Big rises seen in young cattle in larger AuctionsPlus offering

Beef Central, 01/02/2020

This line of 109 5-6 month old Angus weaner steers, 182kg from Merriwa, NSW made 486c/kg this week. Their 64 heifer siblings 156kg offered in the same sale topped heifer prices, making 488.4c/kg.

MORE big price rises were seen across young cattle weight categories on AuctionsPlus this week, as the effect of recent rain was seen in demand and buyer destinations.

Heifers less than 200kg jumped by 27c/kg to average 417c, and steers in categories between 200 and 400kg lifted 27-30c.

This week’s offering saw another rise in numbers to 8095 head, up 447 on last week. In addition to strong prices, clearance rates were firm, with a 95pc clearance achieved for weaned steers and 89pc across listings in the Weaner & Yearling Sale.

A shift in stock movement patterns is also beginning to appear after recent rainfall, with the Northern Tablelands, NSW topping statistics as the biggest purchasing region for the second week in a row, securing 1200 head. Flows into Southern Queensland are also increasing, with more than 1000 head set to move into the area after this week’s auctions.

Cow and calf numbers were slightly up totalling 486 head, with NSW listing 96pc of the offering. A highlight saw a line of Angus cows & calves from Whitemore, TAS sell for $1810. Averaging 477kg, the cows were 2.5-3.5 years with 3-8 week old CAF averaging 98kg.

On the mainland, cows and calves sold from $1200 to $1600, to average $1354, down $289 on last week. A line of 37 Angus cross mixed age cows & calves from Tamworth, NSW, returned the top price.

Other highlights saw a line of rising three-year-old Braford cows & calves from Coonabarabran, NSW, sell for $1345 and mixed age Shorthorn x Angus cows & calves from Sodwalls, NSW, sell for $1410.

PTIC cows sold from $1170 to $1990 this week, softening by $100 to average $1548. Top price was returned by a line of three year old Angus cows from Coonawarra, SA, offered account Limestone Ridge Estate. Averaging 600kg, these cows were Argyllshire & Glatz blood and are PTIC to Boonaroo Angus bulls with the line secured by a SA buyer from Mount Gambier.

From Yass, NSW a line of six year old Angus PTIC cows, Millah Murrah & Rennylea blood, sold for $1570 and from Sandford, VIC a line of mixed age Simmental x Murray Grey PTIC cows returned $1,465.

PTIC heifers increased by $36 to average $1607 this week, selling from $1390 to $1890. Top price was returned by another line from Limestone Ridge Estate, for Angus x Simmental PTIC heifers 22-23 months averaging 584kg and PTIC to Angus bulls, from Coonawarra, SA. Other highlights saw a run of 53 Angus x Hereford PTIC heifers from South Purrumbete, VIC sell for $1760 to a SA buyer and Rennylea blood Angus heifers, 42-43 months, from Tumbarumba, NSW return $1740 to a buyer from Euroa, VIC.

Young cattle

Light steers less than 200kg sold from 362c to 486c this week, averaging 438c, down 9c on last week.

Top price was returned by a line of 109 5-6 month old Angus weaner steers, 182kg, a/c Shannon Partnership from desperately dry country east of Merriwa, NSW. Their 64 heifer siblings 156kg offered in the same sale topped heifer prices this week, making 488.4c/kg.

Other highlights saw a line of 3-4 month old Angus unweaned steers 170kg from Braidwood, NSW, sell for 473c, while from Wallangarra, QLD, Angus cross steers, 14-15 months averaging 176kg achieved 396c to a buyer across the border at Guyra, NSW.

Steers 200-280kg saw another significant price jump, increasing 28c this week to average 394c and selling from 330c to 443c. Returning the top price was a line of Angus cross steers from Glen Innes, NSW, a/c Coalhole Pastoral. Averaging 213kg, these steers were 15-17 months and predominately Glenavon Angus blood.

