Light weaners catapault $300 higher at Ballarat

James Nason, 19/07/2021


Yarded 2400

EYCI: 988c/kg

Feeder steer rating: +22pts

Steers: 500-650kg: $2400-$2840, av 472c/kg: 360-500kg $1920-$2610 av 531c/kg; 280-360kg $1600-$2050, av 587c/kg; 200-300kg $1460-$1850, av 673c/kg

Heifers: 360-500kg: $1850-$2400, av 501c/kg; 280-360kg $1600-$2100, av 558c/kg; 200-280kg: $1390-$1720, av 657c/kg

A pix of the Warrnambool Ag steers from Grassmere that featured in the sale.

A RETURN to stage-one Covid restrictions across regional Victoria had zero-influence on demand at Ballarat’s July store cattle market on Friday when a flurry of interstate buying orders propelled young cattle values to unprecedented levels.

Soaring in value as much as $200 to $300 a head higher compared to the centre’s month-earlier sale, light weaner heifers were this month’s stand-out performer followed closely by their weaner-steer brothers that averaged $100 to $150 a head dearer.

TB White & Sons principal, Leo White said the market was in stark contrast to the June result when the heaviest cattle made the best gains.

Sales of heavy steers held their higher rates from last market Mr White said but it was the lighter cattle that took the biggest rise.

“Oddly enough there was not the following nor the intensity from the lot-feeding sector as we’ve seen previously. They were still as keen however, when the weight dropped the demand leapt another gear led by several commission-buyer orders who were all exceptionally keen for numbers”.

Mr White said it was great to see that support from interstate as local buyer weren’t able attend the sale due to the Covid-restrictions or they didn’t want cattle because locally it is so wet.

HF Richardson auctioneer James Haddrick agreed that “on-weight” the heaviest steers saw no change in values while the lighter 400-480kg feeder steers were firmer and up to 20 cents a kilogram dearer.

He said that the heaviest of the Angus weaners also traded 10-20 cents higher but as the weight dropped off demand again increased significantly as most 280-300kg steers made 600 to 630c/kg while lighter steers realised $6.60 to $8/kg.

Nutrien auctioneer, Xavier Shanahan said he can’t ever remember the cattle market being so exciting.

“We’ve had periods before of strong markets and high prices but this current market just keeps on giving” Mr Shanahan said.

“The intensity and the thrill of the chase this time around seems to be ongoing.

“Here in Ballarat, we thought our February markets would be the pinnacle of the job but here we are in July and the market is miles better than then and this month it was the turn of the lightest weaners, heifers in particular, that took the greatest rise and it was a huge one at that.

Explaining the base of the demand, Mr Shanahan said that there was barely a steer sold for less than $1600, and any heifers that made less than $1400 you’d wouldn’t want to be identified with.

“It was an extortionary sale, and as after as our vendors are concerned, they were all very happy to see these young weaners sold because it is very wet in most of the local area”, he said.

Watch Beef Central’s interview with Graeme Nicholson from Elders as he explains his take on the July sale results:

In the opening pen two donated steers were offered_ the first weighed at 725kg made $5400 while the second weighed at 560kg made $4000.

A limited selection of breeding females offered at the conclusion of the sale saw 2-4th calf Angus cows with young calves at foot make $2600 to $2800.

Grown steers

R DiCicco – 23 Angus, 593kg, $2840 (478c/kg), 16 Angus, 562kg, $2580 (459c/kg)

Park Partnership – 24 Angus, 544kg, $2600 (477c/kg)

Cardaga Springs- 10 Angus, 513kg, $2580 (502c/kg)

AM & TJ Robertson- 20 Angus, 517kg, $2500 (483c/kg)

MW & HM Stoney- 22 Angus, 483kg, $2610 (540c/kg)

Longview Ag- 24 Angus, 471kg, $2610 (543c/kg)

Mt Fairbairn- 21 Angus, 441kg, $2420 (548c/kg)

IW & JA Clark- 15 Angus, 472kg, $2480, (472c/kg)

H Eldridge & Sons- 22 Angus, 432kg, $2360 (546c/kg)

Pental Island Produce- 31 Angus, 430kg, $2250 (523c/kg)

R & R Featherson- 17 Limousin, 546kg, $2600 (476c/kg), 14 Limousin, 516kg, $2400 (465c/kg)

Weaner steers

Wylie & Co- 25 Angus, 408kg, $2260 (553c/kg)

Braemanya- 23 Angus, 400kg, $2160 (540c/kg)

R Kelly- 10 Angus, 464kg, $2010 (552c/kg)

Warrnambool Ag- 23 Angus, 355kg, $1990 (560c/kg), 33 Angus, 305kg, $1910 (626c/kg), 22 Angus, 277kg, $1850 (667c/kg)

LH Harris- 17 Angus, 290kg, $1860, (641c/kg)

Seqirus- 8 Angus, 330kg, $1840 (557c/kg), 27 Angus, 291kg, $1830 (629c/kg), 24 Angus, 261kg, $1810 (693c/kg)

RJ & SJ Matthews- 10 Angus, 355kg, $1970 (555c/kg), 14 Angus – 14 Angus, 391kg, $1870 (642c/kg)

RJ Wells- 20 Shorthorn, 304kg, $1800 (592c/kg), 20 Shorthorn, 254kg, $1640 (646c/kg)

Grown heifers

Longview Ag- 15 Angus, 448kg, $2130 (473c/kg), 15 Angus, 435kg, $2130 (489c/kg)

Mt Freebairn- 8 Limousin-cross, 497kg, $2180 (497c/kg)

GA Crick & Co- 41 Angus, 419kg, $2400 (573c/kg)

Braemanya- 20 Angus, 370kg, $2070 (559c/kg)

Weaner heifers

D&L Woods- 7 Angus, 336kg, $1740 (517c/kg)

LMS Holdings- 21 Charolais, 327kg, $1710 (523c/kg)

Glenmore Pastoral- 10 Angus, 323kg, $1760 (544c/kg)

David Coolahan- 19 Angus, 285kg, $1700 (596c/kg)

PF&SJ Fraser- 25 Angus, 261kg $1670 (640c/kg)

R&J Morrish- 17 Angus, 242kg, $1670 (690c/kg)

The Point Pastoral- 29 Angus, 222kg, $1660 (747c/kg)

L& H Harris- 16 Angus, 283kg, $1700 (600c/kg)




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