Fear of missing out fuels red hot Wodonga sale

Murray Arnel, 08/10/2021


Yarded: 2000

EYCI: 1055c/kg

Feeder steer rating: +19pts

Steers: 360-500kg $2080-$2600, av 582c/kg; 280-360kg $1900-$2330, av 655c/kg; 200-280kg $1600-$2055, av 753c/kg

Heifers: 360-500kg: $2050-$2330, av 540c/kg; 280-360kg $1750-$2110, av 591c/kg; 200-280kg: $1570-$1740, av 614c/kg


FEEDLOTS and local restockers absorbed almost all of an increased yarding at higher prices at the Elders and Nutrien Paull & Scollard Wodonga store cattle sale of Thursday.

Values achieved for the 2000-strong penning varied from 15-25c/kg higher with lighter weaner sales most advantaged.

Brett Shea, Elders Albury

Brett Shea, Elders describe the action as red-hot sale that ended with some amazing results.

“We’re on the cusp of great season here in the northeast (Victoria) and the Riverine Mr Shea said.

“And, today, the buyers fought for their cattle as if they feared missing out”.

Mr Shea said the sale only had the one main feature line that formed the cornerstone of the overall supply with the balance being smaller consignments that required a good deal of classing.

However, as an auctioneer he said the demand felt stronger and was stronger across the whole of the sale, and there were no discounts applied to those smaller drafts.

Nutrien P&S, auctioneer, Wade Ivone said the yarding carried a “bit more cover” than their previous (September) sale to the reflect benefits of the excellent early start to spring.

“Our local buyers defended the patch well” he said.

“I would agree there is some concern growing of not filling paddocks, and the commission buyer would hold most of the “away orders” didn’t have the influence as normal”.

“The sale was at least 20-30c/kg dearer and the Euro-run in particular sold above expectation” Mr Ivone said.

Watch Beef Central’s after -sale interview with Brett Shea.

The sale’s feature line was a consignment of 550 Tarabah Livestock Company Hereford steers, aged 7-10 months, offered by Michael and Anna Coghlan, Mt Narra Narra Station, Holbrook.

Wirruna-blood, these were drafted into tight 30-kilogram weight ranges with the heaviest pen of 30 weighed with a 307kg average.

These were sold at $2170 a head to Elders Wangaratta representing at sale at 704c/kg while the next draft of 112, 274kg, were taken by Gippsland agent Nutrien Delaney Livestock (NDL), Pakenham at $2025 or 739c/kg.

The Tarabah third draft lot of 167 had an averaged weight of 255kg. NDL again secured the first 112 at $1925 (755c/kg) while the remaining two yards went to local interests at $1890 and $1900 respectively.

Three yards of 32 comprised the Tarabah fourth draft weighed at 227kg average. These were secured singularly between $1700 and $1770 to overall cement a sale average of 250kg, $1900 and 760c/kg.

Watch the sale of the Tarabah Hereford run as recorded by Elders

Other sales of steers included

Robert Nesser – 10 Angus, 432kg $2470, 562c/kg

Momala Farms, Berrigan – 12 Angus, 420kg, $2470, 588c/kg

Burnbrae Crossing, Gerogery – 25 Angus, 400kg, $2395, 599c/kg

J&G Knobel, Gerogery- 15 Angus, 390kg, $2390, 607c/kg

PJ & SM Roe, Bungowannah – 13 Limousin, 379kg, $2360, 623kg

WH & KM Morris, Gooramadda- 26 Angus, 371kg, $2405, 648c/kg

BW Schultz, Burrumbuttock – 15 Angus, 331kg, $2280, 689c/kg

H& S Wigge, Wooragee- 16 Angus, 302kg, $2170, 719c/kg

Ian Cesa, Tinaldra- 18 Angus, 258kg, $2055, 797c/kg

Unjoined heifer sales were also advanced by a similar 15-30 cent margin with the area’s opportunity feeders leading the demand.

Most Euro-cross and the heavier lots British-breed models were paid close attention for all the secure values in a tight $2000 to $2250 before topping at $2330 for a lot of 23 Angus, 436kg, Connamarra-blood, offered by P&B Hindle.

Yards weighed above 350kg were equated with sales of 530 to 580c/kg before rising to best of 633c/kg for a yard of 13 HF & SK Wigge Angus, 286kg sold at $1810.

Other larger pen-lot sales included

W Godde, Culcairn- 18 Angus, 414kg, $2230 539c/kg

WH & KM Morris, Gooramadda- 13 Angus, 376kg, $2060, 548c/kg

PJ & SM Roe, Bungowannah- 7 Limousin, 371kg, $2150, 580c/kg

WJA & DL Ferguson, Rennie – 19 Angus-Hereford, 358kg, 573c/kg

BC & AJ Brooks, Talmalmo- 17 Angus, 356kg, $2000, 562c/kg

Burnbrae Crossing – 20 Angus, 338kg, $2040, 604c/kg

WH & KM Morris, Gooramadda- 19 Angus, 331kg, $2000, 604c/kg

BC & AJ Brooks, Talmalmo – 18 Angus 307kg, $1800, 586c/kg

Baxter AG, Barnawartha – 24 Angus, 289kg, $1820, 630c/kg

Hill & Dale Farming, Burrumbuttock – 17 Angus, 283kg, $1750, 618c/kg








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