Other highlights included Santa cross steers, 7-12 months averaging 223kg from Chinchilla, QLD returning 396c; from Euroa, VIC a line of Poll Hereford steers, 9-10 months averaging 274kg returned 357c; and a line of 4-6 month old Angus steers 232kg,from Gundaroo, NSW is set to make a long distance trip to Dairy Plains, TAS, selling for 380c.

Steers 280-330kg averaged 356c this week, rising 27c, with prices ranging from 304c to 386c. From Woodhouse, VIC, a line of 9-10 month old Angus steers 289kg sold for the top price.

From Tumbarumba, NSW, Rennylea blood Angus steers 327kg at 11-12 months sold for 369c to a buyer from Kennedy’s Creek, VIC, and a line of Angus cross steers, 7-10 months averaging 295kg from Goondiwindi, QLD, sold for 361c to a buyer from Armidale, NSW.

Heavier steers 330-400kg sold from 314c to 367c, averaging 356c, up 30c on last week. Top price went to a line of 11-12 month old Angus averaging 344kg from Welaregang, NSW, a/c Aquatic Park, which sold to a VIC buyer.

Other highlights saw a run of Angus feeder steers 12-14 months averaging 332kg from Wagga Wagga, NSW return 360c; while from Coonawarra, SA, a line of 10-11 month old Angus x Simmental steers 377kg sold for 318c. This week also saw a single line of +400kg steers return 350c, for Charolais x Angus steers, 9-10 months old from Woodhouse, VIC.

Heifers less than 200kg saw a price jump again this week, to average 417c, up 27c on last week and selling from 343c to 488c.

Top price was returned by a line of 5-6 month old heifers, a/c Shannon Partnership averaging 155kg from Merriwa, NSW. From Yass, NSW, a line of 4-5 month old Angus heifers averaging 157kg sold for 437c to a buyer across the border at Driffield, VIC.

Heifers 200-280kg also rose this week, by 22c to average 330c, with prices ranging from 299c to 363c. Top price was a line of KO Angus blood heifers, 8-9 months and averaging 269kg from Canowindra, NSW. Highlights from QLD included a line of 14-16 month old Angus cross heifers averaging 252kg from Boondooma which returned 341c, and Droughtmaster cross heifers from Chahpingah, 9-16 months averaging 277kg, sell for 319c.

Heifers 280-330kg sold from 257c to 344c this week, averaging 315c, a rise of 15c on last week. From Woodhouse, VIC, Narweena Station offered a line of Charolais cross heifers, 9-10 months, Mt William blood and averaging 328kg which achieved the top price.

From Boondooma, QLD, a line of Angus cross heifers, 14-17 months averaging 304kg sold for 321c and from Ulamambri, NSW, a line of 18-20 month old Angus heifers averaging 329kg returned 314c.

Heavier heifers 330-400kg averaged 316c this week, up 16c on last week and sold from 275c to 333c. Returning the top price was a line of Charolais x Angus heifers, averaging 371kg, from Narweena Station, Woodhouse, VIC.

Another highlight saw a line of Santa cross X heifers, 14-19 months averaging 344kg from Westmar, QLD make 330c; and a line of Santa cross heifers, 18-20 months averaging 375kg from Willow Tree, NSW, travelling to to Rangeville, QLD.

A single line of feeder heifers in the 400+kg weight bracket from Holbrook, NSW returned 292c for a line of Jarobee & Dunoon Angus blood heifers averaging 401kg.

In a breakdown of young cattle sold this week, by weightrange:

  • Less than 200kg: Steers sold from 362c to 486c/kg to average 437c, while heifers sold from 343-488c to average 417c
  • 200-280kg: Steers sold from 330-443c to average 394c, while heifers sold from 299-363c to average 330c
  • 280-330kg: Steers sold from 304-386c to average 356c, while heifers sold from 257-344c to average 315c
  • 330-400kg: Steers sold from 314c-367c to average 356c, while heifers sold from 275-333c to average 316c
  • 400+kg: Steers sold for 350c/kg, while heifers sold for 292c/kg.


Source: AuctionsPlus






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