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Breeding cattle now eligible for Egypt

Beef Central, 21/07/2014

nada-live-exportBreeder cattle, sheep and goats can now be exported to Egypt along with feeder and slaughter livestock following the finalisation of health certification requirements.

Agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce said the agreement opened up a new export market with Egypt to include breeder animals, presenting significant export opportunities for Australia’s $1 billion livestock export industry.

“The opening of this market for breeder livestock with Egypt is another positive development for cattle and sheep producers,” Minister Joyce said in a statement.

“Breeder livestock from Australia will help to improve existing herds in Egypt. These new agreed requirements will provide their producers with confidence in the health of the stock that will lead to improvements in the productivity and genetic vigour of their livestock.”

Australian and Egyptian government veterinary authorities reached agreement on animal health certification requirements for breeder cattle, sheep and goat exports on 2 July.

“Health certification requirements are the foundation for trade in breeder animals,” Minister Joyce said.

The development comes four months after the Australian and Egyptian Governments agreed to recommence trade in cattle, sheep and goats.

The addition of this new export market closely follows the opening of new export markets in Bahrain and Iran.

Minister Joyce said creating new market access opportunities was all part of the government’s commitment to strengthening the livestock export trade and expanding market access for Australian producers.

“While it’s too early to know just how many head of our quality livestock exports we’ll see going, this is a significant new market for Australian livestock with the potential for it to take thousands of breeder animals a year,” Minister Joyce said.

“Market access is, and will continue to be, a priority for this government and today’s news further demonstrates how we’re delivering on our election commitment to reinvigorate the trade and bring real increased returns to our primary producers at the farmgate.”





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  1. Mahmoud Abdelwahab, 23/07/2014

    That wıll not happen..ı talk about Egyptıan economıc problems ..My frıend ı want tell you that the level of lıvınıng standard ıs Zero at Egypt now ..povırty ıs common now ..Prıces are raısed whıle people lost theır jobs ..Bad lıvıng condıtıon at Egypt now and wıll be tıll next 10 years or more ..the people gave up meat consumıng because have not money …Coup and no safıty wıth poor condıtıons wıth bad socıal condıtıons and hıgh taxes and daıly protests wıth murders authorıtıes ,all that leads to poor economıc ,low meat consumptıon and stop the ımport of any foods ıncludıng lıvestock also …they ımported 2000 bulls from Sudan at last March and they can not fınısh them tıll now because of bad markets and low consumpatıon rate at Egypt ……So your Australıan mınıster dreams and dreams …Egyptıans can not ımport anythıng now ..only they ımport the Chınese Vıgra ıllegally because ıt ıs cheaper than mould clay

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