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Murray Arnel: NVLX Wodonga – flash in pan, or new dawn? + PICS/VIDEO

Murray Arnel, 07/06/2019





STEERS: 360-450KG $1000-$1460, AVG 304C/KG; 280-360KG: $840-$1130, AVG 306C/KG; 200-280KG: $670-$930 AVG 315C/KG.

HEIFERS: 360-830-$940, AVG 230C/KG; 280-360KG; $730-$1000, AVG 270.7C/KG; 200-280C/KG, A245C/KG.

VIDEO: Watch the opening steer sales at NVLX Wodonga store cattle market:

SOUTHERN store cattle values took a welcome but unexplained rise this week as prices at Wodonga’s NVLX complex jumped $50 to, in places, $100 a head in an impressive offering of 2171 on Thursday.

Following on from a reported similar and much dearer trend at Euroa store market the previous day, local northeast restockers, regular feedlot operatives plus a newfound Narrandera, NSW agency order were all much keener for the Elders and Landmark-Paull & Scollard convened monthly market.

Matt Tinkler, Elders (see video comments above) described the quality of the yarding as one of their best June offerings in a number of years, and possibly their best since the January weaner sales.

“That was the case for both the weight and condition that was offered and this encouraged both feedlot and restocker interests to participate” he said.

Ian Whitehead purchased Hereford heifers to grown and finish for his property at Mudgegonga, Vic.

P&S Landmark’s Mathew Pitzen described the day as “good selling” especially on the well grown and the better-bred steers.

“The surrounding country is patch, with some good areas” he said.

“And despite this rise store cattle are still good buying compared to the finished end of the job that has seen prices rise recently for both slaughter and feeder stock” he added.

rent Head Elders Yarrawonga purchased young heifers for a Mulwala, NSW, client to grown and finish on the promise of a season.

The steer yarding, which sold an undeclared breeder’s pen of 11 Angus/Hereford steers, 498kg, to a sale top of $1575 a head, offered a dozen yards or so of older grown cattle that were mouthed as zero or two-teeth.

These were mostly sold in a price range of 280 to 315c/kg with a western Riverina feeder claiming the lion’s share.

Feeder interests also rose to the challenge on a selection of yearling-aged Angus steers where the heaviest pen weighed 439 kg.

Sold on a bid of $1460 a head or 332c/kg, these were a yard of 18 Angus offered by Maddagoora Pastoral of Rutherglen, Vic while Sutton Park, Tintaldra, Vic sold a yard of 20 Angus, 361kg at $1210 a head.

The Landmark Paull & Scollard selling team at Wodonga.

Five further sales then preceded to claim sales with a four-figure sum including S Sutherland, Gundowring, Vic – 23 Angus, 331kg, sold at $1090, MA & PJ King, Brimin, Vic– nine Angus, 309kg sold at $1000, Lucas and Carne, Yackandandah, Vic – 10 Angus, 354kg – $1130, Springbank Ag, Table Top, NSW – 19 Angus 369kg, $1000 and Nixon Pastoral, Mulwala, NSW – 20 Hereford, 330kg, $1020.

Two Charolais yards of steers offered by Whitsed and Colbert ‘Bunroy”, Biggara, Vic also drew bids beyond $1000 a head: the first a yard of 16, 358kg made $1075 while a second pen of 15, 328kg made $1010 a head.

After loosing access to a leased block, John Fowler, Albury sold Angus heifers he had previously purchased to join and re-offer pregnancy tested in calf.

Interest in the pens of lighter steers was also much keener as those with an emerging wedge of feed dared to punt that the improving season would continue.

This resulted in a good number of sales being made in the $850 to $950 price bracket for pens weighed in the 250- to 280kg weight range.

Kevin McPherson, Whorouly sold a truck of mixed sex Angus and Angus-Hereford weaners at prices much better than he had anticipated.

Included in this price range were sales made for K&P MH McPherson, Whorouly, Vic – 32 Angus, 280kg sold at $915, Mitchell Pastoral, Bethanga, Vic – 25 Angus, 246kg, sold at $800 and Sandloft Pastoral, Wymah, NSW – 16 Angus, 264kg sold at $845.

Glencoe Pastoral, Holbrook, NSW sold a draft of Black Simmental//Composite steers which drew a mixed reaction. Its top yard of 30, 246kg made $755 while a double unweighed yard (estimated 210kg) made $685 a head.

Commission buyer Peter Touhey sought heavier drafts of steers and heifers for western NSW feedlot operator.

Other drafts of interest included Heartherlie Pastoral, Tallangatta Valley, Vic – 26 Red Angus steers, 293kg sold at $900 while a second pen of the same, 264kg made $785.

The unjoined heifer market, which saw an isolated heavy yard, 475kg, top at $1160 was also drew higher bids but not to the same extent as the steer demand.

Once again, feedlot operators were keen bidders throughout the heifer market claiming most of the sales above the weights of 300kg.

Whitsed and Colbert, Bunroy were again among the sales of interest selling 10 Charolais-cross, 343kg, at $1000 a head while a second draft of the same, 292kg, made $860.

Kensal Green, Bungowannah, NSW sold a pen of eight 2-tooth Angus heifers, 413kg at $940 while JT & MA Fowler, Albury, NSW sold a pen of 23 Angus, 323kg at $895.

Other drafts of Angus, Hereford and Charolais heifers weighed at 250- 280kg general made $600 to $750 while smaller and younger heifers generally $470 to $600.

The demand for breeding females was again soft and offered a range of buying choices for those with adequate resources.

The markets top priced females was a yard of PTIC Angus heifers, with 5-6th month old Angus calves at foot. Due to commence calving in September these were sold at $1610 for TP & E Milliken of East Wangaratta, Vic while WL & PM Macreadie, Cookardinia, NSW sold third-and-fourth calf Angus cows, with two-and-three-month-old Angus calves at foot, for $1360.

Most other sales of cows and calves, various ages, which were mostly offered in light store condition made $800 to $1100 while cows to calve, made $590 to $825.

A single yard of Tom Groggin Station Angus heifers, Tom Groggin, 415kg, from Khancoban, NSW made $1190.


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  1. Don Story, 10/06/2019

    Great to see Murray Arnel is making full use of his knowledge, experience and network to keep producers informed of the store market. A clever pickup for Beef Central, a bonus for readers.

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