, Injune, sold Droughtmaster steers to 342c/kg for 471kg to return $1,613.

Heifers in the 350-450kg range reached 334c/kg and averaged 297c/kg. Heifers in the 280-350kg range topped at 336c/kg and averaged 308c/kg. Heifers in the 220-280 range topped at 346c/kg and averaged 320c/kg. Heifers under 220kg topped at 346c/kg and averaged 322c/kg.

A Austin, The Homestead, Dulacca, sold Santa-cross heifers to 335c/kg for 242kg to return $813.

L.J and M.T Ridge, Les-mar, Roma, sold Angus-cross heifers to 320c/kg for 324kg to return $1,039.

B.J Taylor & Sons, Marjundale, Injune, sold Charolais-cross heifers to 310c/kg for 418kg to return $1,295.

Cows over 500kg sold to 272c/kg and averaged 244c/kg, while cows 400-500kg topped at 284c/kg and averaged 235c/kg. Cows in the 300-400kg range sold to 238c/kg and averaged 201c/kg.

Cows and calves hit $1,600/unit.

Bulls up to 400kg reached 368c/kg and averaged 302c/kg.

Source: NLRS, Roma Saleyards


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