Roma store 27 June 2017: Annual Kindee run boosts market

Beef Central, 28/06/2017

Yarding 9133 Change -352

The lanes were humming with the anticipation of a market kick due to quality runs of the Kindee high performing cattle.

The Murray family from properties in the Taroom and Injune district supplied outstanding runs of young calves, exciting the buyers. All of the regular buyers were in attendance and paid up to 32c/kg more for the quality. Return buyers from Weebollabolla, Moree and a first time local processor raised competition.

Light steers under 220kg made to a top of 398.2c to average 378c/kg. Steers in the 280-350kg range made to 392.2c, for an average of 356c/kg.

Bullocks over 550kg made to 262.2c, to average 261c and young bulls topped at 350c, while those over 400kg made to 256.2c/kg. Cows to slaughter made to a top of 244c and store cows returning to the paddock made to 195c/kg. Heifers, 4-6 tooth, returning to the paddock made to a top of 290c/kg.

Weekly store press report:

A total of 9,133 head of cattle were consigned at Roma’s Store Sale on Tuesday.

Weaner steers under 220kg topped at 408c/kg and averaged 377c/kg, weaner steers in the 220-280kg range reached 393c/kg and averaged 364c/kg. Steers in the 280- 350kg range reached 392c/kg and averaged 353/kg, and steers in the 350-400kg range reached 360c/kg and averaged 340c/kg. Feeder steers in the 400-550kg range topping at 330c/kg and averaging 305c/kg.
ED Cattle Co – ‘Zara Station’, Hughenden – sold Angus-cross steers for 408c/kg at 187kg returning $765/head.
M & MT Bright – ‘Karoola Park’, Roma – sold Angus-cross steers for 400c/kg at 185kg returning $741/head. The Angus-cross heifers went for 344c/kg at 179kg returning $618/head.
KJ & JM Pezet – ‘Ard-Na-Ree’, Charleville – sold Santa steers for 398c/kg at 202kg returning $804/head. The Santa heifers went for 354c/kg at 199kg returning $705/head.
VM, K & AG Hafemeister – ‘Oakleigh’, Injune – sold Angus-cross steers for 390c/kg at 191kg returning $747/head. The Angus-cross heifers sold for 337c/kg at 192kg returning $648/head.
Gwenbrook Farms Pastoral Co – ‘Gwenbrook’, Roma – sold Charolais-cross steers for 386c/kg at 324kg returning $905/head. The Charolais heifers sold for 340c/kg at 233kg returning $793/head.
Defiance Cattle Co – ‘Mountain Cottage’, Roma – sold Angus steers for 384c/kg at 259kg returning $997/head. The Angus heifers went for 337c/kg at 343kg returning $1159/head.
RG & B Mobbs – ‘Wallambank’, Bollon – sold Charolais-cross steers for 384c/kg at 242kg returning $931/head.
SD & MJ Russell – ‘Willara’, Augathella – sold Charolais-cross steers for 382c/kg at 230kg returning $882/head. The Charbray-cross heifers sold for 332c/kg at 308kg returning $1025/head.
R Loughnan – ‘Alicker’, Roma – sold Charolais-cross steers for 378c/kg at 279kg returning $1055/head. The Charolais-cross heifers sold for 335c/kg at 269kg returning $901/head.
Moonya Pastoral Co – ‘Moonya’, Roma – sold Angus steers for 378c/kg at 206kg returning $779/head. The Angus heifers sold for 344c/kg at 244kg returning $842/head.
Moombah Pastoral Co – ‘Binbian Downs’, Miles – sold Charbray-cross steers for 378c/kg at 255kg returning $967/head. The Shorthorn-cross heifers went for 346c/kg at 191kg returning $663/head.
KW Holdings – ‘Kingull West’, Roma – sold Santa-cross steers for 376c/kg at 278kg returning $1047/head. The Santa-cross heifers sold for 336c/kg at 261kg returning $880/head.
Kindee Pastoral Co – ‘Cowangah’, Taroom – sold Charolais-cross steers for 374c/kg at 229kg returning $857/head. The Angus-cross heifers sold for 342c/kg at 331kg returning $1134/head.
BK & FM Miller – ‘Allambie’, Wandoan – sold Angus steers for 368c/kg at 285kg returning $1052/head.
AJ & VA Pearce – ‘Timberlit’, Taroom – sold Simmental-cross steers for 367c/kg at 286kg returning $1050/head. The Angus-cross heifers sold for 342c/kg at 239kg returning $819/head.
RD & EA Lister – ‘Trevallen’, Roma – sold Angus steers for 364c/kg at 257kg returning $937/head. The Angus-cross heifers sold for 338c/kg at 271kg returning $918/head.
Neven Grazing Co – ‘Blue Hills’, Injune – sold Charolais-cross steers for 348c/kg at 348kg returning $1213/head. The Charbray-cross heifers sold for 320c/kg at 356kg returning $1139/head.
Kindee Pastoral Co – ‘Muya’, Mitchell – sold Angus-cross heifers for 340c/kg at 307kg returning $1047/head. The Charolais-cross heifers went for 392c/kg at 281kg returning $1102/head.
F Martinek – ‘Mon Repos’, Wallumbilla – sold Droughtmaster steers for 334c/kg at 396kg returning $1323/head. The Droughtmaster cows sold for 233/kg at 536kg returning $1251/head.
MR & DM Duncan – ‘Midwater’, Injune – sold Droughtmaster-cross steers for 318c/kg at 447kg returning $1424/head.
Heifers under 220kg topped at 364c/kg and averaged 334c/kg, while heifers in the 220 – 280kg range topped at 344c/kg and averaged 317c/kg. Heifers in the 280- 350kg range topped at 342c/kg, averaging 313c/kg. Heifers in the 350-450kg range topped at 320c/kg, averaging 285c/kg.
RH, MR & LF Miller – ‘North Kooringa’, Roma – sold Angus-cross heifers for 344c/kg at 242kg returning $833/head.
Pensini Grazing Pty Ltd – ‘Cameron Downs’, Hughenden – sold Brahman-cross heifers for 308c/kg at 357kg returning $1101/head. .
Brah-Lim Cattle Pty Ltd – ‘Waverley’, Augathella – sold Limousin-cross heifers for 290c/kg at 423kg returning $1227/head.


Source: NLRS, Roma Saleyards


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