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PTIC heifers to $2530 in larger AuctionsPlus offering

by Beef Central, 18 June 2017

PTIC heifers sold to a top of $2530 on Friday for this line of Angus heifers from Connanmurra, Bethanga, VIC.


LISTINGS activity shifted north last week on AuctionsPlus, with a whopping 88 percent of the weekly offering originating from New South Wales and Queensland.

Overall numbers rose 1600 head or 18 percent on the previous week, to 10,694 head.

The national clearance rate on listings was 61pc, with Queensland cattle achieving a 59pc auction clearance, and NSW 66pc.

PTIC females numbers were strong in last week’s listings, boosted by a herd dispersal of 700 breeding females from Roma. PTIC heifers sold to a top of $2530 with an impressive $1925 average, up significantly from the previous week.

The top price went to a line of 28 Angus heifers from Connanmurra, Bethanga, VIC.

Young PTIC cows averaged $2094, peaking at $2860 for a line of 41 Angus cows with their second calves in the oven, from Riverview Wallah & Co, Boorowa, NSW.

Proven breeders were well represented last week, selling to a top of $2490 and averaging $1595. Top price went to a line of 6-8 year old APR Angus cows from Drewdale Angus, Lockington, VIC. Among other breeds, two lines of six-year-old Hereford cows from Calvary Pastoral Co, Delegate, NSW sold for an average of $1930. A line of 7-8 year old Shorthorns from Yullundry Pastoral Co also sold for $1930.

Top price of $2900 for young cows on Friday was paid for this line of Angus cows with Wagyu x calves at foot from Falconer, NSW.

Cows with calves at foot were in demand this week, increasing in both volume and price. Young cows and calves averaged $2752. Top price of $2900 was paid for a line of Angus cows with Wagyu calves at foot from DJ & RM Ferris, Falconer, NSW.

Proven breeders averaged $2010 and sold to a top of $2800 for a line of 65 Angus and Angus cross cows from Warrawong Pastoral Co, Caroona, NSW. A line of 8-10 year old mixed Limousin, Hereford and Charolais cross cows from Mereweather Pastoral Co, Gloucester, NSW sold for $1840. Further north, 75 Brahman and Brahman cross cows from Glenaras Pastoral Co, Ilfracombe, QLD made $1740.

Young cattle highlights

Among young cattle, 135 Angus x Santa backgrounder steers 6-11 months from Glenmorgan QLD 296kg  made $1160, and their heavier brothers 365kg $1280. A further 136 sisters similar age and breeding made $995 for the lighter end 365kg, and $1180 for the heavier 342kg heifers.

135 Angus x Santa backgrounder steers 6-11 months from Glenmorgan QLD 296kg made $1160, and their heavier brothers 365kg $1280.

In a breakdown of young cattle sold last week, by weight range:

  • Steers less than 250kg sold from 405c to 451c/kg averaging 434c (up 9c); while heifers sold from 346-509c, averaging 426c (up 8c)
  • Steers 250-299kg sold from 376-437c, averaging 407c (down 19c); while heifers sold from 323-463c, averaging 375c (down 5c)
  • Steers 300-349kg sold from 348-410c, averaging 379c (down 8c); while heifers sold from 321-491c, averaging 366c (up 11c)
  • Steers 350kg + sold from 334-390c, averaging 357c (steady); while heifers sold from 270-418c, averaging 340c (up 42c).

Seedstock sales

In seedstock this week a total of 28 head were offered, with stock coming from Alice Springs, NT, Beaudesert and Grantham, QLD and Capertee, NSW. Demand for Droughtmaster bulls was strong with 8 out of the 10 bulls listed from the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Alice Springs, NT sold at auction. The sale received a top price of $4100, recoded on three lots.

State Highlights: VIC & SA

Angus 9-10 mths, 289kg, from Highlands VIC sold for 416c/$1205
Angus 7-9 mths, 269kg, from Mt Alfred VIC sold for 408c/$1100
Angus 9-10 mths, 340kg, from Highlands VIC sold for 404c/$1375
Angus/Hereford 9-10 mths, 334kg, from Highlands VIC sold for 391c/$1305

Speckle Park/Angus cross 8-10 mths, 248kg, from Leithville VIC sold for 444c/$1100
Angus 9-15 mths, 359kg, from Meningie SA sold for 418c/$1500

State Highlights: NSW
Wagyu/Angus 8-10 mths, 188kg, from Mudgee NSW sold for 779c/$1465
Angus/Angus 8-11 mths, 231kg, from Uralla NSW sold for 443c/$1025
Angus 8-10 mths, 249kg, from Bundarra NSW sold for 441c/$1100
Angus 9-10 mths, 265kg from Gundagai NSW sold for 436c/$1160

Wagyu x Angus 8-10 mths, 193kg, from Mudgee NSW sold for 668c/$1290
Angus/Angus 8-9 mths, 243kg, heifers from Tumbarumba NSW sold for 525c/$1275
Angus 8-9 mths, 242.8kg from Tumbarumba NSW sold for 508c/$1235
Angus 10-12 mths, 318kg from Guyra NSW sold for 490c/$1560

State Highlights: QLD
Angus/Composite 5-7 mths, 161kg from Westmar QLD sold for 450c/$725
Santa Gertrudis 4-8 mths, 191kg, from Blackall QLD sold for 430c/$825
Charolais/Charolais/Santa 5-7 mths, 261kg, from Coalbank QLD sold for 412c/$1075
Angus/Santa Gertrudis 6-11 mths, 296kg, steers from Glenmorgan QLD sold for 391c/$1160

Angus/Composite 5-7 mths, 127kg, from Westmar sold for 426c/$540
Charolais/Charolais/Santa 5-7 mths, 252kg, from Coalbank sold for 374c/$945

Santa Gertrudis 4-8 mths, 180kg, from Blackall sold for 366c/$660
Angus/Santa Gertrudis 6-11 mths, 279kg, from Glenmorgan sold for 355c/$995.


Source: AuctionsPlus



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