EU/PCAS eligible weaner steers 466c in smaller AuctionsPlus catalogue

Beef Central, 10/06/2017

This line of 121 EU and PCAS-eligible Angus weaner steers 9-10 months averaging 239kg from Mooramook Pastoral, Caramut, VIC sold for 466c/kg or $1115 a head.


CATTLE numbers on AuctionsPlus slipped a little this week, with listings totalling 9043 head, down 15 percent on the previous week.

Biggest volume in listings came out of NSW (4992 head), followed by Queensland (2143 head), Victoria (1245 head), South Australia (286 head), Tasmania (235 head) and Western Australia (142 head).

Young cattle peaked at 466c/kg for a line of 121 EU and PCAS-eligible Angus weaner steers 9-10 months averaging 239kg, yard-weaned and pre-vaccinated for BRD, from Mooramook Pastoral, Caramut, VIC which made $1115 a head.

In a breakdown of young cattle sales, by weight range:

  • Steers less than 250kg sold from 387c to 466c, to average 425c/kg; while heifers sold from 361-512c, averaging 418c
  • Steers 250-300kg sold from 365-479c, to average 426c; while heifers sold from 337-444c, averaging 380c
  • Steers 300-350kg sold from 353-424c, averaging 387c; while heifers sold from 322-389c, averaging 355c
  • Steers 350+kg sold from 335-383c to average 357c; while heifers sold from 267-325c, to average 298c.


Queensland steer and heifer highlights:

25 EU Shorthorn steers, 6-8 mths 206kg from Goondiwindi sold for 403c or $830

20 EU Shorthorn steers, 8-10 mths, 289kg, from Goondiwindi sold for 365c or $1055

29 Angus & Angus x steers, 8-9 mths, 342kg, from Toobeah sold for 353c or $1205

73 Angus/Angus cross steers 10-11 mths, 361kg, from Chinchilla sold for 360c or $1299

15 EU Shorthorn Heifers, 6-8 mths, 180kg, from Goondiwindi sold for 428c or $770

7 EU Shorthorn Heifers, 8-10 mths, 259kg, from Goondiwindi sold for 398c or $1030

30 Angus & Angus cross heifers, 8-9 mths, 311kg, from Toobeah sold for 322c or $1000

68 Droughtmaster & DM x heifers, 28-36 mths, 411kg, from Moura sold for 267c or $1100.

Part of a line of EU-eligible Shorthorn steers, 6-8 mths 206kg from Goondiwindi which sold for 403c or $830. Their brothers 8-10 mths 289kg made 365c, while their heifer sisters sold from 398-428c.


NSW steer and heifer highlights:

45 Angus steers, 6-7 mths, 186kg, from Braidwood sold for 453c or $840

66 PCAS Assured Angus Steers, 8-10 mths, 259kg, from Holbrook sold for 458c or $1185

59 EU Angus & Angus cross steers, 9-10 mths, 301kg, from Newbridge sold for 399c or $1200

13 Charolais/ Angus & Charolais cross steers, 9-11 mths, 370kg, from Nevertire sold for 350c or $1295

80 EU Angus heifers, 8-10 mths, 226kg, from Walcha sold for 512c or $1155

57 EU Angus heifers, 9 mths, 252kg, from, Guyra sold for 444c or $1120

45 Angus heifers, 9-10 mths, 301kg, from Braidwood sold for 352c or $1060

30 EU Angus cross heifers, 14-15 mths, 350kg, from Coolah sold for 325c or $1140


Victoria and South Australia highlights:

121 EU & PCAS Angus steers 9-10 mths 239kg from Caramut, VIC sold for 466c or $1115

29 Hereford steers 8-11 mths, 257kg, from Eddington, VIC sold for 414c or $1065

107 Angus steers 9-10 mths, 323kg, from Caramut, VIC sold for 414c or $1340

96 Angus & Angus x steers, 8-15 mths 335kg, from Coober Pedy, SA sold for 373c or $1250.

80 Angus heifers, 8-10 mths, 235kg, from Euroa sold for 437c or $1025

16 Hereford heifers 10-11 mths 271kg, from Eddington sold for 369c or $1000

23 Black Simmental/Angus heifers 9-10 mths 307kg, from Caramut sold for 389c or $1195.


Breeding cattle highlights

Preg-tested in-calf female numbers this week remained strong, with PTIC heifers averaging $1496 to a top price of $2200 for a line of Adrossan blood Angus heifers from Inverell, NSW. These heifers were 11-14 mths old and PTIC to Wagyu bulls.

