Dalby sale 27 Jan 2021: Rates firm to dearer in bigger yarding

Beef Central, 28/01/2021

Yarding 2648 Change 4432

The supply of stock more than doubled the previous weeks level to increase by 2,648 head for a total of 4,432 at Dalby, and included in the larger line up were 110 PTIC cows plus 58 cows and calves.

All the usual export buyers were present however not all were operating.

The usual feed and trade buyers were in attendance and active, along with local and interstate restockers.

The large increase in supply resulted in a variation in average prices in places, however across most classes of light weight cattle prices remained very strong.

Medium weight yearling steers to feed experienced only quality related price changes, and heavy weight yearling steers to feed averaged 5c/kg better.

Light weight yearling heifers improved in price, medium and heavy weight yearling heifers to feed sold to very strong demand. Prices for cows could not maintain the high levels experienced the previous sale.

Light weight yearling steers under 200kg returning to the paddock reached the same high level as the previous week at 712.2c/kg. Yearling steers under 280kg made to 678c with a very large sample averaging 558c/kg. Yearling steers to feed for the domestic market averaged from 467c to 495c, and made to an isolated 540.2c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed made to 476c with a large selection averaging 444c/kg.

Light weight yearling heifers were well supplied and made to 604c to average 511c/kg. Yearling heifers to feed averaged from 444c to 454c and made to 478c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 417c and made to 442c/kg.

A handful of bullocks to export processors made to 395c/kg.

Medium weight 2 score cows returning to the paddock made to 298.2c to average 295c/kg. Medium weight 2 scores to export processors averaged 272c, and 3 scores 281c/kg. A large selection of good heavy weight cows averaged 310c, and made to 320.2c/kg in pen lots.

Heavy weight bulls made to 350c/kg.

PTIC cows sold open auction made from $1,950 to $2,350/head, and cows and calves made to $2,750 per unit.

To view full NLRS market report click here

Grant Daniel Long report

An increased yarding, where there was a large attendance of buyers in all categories; producers and restockers. The feeder and restocker market is still increasing with prices hitting highs in all categories.

Prime Quotes
Heifers up to 400kg – Lowest 422c/kg, highest 468c/kg, Av 444c/kg
Heifers over 400kg – Lowest  380c/kg, highest  442c/kg, Av 417c/kg
Cows up to 400kg – Lowest 296c/kg, highest  298c/kg, Av 296c/kg
Cows 400kg to 500kg – Lowest  261c/kg, highest  279c/kg, Av 272c/kg
Cows over 500kg – Lowest   294c/kg, highest  320c/kg, Av 309c/kg
Steers & bullocks – Lowest   385c/kg, highest  395c/kg, Av 390c/kg
Steers & bullocks – Lowest 371c/kg, highest 395c/kg, Av 389c/kg

Store & Feeder Quotes
Steers up to 200kg – Lowest  574c/kg, highest 712c/kg, Av 680c/kg
Steers 200kg to 280kg – Lowest  492c/kg, highest 678c/kg, Av 557c/kg
Steers 280kg to 330kg – Lowest 424c/kg, highest 536c/kg, Av 494c/kg
Steers 330kg to 400kg – Lowest 440c/kg, highest 540c/kg, Av 466c/kg
Feeder steers over 400kg – Lowest  410c/kg, highest  476c/kg, Av 443c/kg
Heifers up to 200kg – Lowest 510c/kg, highest 572c/kg, Av 543c/kg
Heifers 200kg to 280kg – Lowest 444c/kg, highest  604c/kg, Av 511c/kg
Heifers 280kg to 330kg – Lowest  430c/kg, highest 478c/kg, Av 453c/kg
Heifers 330kg to 400kg – Lowest  422c/kg, highest 468c/kg, Av 444c/kg
Feeder heifers over 400kg – Lowest  380c/kg, highest  442c/kg, Av 417c/kg
Feeder/Boat Bulls – Lowest  434c/kg, highest  602c/kg, Av  489c/kg
Kill Bulls – Lowest  311c/kg, highest  350c/kg, Av  329c/kg


Droughtmaster Bulls sold by LH & KM McMaster to live export 341.2c/kg, 727kg, $2482.
Angus Bulls sold by Burenda Holdings of Dalby to processors 312.2c/kg, 1115kg, $3481.
Brahman X Bulls sold by Compagnoni Grazing Co of Mungallala to feedlotters 308.2c/kg, 552kg, $1702.
Brahman Cows sold by Castle Livestock Pty Ltd of Kumbia to processors 319.2c/kg, 535kg, $1707.
Brahman X Cows sold by Baldy Bay Pty Ltd of Dalby to processors 275.2c/kg, 405kg, $1114.
Angus X Steers sold by M Bowtell of Taroom to feedlotters 460.2c/kg, 453kg, $2087.
Angus X Heifers sold by CB & FR Bartlett of Bowenville to feedlotters 450.0c/kg, 385kg, $1734.
Brahman Heifers sold by Castle Livestock Pty Ltd of Kumbia to feedlotters 380.0c/kg, 472kg, $1795.
Santa Heifers sold by G Crumpton & Sons of Kingaroy to processors 365.0c/kg, 516kg, $1884.
Charolais X Ylg Steers sold by Western Queensland Contracting of Mitchell to restockers 558.2c/kg, 297kg, $1661.
Charolais X Ylg Bulls sold by B & S Barron of Kingaroy to restockers 458.2c/kg, 314kg, $1439.
Santa Ylg Heifers sold by Western Queensland Contracting of Mitchell to restockers 528.2c/kg, 246kg, $1301.
Sources: NLRS, Grant Daniel Long, Eastern Rural


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