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Beef 2024: How Matt and Kristie Lisle are realising their grazing dream

James Nason, 22/03/2024

Kristie and Matt Lisle, Moonkan Park, BushleyIF you ever find yourself wondering how young people can build a successful livestock business these days, there is one Beef 2024 property tour in particular you really shouldn’t miss.

Clear goals and an unswerving commitment to meeting them have been at the centre of Matt and Kristie Lisle’s inspiring transition from mining sector workers to livestock property owners in their own right.

Matt and Kristie didn’t just set clear goals to guide their progress – they put them right where they couldn’t miss them every day.

Right there on the number plates of their car: MKL 16.

MKL = Matt and Kristie Lisle.  16 = 2016 – the year they targeted to establish their grazing business and transition away from full-time mining to becoming full-time graziers.

“We’re very visual people,” Kristie told Beef Central.

Picture: QRIDA

“Our car is underneath the house, and every day we pass it and see our number plate, we see our goal.”

“If we are continuously visualising our goal, it will remind our brain that constant reminder, even during busy and stressful times, of what we’re striving to achieve. It reinforces why we’re working so hard and feeling overwhelmed”

Matt and Kristie first crossed paths at the age of 17.

Initially employed in town, Matt later transitioned to the mining industry.

Soon after, they relocated to Matt’s family property, where they both ventured into mining.

Eventually, they tied the knot and embarked on establishing their own successful labour and machinery hire business, catering to the mining sector for numerous years.

Along the way, Matt and Kristie were also actively participating in Matt’s family grazing business, whilst also agisting land to build their own breeding herd and investing in residential real estate.

“We mined for a reason,” Kristie said.

“The goal was always to own our own property and become full-time graziers.”

MKL 16 was achieved with the purchase of a property west of Rockhampton, helped by the substantial amount of equity they had been able to build through growing their own livestock herd and investing in residential real estate.

Matt and Kristie have since worked very hard to improve the property, with a clear focus on development through grass, water and fencing.

Their property tour as part of the Beef 2024 expo will showcase a range of topics including regenerative agriculture, fodder cropping, natural capital and renewable energy.

Matt and Kristie highly value training and have accessed outside expertise to guide their journey.

Their progress can now be measured in improved land condition, groundcover and biomass, increased carrying capacity and a cash flow-positive business.

The Lisles will also discuss grant and loan opportunities which they have been able to access to benefit their business, in the process hoping to broaden knowledge and open insight to the possibilities available.

Their new business goal is to be trading 5000 head in five years.

And yes, it’s written right there on new numberplates – 5K2O2B.

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