Dalby sale 12 May 2021: Yarding falls with local rain

Beef Central, 13/05/2021

Yarding 2320 Change -819

A return to some useful falls of rain across parts of the supply area reduced numbers down by 819 head to 2,320 at Dalby.

A full panel of export processors was present, plus the regular feed and trade buyers, and a large line up of restockers.

Prices generally improved across a number of classes. Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 7c to 23c/kg better. Medium and heavy weight yearling steers to feed improved by 16c to 19c/kg with well bred lines receiving the largest gains.

Light weight yearling heifers varied in price according to quality, however the top end quality lines improved in price. Yearling heifers to feed for the domestic market averaged up to 25c/kg dearer.

A fair supply of bullocks to export processors also improved in price.

Most classes of cows experienced stronger demand for the quality penned from export processors as well as restockers.

Yearling steers under 200kg made to an isolated 700c to average 674c/kg. Yearling steers under 280kg returning to the paddock made to 620c to average 560c/kg. The under 330kg yearling steers to restockers averaged 535c and made to 546c, with the feeder classes to 538c to average 519c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers to feed made to 518c with a large sample averaging 456c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed made to the occasional 498c to average 439c/kg. Yearling heifers under 200kg made to 586c to average 551c/kg.

Yearling heifers under 280kg averaged 482c and made to 546c/kg. Yearling heifers to feed averaged from 437c to 447c with sales to 496c, with some returning to the paddock reaching 522c/kg. Secondary lines in the medium weight range averaged 361c/kg. Medium weight grown steers to feed averaged 414c and made to 436c/kg.

A fair sample of bullocks made to 368c to average 364c/kg.

Medium weight plain condition cows to restockers made to 312c to average 293c/kg. Medium weight 3 scores to processors averaged 287c and made to 295c/kg.

Good heavy weight cows made to 314c, a good sample averaging 306c/kg.

Heavy weight bulls made to 323c/kg.

Market Reporter: Trevor Hess

To view full NLRS report click here

Grant Daniel Long report

A smaller yarding due to some good storms about the area, saw all lines sell to a firm market. Young light weight weaners were in strong demand, with steer calves @ approx. 120kg making $1,080.

Prime Quotes
Heifers up to 400kg – Lowest 361c/kg, highest 400c/kg, Av 390.2c/kg
Heifers over 400kg – Lowest  330c/kg, highest  406c/kg, Av 356.2c/kg
Cows up to 400kg – Lowest 176c/kg, highest  176c/kg, Av 176c/kg
Cows 400kg to 500kg – Lowest  270c/kg, highest  306.2c/kg, Av 286.2c/kg
Cows over 500kg – Lowest 299c/kg, highest  314c/kg, Av 305.7c/kg
Steers & bullocks up to 500kg – Lowest 349c/kg, highest  436c/kg, Av 413.9c/kg
Steers & bullocks over 500kg  – Lowest 355c/kg, highest 368c/kg, Av 363.9c/kg

Store & Feeder Quotes
Steers up to 200kg – Lowest  580c/kg, highest 700.2c/kg, Av 673.6c/kg
Steers 200kg to 280kg – Lowest  450c/kg, highest 620c/kg, Av 560.1c/kg
Steers 280kg to 330kg – Lowest 510c/kg, highest 546c/kg, Av 535.1c/kg
Steers 330kg to 400kg – Lowest 427c/kg, highest 518c/kg, Av 455.7c/kg
Feeder steers over 400kg – Lowest  349c/kg, highest  436c/kg, Av 413.9c/kg
Heifers up to 200kg – Lowest 500c/kg, highest  586c/kg, Av 550.6c/kg
Heifers 200kg to 280kg – Lowest 420c/kg, highest  546c/kg, Av 485.2c/kg
Heifers 280kg to 330kg – Lowest  420c/kg, highest 478c/kg, Av 437.5c/kg
Heifers 330kg to 400kg – Lowest  386c/kg, highest 496.2c/kg, Av 447.1c/kg
Feeder heifers over 400kg – Lowest  361c/kg, highest  418c/kg, Av 394.6c/kg
Feeder/Boat Bulls – Lowest  320c/kg, highest  400c/kg, Av  380.2c/kg
Slaughter Bulls – Lowest  296c/kg, highest 323c/kg, Av 313.4c/kg


Limousin Bulls sold by IA Nicholson of St George to processors 321.2c/kg, 780kg, $2,505.

Santa Cows sold by Boningar Pastoral Co of Meandarra to processors 303.2c/kg, 661kg, $2,004.

Charolais X Steers M2 sold by Miskin Enterprises of Thallon to feedlotters 428.2c/kg, 471kg, $2,017.

Simmental X Heifers 2T sold by DWJ & JC Bradshaw of Wandoan to feedlotters 418.2c/kg, 485kg, $2,032.

Simmental Ylg Steers sold by GT & CE Patteson of Kingaroy to restockers 620c/kg, 223kg, $1,384.

Angus Ylg Steers sold by LH & DS Schouten of Kingaroy to restockers 678.2c/kg, 199kg, $1,351.

Angus X Male Calves sold by LH & DS Schouten of Kingaroy to restockers $1,080.

Angus X Heifer Calves sold by LH & DS Schouten of Kingaroy to restockers $920.


Sources: NLRS, Grant Daniel Long, Eastern Rural


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