Roma store 17 Apr 2018: Large yardings continue

Beef Central, 18/04/2018

Yarding 8250  Change -771

All buyers were in attendance and operating in a market that started easy and despite supply and demand pushing prices at times, it was still back on last week in particular on lesser quality pens. Equal numbers of heifers and steers were presented and around 1,500 cows. Many pens were drought affected with potential opportunities.

Calves made to 328c/kg. Yearling steers in the 200-280kg range topped at 344c to average 314c/kg. Feeder steers made to 307c to average 271c/kg. Yearling heifers to restockers made to 296c/kg.

Grown steers over 400kg topped at 286c to average 278c with heavier grown steers to kill topping at 265c/kg. Grown heifers made to 250c/kg. Light cows to restockers made to 190c to average 161c/kg. Heavy cows to slaughter topped at 216c to average 210c/kg. Cows with calves at foot topped at $1,090/unit. Young bulls, some to live export, topped at 332c to average 264c/kg and bulls to restockers made 280c/kg.

To view full NLRS report and price table click here

Weekly Roma Store press report

Weaner steers under 220kg topped at 346c/kg and averaged 300c/kg, weaner steers in the 220-280kg range reached 344c/kg and averaged 314c/kg. Steers in the 280- 350kg range reached 338c/kg and averaged 292c/kg, and steers in the 350-400kg range reached 307c/kg and averaged 281c/kg. Feeder steers in the 400-550kg range topping at 285c/kg and averaging 274c/kg.

Cows and calves hit $1,090/unit.

JS & EM Campbell sold Droughtmaster steers for 344c/kg at 226kg returning $779/head.
Sue Walker, Wurama West, Condamine sold Simbrah cross steers for 338c/kg at 297kg returning $1,006/head. The Simbrah Cross heifers sold for 284c/kg at 231kg returning $656/head.

Mt Cornish Grazing Co, Mount Cornish, Muttaburra sold Santa steers for 328c/kg at 315kg returning $1,033/head. The Santa heifers sold for 268c/kg at 292kg returning $783/head.
S Wraight, Westmore, Roma sold Charolais cross steers for 324c/kg at 292kg returning $948/head.

JE & JL Creevey, Lucknow, Augathella sold Charolais steers for 310c/kg at 322kg returning $1,000/head.
LRB Briscoe, Goomibah, Injune sold Santa steers for 307c/kg at 355kg returning $1,092/head.

GW & GI Emery, Wyena, Wallumbilla sold Santa cross steers for 300c/kg at 336kg returning $1,010/head. The Angus cross heifers sold for 270c/kg at 258kg returning $698/head.
Institutional Investments P/L, Roma Downs, Roma sold Angus cross steers for 298c/kg at 334kg returning $995/head. The Angus cross heifers sold for 270c/kg at 309kg returning $835/head.

McWhirter Past Co, Pine Hills, St George sold Charbray steers for 296c/kg at 320kg returning $949/head. The Charbray heifers sold for 250c/kg at 480kg returning $1,200/head.

Golden Pastoral Holdings, Nullin, Yuleba sold Angus cross steers for 286c/kg at 354kg returning $1,014/head. The Charolais cross heifers sold for 272c/kg at 289kg returning $787/head.

PD & SE Joliffe, Walhallow, Amby sold Santa steers for 285c/kg at 471kg returning $1,345/head.
Len Joliffe, Walhallow, Amby sold Santa steers for 284c/kg at 403kg returning $1,145/head.

WN & MM Jones, Norolle Downs, Roma sold Brangus cross steers for 282c/kg at 480kg returning $1,355/head.
Ray W Thomas, Burrenbah, Mungindi sold Charolais cross steers for 280c/kg at 398kg returning $1,117/head. The Charolais cross heifers sold for 260c/kg at 312kg returning $811/head.

GE & P Smith, Avon, Wallumbilla sold Santa cross steers for 278c/kg at 372kg returning $1,036/head.
TD McInnerney, Binnowee, Surat sold Devon cross steers for 278c/kg at 330kg returning $918/head. The Devon cross heifers sold for 240c/kg at 371kg returning $891/head.

Heifers under 220kg topped at 296c/kg and average 252c/kg, while heifers in the 220 – 280kg range topped at 286c/kg and averaged 245c/kg. Heifers in the 280- 350kg range topped at 272c/kg, averaging 248c/kg. Heifers in the 350-450kg range topped at 264c/kg, averaging 239c/kg.

RH & RJ West, Roleen, Wallumbilla sold Charolais cross heifers for 270c/kg at 326kg returning $882/head.
Warren Rural Pty Ltd, Wyangerie, Quambone sold Angus cross heifers for 270c/kg at 282kg returning $764/head.

Belinda Emery, Wyena, Wallumbilla sold Angus cross heifers for 268c/kg at 286kg returning $767/head.
Renee Richardson, Nimity, Roma sold Angus cross heifers for 262c/kg at 317kg returning $832/head.

PJ & N Nichol, Sutton Valley, Roma sold Angus heifers for 258c/kg at 334kg returning $863/head.
AC & TM Bourke, Bracco, Roma sold Simbrah cross heifers for 250c/kg at 341kg returning $853/head.
JL Macdonald, LM Rockhampton, Rockhampton sold Red Angus cross heifers for 230c/kg at 460kg returning $1,058/head.

Cows in the 300-400kg range reached 190c/kg and averaged 158c/kg, while cows in the 400kg-500kg range reached 211c/kg and averaged 177c/kg. Cows over 500kg topped at 228c/kg, averaging 200c/kg.

Bulls under 400kg topped at 332c/kg and averaged 253c/kg, while bulls in the 400 – 600kg range topped at 260c/kg and averaged 224c/kg. Bulls over 600kg topped at 249c/kg, averaging 232c/kg.

Sources: NLRS, Roma Saleyards


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