Dalby Sale 7 March: Strong demand from local restockers

Jon Condon, 08/03/2018

Widespread rain throughout the supply areas restricted the movement of cattle, resulting in a smaller yarding of 2768 head, down 3450 head.

All classes of cattle were affected in the lower numbers, however yearlings were well supplied and there was a fair penning of grown cattle. The yarding of young cattle consisted mainly of medium and heavyweight yearling steers and heifers. Quality was good with the largest percentage of the cattle in 2 and 3 score condition, and there was mainly well bred cattle offered.

The market was much stronger with weaner steers and heifers meeting keen demand mainly from local restockers. Steer weaners sold to 382c to average 346c, while restocker weaner heifers topped at 340c to average 306c/kg. Feeder steers sold 15c to 20c dearer from 285c to 313c with the heavyweights averaging 305c and mediumweights under 400kg averaged 295c/kg. Feeder heifers gained 8c topping at 310c to average 288c/kg.

The yarding of export cattle consisted of a fair penning of bullocks, steers and cows, with several pens of heifers through the sale. Quality of the grown steers were very good, with buyers competing strongly on most lines, pushing prices up by 12c to 14c from 282c to 311c, with steers averaging 298c and bullocks averaging 292c/kg. Heifers sold to a top of 286c/kg. The cow market improved by 12c to 17c, with medium weight 3 scores averaging 231c and heavy cows sold to a top of 251c/kg.

GDL Dalby reported the 10c to 14c stronger in most categories.

Prime quotes:

Heifers over 400kg – lowest 287c, highest 295c, Av 292.2c/kg
Cows up to 400kg – lowest 168.2c, highest 220c, Av  192.2c/kg
Cows 400-520kg – lowest 224c, highest 238.2c, Av 230.7c/kg
Cows over 520kg – lowest 234c, highest 251.2c, Av 242.5c/kg
Bulls 840kg – lowest 265c, highest 284.2c, Av 272.2c/kg
Steers & Bullocks 400-500kg – lowest 285c, highest 310.2c, Av 290.4c/kg
Steers & Bullocks over 500kg – lowest 282c, highest 310.2c, Av 292.6c/kg

Store quotes:

Steers 200-280kg – lowest 300.2c, highest 382.2c, Av 346.2c/kg
Steers 280-330kg – lowest 317c, highest 348.2c, Av 336c/kg
Steers 330-400kg – lowest 285c, highest 308.2c, Av 293.4c/kg
Heifers 200-280kg – lowest 285.2c, highest 340.2c, Av 305.1c/kg
Heifers 280-330kg – lowest 270c, highest 310.2c, Av 290.6c/kg
Heifers 330-400kg – lowest 265c, highest 310.2c, Av 289.1c/kg


  • Charolais X cows sold by Nebrean Pty Ltd of Goondiwindi to processors 240.2c, 627kg, Av $1507
  • Santa cows sold by Nebrean Pty Ltd of Goondiwindi to processors 239.2c, 576kg, Av $1379
  • Angus ylg bulls sold by S Fawcett of Chinchilla to feedlotters 284.2c, 415kg, Av $1179
  • Angus cows sold by S Fawcett of Chinchilla to processors 234.2c, 580kg, Av $1358
  • Charolais bulls sold by JI & LC Noller of Wandoan to processors 274.2c, 840kg,      Av $2303
  • Santa X heifers sold by PD & JM Pohlmann of Jandowae to feedlotters 308.2c, 353kg, Av $1088
  • Angus steers sold by Rocking Chair Ranch of Wandoan to feedlotters 312.2c, 397kg, Av $1240
  • Hereford cows sold by GW & YS Robertson of Mt Tyson to processors 238.2c, 463kg,  Av $1102
  • Brahman ylg bulls sold by GW & YS Robertson of Mt Tyson to processors 300.2c, 225kg, Av $675
  • Simmental ylg bulls sold by RC & EM Skene of Cecil Plains to feedlotters 284.2c, 530kg, Av $1506
  • Simmental X heifers sold by RC & EM Skene of Cecil Plains to processors 290.2c, 241kg, Av $700
  • Santa heifers sold by G Crumpton & Sons of Kingaroy to feedlotters 310.2c, 325kg, Av $1010
  • Santa steers sold by G Crumpton & Sons of Kingaroy to feedlotters 310.2c, 368kg, Av $1141
  • Santa X steers sold by PJ & SD Kennedy of Dirranbandi to re-stockers 310.2c, 333kg, Av $1033



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