Dalby sale 25 Jan 2017: Recent rain builds restocker confidence

Beef Central, 27/01/2017


Yarding 4008 Change 90

Numbers experienced little change and remained close to last week’s yarding. Quality has improved as vendors get the feel of 2017. The usual feeder and restocker buyers were in attendance and operating in a dearer market. A full panel of export processors were present but not all were operating.

The recent rainfall appears to have built confidence in the restockers with prices up 10c/kg. Feeder operators lifted prices on steers by 5c while the supermarkets clinched the medium weight heifers to feed at a lift of 14c/kg. Cows highlighted the market with a rise of 7c to 10c/kg.

Larger runs of lighter yearling steers to the restockers reached 445.2c with an average of 395c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers topped 384.2c with an average of 367c/kg. The lead of the heavy feeder steers topped 355.2c and averaged 348c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers to restockers topped 378.2c and averaged 351c/kg. Medium weight heifers to feed topped 345.2c and averaged 341c/kg. The heaviest heifers reached 323.2c to average 311c/kg.

Grown steers over 500kg reached 314.2c to average 305c with bullocks reaching 303.2c to average 298c/kg. Light weight cows were purchased by the works to average 229c and mid-range cows reached 260.2c with an average of 251c/kg. Heaver cows destined for the works reached 269.2c and averaged 255.7c/kg. Bulls over 600kg topped 285.2c/kg.

Quotes from Grant Daniel Long’s 1512 head yarding:

GJ, HL & JG Neill of Dalby sold Santa bulls sold to processors 260.0c, 730kg, average $1898.

Brahman heifers to processors   290.0c, 343kg, average $997.

JC & GM Worsfold of Wandoan sold:

Santa cross steers to restockers  398.2c, 292kg, average $1162.

Santa cross heifers to restockers 370.2c,  239kg, average $884.

Santa cross feeder steers 380.0c, 303kg, average $1153.

Santa cross cows to processors 258.2c, 528kg, average $1364.

GM Kroll of Chinchilla sold Santa bulls 260.0c,695kg, average $1807.

Pigurra Grazing Co of Blackall sold:

Shorthorn cross steers to processors 274.2c, 757kg, average $2077.

Shorthorn cross steers to processors 294.2c, 641kg, average $1887.

JC & JM Phipps of Taroom sold:

Santa cross steers 374.2c, 300kg, average $1085.

Angus cross steers 374.2c, 300kg, average $1122.

PD & JM Pohlmann of Jandowae sold:

Charolais cross heifers to restockers 342.2c, 312kg, average $1069.

KW & R & J Pattinson of Tara sold:

Charolais cross steers to restockers 398.2c, 283kg, average $1129.

Charolais cross heifers to restockers 330.0c, 315kg, average $1042.

Moogoon Pty Ltd of Goondiwindi sold:

Angus cross bulls to processors 255.2c,695kg,average $1173.

Angus cross cows to processors 255.0c, 545kg, average $1390.

Hereford cows to processors 240.2c, 470kg, average $1128.

Angus cross heifers to processors 310.0c, 382kg, average $1185.

JP Mackenzie of Ducklo sold:

Charolais feeder heifers 350.0c, 348kg,average $1220.

Bridle Holdings of Meandarra sold:

Santa feeders bulls 278.2c, 575kg, average $1599.

Santa bulls to processors 264.2c, 788kg, average $2083.

Bannercase Pty Ltd of Pittsworth sold:

Limousin feeder heifers 351.2c, 395kg, average $1389.

Limousin feeder heifers 351.2c, 373kg,average $1312.

AJ & SJ Smith of Dirranbandi sold:

Simmental cross steers to restockers 398.2c, 283kg, average $1129.

Charolais feeder steers 374.2c, 379kg, average $1418.

Charolais cross steers 374.2c,335kg, average $1256.

Simental cross feeder heifers 345.0c, 373kg, average $1287.

Moramby Creek of Dalby sold:

Angus cross feeder steers 355.0c, 449kg, average $1595.

Charolais cross feeder heifers 348.2c, 381kg, average $1326.

C Mitchell of Meandarra sold:

DM cross steers 414.2c, 221kg, average $917.

AS Ferguson sold:

DM cross feeder steers 334.2c,474kg,average $1585.

DM feeders steers 353.2c, 476kg, average $1681.

NI Gadsby of Wandoan sold:

Angus cross steers 380.0c, 352kg,average $1339.

TM & LI Hyland of Moonie sold:

Charolais steers 370.2c, 362kg,average $1343.

Charolais steers 385.0c, 317kg,average $1221.

KJ & LK Jaques of Kaimkillenbun sold:

DM steers  351.2c, 473kg, average $1661.

Angus cross steers 351.2c, 470kg, average $1652.


Sources: NLRS, Grant Daniel Long, Eastern Rural


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