Roma Store 3 Feb 2015: weaner steers to 294c

James Nason, 04/02/2015

Weekly NLRS sale commentary:

Yarding 7600 Change 700

Good numbers of cattle were yarded from south west regions and several consignments from central west parts of the state. The quality of cattle general improved and morning rain appeared to reduce restocker buyer numbers at the start of the sale. Light weight yearling steers continued to sell to 294c/kg, while heavy yearling steers to feed held firm in price. Good light weight yearling heifers attracted solid competition from restocker and feedlot buyers.

Light weight yearling steers hit 294c and averaged 267c, down 3c to 9c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers to feed sold to 266c and averaged 254c, down 5c, while those returning to the paddock made to 268c and averaged 262c, down 7c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed earned to 266c and averaged 255c, unchanged in price. Light weight yearling heifers made to 248c and averaged between 221c and 236c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed reached 250c and averaged 231c, down 6c/kg. A pen of good quality heavy weight yearling heifers to feed sold to 235c/kg.

Medium weight 3 score cows topped at 213c and averaged 204c, while medium weight 4 score cows sold to 224c and averaged 218c/kg. Cows and calves sold to $1,250/unit.


Roma Store Sale price summary table:

Description Head Average c/kg Maximum
Steers up to 220kg 299 267 290
220-280kg 1127 259 294
280-350kg 1601 261 292
350-400kg 492 256 284
400-550kg 454 255 266
Heifers to 220kg 330 227 248
Heifers 220-280kg 858 223 242
Heifers 280-350kg 920 226 250
 Heifers 350 to 450 387 227 250
Cows 300-400kg 186 173 206
Cows 400-500kg 474 206 224
Cows Over 500kg 122 212 226
Bulls Up to 400kg 75 208 236


Weekly Roma Store Sale press report:

Roma steers hit 294c/kg

A total of 7600 head of cattle were penned at Roma’s Store Sale. Weaners under 220kg topped at 290c/kg and averaged 267c/kg, while weaner steers in the 220-280kg range reached 294c/kg and averaged 259c/kg. Steers in the 280-350kg range reached 292c/kg and averaged 261c/kg, and steers in the 350-400kg range reached 284c/kg and averaged 256c/kg. Feeder steers in the 400-550kg range topping at 266c/kg and averaging 255c/kg.

Biscable, Clarerton, Cunnamulla, sold Charolais-cross steers to 294c/kg for 228kg to return $671/head.

Gwenbrook Farms, Gwenbrook, Roma, sold Charolais-cross steers to 292c for 319kg to return $933.

Peel Mungerie, Inverness, Blackall, sold Santa steers to 286c for 339kg to return $971.

G & C White, Marionvale, Surat, sold Charolais steers to 284c for 365kg to return $1037.

B & J O’Dell, Toarbee, Jericho, sold Charolais steers to 284c for 278kg to return $791. The Charolais heifers sold to 240c for 290kg to return $697.

L & M Ridge, Lesmar, Roma, sold Angus-cross steers to 282c for 307kg to return $867.

Killarney Park Grazing, Killarney Park, Tambo, sold Santa-cross steers to 276c for 387kg to return $1069.

J & B Russell, Willara, Augathella, sold Charolais-cross steers to 271c for 273kg to return $741.

Bangor Cattle Co, Bangor, Mungallala, sold Charbray steers to 266c for 433kg to return $1153.

Jenny Ford, Lewah, Roma, sold Santa-cross steers to 266c for 411kg to return $1094.

Dart Pastoral Co, Thirlstone, Roma, sold Charolais-cross steers to 266c for 331kg to return $882.

Tom Darlington Transport, Wongabell, Surat, sold Droughtmaster-cross steers to 263c for 421kg to return $1108.

Glenrowan Grazing Co, Glenrowan, Morven, sold Braford steers to 263c for 407kg to return $1073.

Carra Pastoral Co, Balmacarra, Charleville, sold Shorthorn-cross steers to 262c for 337kg to return $886.

Sylvester Pastoral Co, Acadia Station, Injune, sold Droughtmaster-cross steers to 260c for 479kg to return $1246.

Darren Humphreys, Darkwater, Mitchell, sold Hereford-cross steers to 260c for 280kg to return $729. The Hereford-cross heifers sold to 234c for 222kg to return $522.

Heifers in the 350-450kg range reached 250c/kg and averaged 227c/kg.Heifers in the 280-350kg range topped at 250c/kg and averaged 226c/kg.Heifers in the 220-280kg range topped at 242c/kg and averaged 223c/kg, while heifers under 220kg topped at 248c/kg and averaged 227c/kg.

A Cann, Bundoo, Augathella, sold Charolais-cross heifers to 250c for 415kg to return $1040.

Enid Ward, Karana, Injune, sold Charbray heifers to 250c for 393kg to return $984.

J & C McLoughlin, Rainbow, Rolleston, sold Charolais-cross heifers to 248c for 290kg to return $721.

C & J York, Glengyle, Dulacca, sold Charolais-cross heifers to 246c for 330kg to return $812.

S & L Reiser, Tocal, Mitchell, sold Charbray heifers to 246c for 326kg to return $803.

Nixon Pastoral Co, Wyoming, Roma, sold Droughtmaster-cross heifers to 236c for 315kg to return $744.

B & N Bauer, Arlington, Augathella, sold Charolais heifers to 230c for 238kg to return $548.

Cows over 500kg sold to 226c/kg and averaged 212c/kg, while cows 400-500kg topped at reached 224c/kg and averaged 206c/kg. Cows in the 300-400kg sold to 206c/kg and averaged 173c/kg.

Gordon Fawckner, Kintilloch, Roma, sold Brahman cows to 224c for 488kg to return $1094.

Gingie Pastoral Co, Oak Park, Charleville, sold Brahman cows to 222c for 503kg to return $1119.

Cows and calves sold to $1250/unit.

Bulls up to 400kg reached 236c/kg and average 208c/kg.


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