Young PTIC cows averaged $1866 with a top price of $2450 for a line of rising three-year-old Speriby North blood Angus heifers from Glen Innes, NSW, PTIC to Angus bulls.

PTIC proven breeders averaged $1562 with a top price of $1840 for a line of 4-6 year old, Santa Gertrudis cows from Coolatai, NSW, PTIC to Santa bulls.

PTIC mixed aged lines averaged $1526 with a top price of $1605. This top price went to a line of 3-10 year old, Banquet and Pathfinder blood Angus cows from Woodhouse, VIC, PTIC to Angus bulls.

Cow and calf numbers were limited this week. First-calvers averaged $2108 with a top price of $2540 paid for a line of 24-26 month old Charolais cross heifers with 3-11 week old Charolais calves at foot. These heifers, from Mundulla, SA, have been re-joined to Angus bulls.

Mixed aged cows and calves averaged $1716 with a top price of $1860 for a line of 6-10 year old Santa cross & Angus cross cows from Toobeah, QLD, with 3-5 month old Charbray & Droughtmaster calves at foot, and re-joined to Angus bulls.

This week vendors from Tasmania offered 235 head, over 16 lots. Stand-out lots included a line of 5-12 year old Angus cows from Ringarooma, PTIC to Angus bulls which sold for $1810, and 8-10 month old Poll Hereford & Poll Hereford x Angus steers, 275kg, sold for 382c or $1050.

From Western Australia 142 head were offered over six lots. Stand out lots included a line of 3-5 month old Angus & Angus x mixed-sex calves, 156kg from Pemberton, which sold for 366c/kg or $571. A line of 18-24 month old Angus slaughter heifers, 581kg from Pemberton, sold for 514c/kg dressed or $1546.

This line of 24-26 month old Charolais cross heifers with 3-11 week old Charolais calves at foot from Mundulla, SA,and re-joined to Angus bulls made $2450 yesterday.

Coming up on AuctionsPlus:

Elders Katherine will conduct the Northern Territory’s only online bull sale on behalf of the NT DPI using AuctionsPlus on Tuesday 20 June.

The NT DPIR continues to produce bulls from cows that fit the environment. The bulls are raised completely on native pastures and so are adapted to the NT.

The 83 Breedplan-recorded Brahman and tropical composite bulls catalogued for the sale are currently located at the Katherine Research Station and will be available for viewing in person on the 15-16 June 2017.

“We have been running this sale for the DPI for the last few years and the program is really starting to get some traction,” Elders Paul McCormick told Beef Central.

All bulls are semen tested prior to sale and guaranteed to be able to get the job done. As the herd is currently chasing polled genetics there are a few genetically tested homozygous polled (PP) and scurred (PH) bulls available, as well as horned bulls. The bulls are reared from weaning entirely on native pastures with a basic wet and dry season mineral supplement, and DPI chooses to present the bulls in paddock condition rather than feeding them up with grain for sale day.

The BreedPlan Live Export Selection Index was produced specifically by NT producers to create a single dollar value to enable a quick view of the relative earning capacity of each bull. The Index is an estimate of the profit that will be generated from the sale of the bull’s male progeny and the longer term profit from the reproduction capacity of the retained daughters. It is a combination of the EBVs for growth, carcass and fertility traits.

Some of the highest ranked bulls using this selection index in the Brahman breed will be presented for sale. One third of the NT DPI bulls for sale are ranked in the top 20pc and 4 bulls are in the top 5pc, meaning some of the top bulls ranked on profitability in the Brahman breed will be available.

  • Click here for catalogue.
  • For sale information contact Katherine Research Station 08 8973 9739 or Paul McCormick Elders Katherine 08 8972 2500.


Source: AuctionsPlus


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