No letup in Wodonga prices as supply swells + VIDEO

Murray Arnel, 07/05/2021


Yarded: 2668

EYCI: 887.75c/kg

Feeder steer rating: -13pts

Steers: 360-500kg $1750-$2370, av 466c/kg; 280-360kg $1630-$1765, av 540c/kg; 200-300kg $1290-$1640, av 655c/kg

Heifers: 360-500kg: $1680-$2150, av 433c/kg; 280-360kg $1470-$1720, av 498/kg; 200-280kg: $1380-$1600, av 591c/kg

Peter “Pilso” , Julie and Chris Richards weaned and sold early 400 Angus steers after a tough season on their Swifts Creek property, Brookeville.

ALL classes of restocker cattle were again in high demand at Victoria’s NVLX Wodonga saleyards on Thursday when a larger than normal yarding of 2626 was penned.

Local district restockers and commission orders received from as far afield as central NSW and South Australia completed for a quality selection of mostly yearling-off steers and weaner steer calves while a rare opportunity was also provided for those interested in acquiring quality young females that stood fresh autumn-born calves at foot ready to be rejoined.

That later in particular, yards of 2nd and 3rd-calf Angus, with 4- to 6-week-old Angus calves, were sold at values mostly between $3000 and $3300 per outfit while a yard of mixed age Angus cows, with 10-week-old Angus calves made $2940.

None of the above were re-joined.

Also, of note during the Elders and Paull & Scollard-Nutrien conducted sale, was several feature lines of spring-drop Angus weaners plus a larger than normal display of Hereford whitefaces which also met plenty of enthusiasm.

Auctioneer, Oliver Mason, Elders quoted the market as being fully firm on their “corporate’s” sale of the month previous.

“Prices were definitely in line with those since the commencement of autumn” Mr Mason said.

“We had a few featured lines of very well-bred calves which saw selling rates break the $6 and $7/kg mark for the lighter end but that was more so a reflection of their quality”.

As for the mid-weight weaners, 320 to 360kg Mr Mason said they all made mid-$1800 prices while the lighter steer calves all make $1600 to $1800.

“It was fairly obvious most buyers are buying to a dollar-per-head price. However, there was a definitely a premium paid for calves that were weaned: “when the buyer is paying that sought of money that job needs to be done (weaning) to get the best outcome” Mr Mason said.

Watch Beef Central’s fully interview with Oliver Mason:

Paull & Scollard Nutrien auctioneer, Luke Deimel saw the result as firm to a shade stronger for the heavier drafts of weaner steers and those suited to the feedlot.

At 460-470c/kg the feeder rate was right up to the mark with recent paddock feeder sales and although there wasn’t a lot penned the inquiry was keen, which shows the urgency for cattle to feed, Mr Deimel said.

Commenting on the young cow and calf prices Mr Deimel said he wouldn’t have been surprised if these lots had made a few hundred dollars per outfit more.

“They made what we thought but young breeding females are very scarce at the moment they could have easily made more under the circumstances.

Both auctioneers agreed the demand for Euro-cross calves and British-breed heifers suited for domestic-market feeding was extremely solid at recent rates.

At 460 to 480c/kg these lines were well supported at weights above 320kg before heading north above 500 to 570c/kg for lighter heifers and lots selected as future breeders, they said.

Topping the sale, a pen of five DR Stevenson Angus steers, 499kg, made $2370 a head while MD & CR Dunlop sold nine Angus steers, 496kg at $2260.

H, J & O Watson, King Valley sold 15 Angus, 413kg at $1930 while a Whitsed & Patton pen of 12 Angus steers, 383kg, made $1860.

Watch the opening lane of steer sale streamed live on the day by Beef Central:

Several large pen lots of weaners also drew special interest.

Table Top, NSW vendor Lindooga Pastoral sold 25 Angus, 331kg, at $1765, Somerset, Mollyullah, Vic, sold 22 Angus, 322kg, $1750 while Tararu Pastoral, Barnawartha, Vic, sold 30 Angus, 318kg at 318kg.

A second draft from each of the above all sold at expected values.

Lindooga Pastoral sold 31 Angus, 280kg, at $1640, a yard of 17 Tararu Pastoral Angus 288kg, made $1700 while 22 Somerset Angus, 286kg, made $1705.

A feature line of 400 Angus steers consigned from Swifts Creek, Vic, by the Peter “Pilso”, Julie and Chris Richards, “Brookeville Angus” came in for special treatment.

Individually weighed and classed into pens of similar weights the lead 50 of the Brookeville Angus with weights above 270kg, average 282kg, made $1660 while the line’s second pen of 85, 251-270kg, average 258kg made $1630.

The Brookeville third draft of 89, 231-250kg, average 241kg, was sold for $1624 average while a yard of 107, 201-230kg, average 218kg, made $1558 or 716c/kg.

A final pen of the smallest 43, 171-210kg, average 189kg made $1470 or 778c/kg.

Sales of white-faced steers were equivalently priced to their black steer cousins.

Dalander sold Hereford-Angus steers, 398kg at $1925 followed by a yard of red-coated Herefords, 384kg at $1815.

Timberline sold 20 Herefords, 393kg, at $1850 while Pastoria Park, sold two yards of Hereford steers, 19, 399kg at $1840 and 23, 356kg at $1765.

A yard of 25 GJ Hore Hereford steers, 303kg, made $1700 or 561c/kg while KJ Jackson sold three Hereford yards, 334kg at $1630, 277kg at $1440 and 215kg at $1290.

European breeds feature strongly in the line-up and the result.

P&L Nicholson sold 453kg Limousin-cross, 453kg at $2060, JL & KP Jackson sold Murray Grey Charolais, 427kg at $1945 along with a second pen, 329kg, priced at $1670.

A yard of PB & TJ Butler Charolais steers, 326kg also sold well at $1720.

As mentioned, heifers with breeding and weight came in for special attention.

Lindooga Pastoral sold 29 Angus heifers, 314kg at $1595, Tararu Pastoral sold 17 Angus, 329kg at $1730 while Stewart Scott sold 17 Angus, 311kg at $1585.

A second pen of Scott Angus heifers, 272kg made $1510 while JL & KP Jackson sold 14 Murray Grey heifers, 364kg, at $1705.

Three yards of South Devon-infused heifers, Nargla Downs blood, by AV & I Grant, Deniliquin pushed the heifer selling rate beyond $5/kg, with a pen of 13, 288kg sold at $1515, a yard of 15, 295kg sold at $1530 while a pen of 14, 266kg, made $1475.

The Nargla Downs calves were sold much earlier than normal due to the dry season throughout the Riverina, Mr Ian Grant said.



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