Roma store 18 July 2017: Market firm for 6822 yarding

James Nason, 19/07/2017


Yarding 6822 Change -1566

All buyers were in attendance and taking into consideration quality comparison to last week, there was unmentionable change, however with the rise in grain prices the feedlot entry money was back slightly.

The majority of the pens were filled with lighter weight weaner steers and heifers that were showing the effects of winter as is expected at this time of year. Well presented cattle off oats have started to filter back through the system.

Calves less than 200kg made to a top of 402.2c, to average 380c/kg. Lighter yearling steers under 280kg made to a top 398.2c, to average 347c and yearling heifers made to a top of 352c, to average 299c/kg. Steers to feeders made to a top of 331c for top end quality and averaged 310c/kg.

Grown steers made to a top of 294.2c to average 274.2c, while grown heifers made to 290c to average 244c closing the common 20c/kg gap between the sexes yet again. Bulls under 400kg made to 370c and bulls in the 400-600kg range made to 310c/kg.

Weekly Roma store press report:

Weaner steers under 220kg topped at 402c/kg and averaged 370c/kg, weaner steers in the 220-280kg range reached 388c/kg and averaged 351c/kg. Steers in the 280- 350kg range reached 356c/kg and averaged 335/kg, and steers in the 350-400kg range reached 338c/kg and averaged 312c/kg. Feeder steers in the 400-550kg range topping at 330c/kg and averaging 306c/kg.
Cows and calves hit $1540/unit.
ED Cattle Co – ‘Redcliffe’, Torrens Creek – sold EU Accredited Droughtmaster-cross steers for 402c/kg at 190kg returning $766/head.
Esalex Pty Ltd – ‘Langdale’, Longreach – sold Charolais-cross steers for 398c/kg at 199kg returning $793/head. The Santa-cross heifers sold for 360c/kg at 203kg returning $731/head.
Marscroft Pty Ltd – ‘Whitehill’, Longreach – sold Angus steers for 398c/kg at 167kg returning $664/head. The Angus heifers sold for 360c/kg at 220kg returning $794/head.
K & C Beitz – ‘Middle Ridge’, Amby – sold Santa-cross steers for 364c/kg at 278kg returning $1014/head.
D & C Collinson – ‘West Myall’, Roma – sold Angus steers for 362c/kg at 220kg returning $798/head. The Angus heifers sold for 324c/kg at 221kg returning $717/head.
R & S Rural – ‘Middle Glen’, Flinton – sold Charolais-cross steers for 356c/kg at 330kg returning $1175/head. The Charolais-cross heifers sold for 316c/kg at 293kg returning to $927/head.
Jobe Rose – ‘Newholme’, Bymount – sold Limousin-cross steers for 352c/kg at 226kg returning $795/head. The Limousin-cross heifers sold for 322c/kg at 273kg returning $881/head.
R & K Thorne – ‘Holmleigh’, Mitchell – sold Santa-cross steers for 351c/kg at 262kg returning $922/head.
N & S Courtice – ‘Ladas Downs’, Glenmorgan – sold Angus-cross steers for 350c/kg at 277kg returning $970/head.
Wallabella – ‘Wallabella’, Wallumbilla – sold Angus-cross steers for 350c/kg at 283kg returning $993/head.
R & J Davidson – ‘Hillandale’, Wandoan – sold Santa-cross steers for 346c/kg at 262kg returning $908/head. The Santa-cross heifers went for 320c/kg at 242kg returning $775/head.
J & J Bell – ‘Kinnoul’, Taroom – sold Santa-cross steers for 340c/kg at 327kg returning $1115/head.
A Cann – ‘Khyber’, Augathella – sold Charolais-cross steers for 338c/kg at 270kg returning $913/head. The Charolais-cross heifers sold for 289c/kg at 335kg returning $970/head.
Dart Pastoral Co – ‘Thirlstone’, Roma – sold Droughtmaster steers for 332c/kg at 336kg returning $1117/head.
G & L Smith – ‘Iona’, Wallumbilla – sold Romagnola-cross steers for 332c/kg at 378kg returning $1258/head.
R & R West – ‘Roleen’, Wallumbilla – sold Charolais-cross steers for 330c/kg at 407kg returning $1344/head.
I Duff – ‘Duffields’, Roma – sold Limousin-cross heifers for 320c/kg at 385kg returning $1232/head.
M McClymont – ‘Trnro’, Hughenden – sold Brahman-cross steers for 316c/kg at 372kg returning $1179/head.
N & N Dickson – ‘The Lake’, Aramac – sold Braford steers for 292c/kg at 438kg returning $1279/head.
Heifers under 220kg topped at 360c/kg and averaged 325c/kg, while heifers in the 220 – 280kg range topped at 360c/kg and averaged 308c/kg. Heifers in the 280- 350kg range topped at 316c/kg, averaging 277c/kg. Heifers in the 350-450kg range topped at 320c/kg, averaging 275c/kg.
J & M Collinson – ‘West Myall’, Roma – sold Simmental-cross heifers for 312c/kg at 238kg returning $745/head.
Noogilla Cattle Co – ‘Woodlands’, Mitchell – sold Cross-breed heifers for 308c/kg at 243kg returning $748/head.
Cows in the 300-400kg range reached 228c/kg and averaged 193c/kg, while cows in the 400kg-500kg range reached 240c/kg and averaged 208c/kg. Cows over 500kg topped at 235/kg, averaging 221c/kg.
RLP Investments Pty Ltd – ‘Lillianfells’, Longreach – sold Santa-cross cows for 232/kg at 581kg returning $1349/head.
J Kingston – ‘Kingull’, Roma – sold Santa-cross cows for 220c/kg at 574kg returning $1264/head.
Bulls under 400kg reached 370c/kg and averaged 316c/kg.

Sources: NLRS/Roma Saleyards


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