“Pain relief won’t cut it” in European markets, press club told

Australia’s special representative for agriculture has given the Queensland Rural Press Club a rare insight into the animal welfare mentality of some overseas markets, delivering a sobering message about one of the key issues…Read More

Eric Barker, 03/02/2023

S3 Ep1: Cattle market update, with Chris Howie & Matt Dalgleish

Today’s season-opening interview is a start-of-year assessment of the cattle and beef markets for 2023 with regular commentators, Stockco’s Chris Howie and Ep3’s Matt Dalgleish…Read More

Beef Central, 03/02/2023

Beef Central’s Eric Barker receives excellence in Rural Journalism awards

AgCarbon Central editor and Beef Central journalist Eric Barker has been recognised with three awards for excellence in rural journalism for his reporting aimed at fostering greater awareness and understanding of the growing agricultural carbon sector…Read More

Beef Central, 03/02/2023

Opinion: why methane from cows is being unfairly treated

New South Wales producer George King argues that livestock-related methane emissions are being unfairly treated by governments and pushes for the industry to have input into the climate narrative…Read More

George King, 03/02/2023

Recruitment: Six ways to attract more people to careers in ag

With Australia’s unemployment rate at its lowest in 20 years, it is unlikely there will be a change in the current shortfall of labour in agriculture in the short or medium term, so what can primary producers and companies involved in ag do to adapt? Some industries have already been forced to change their hiring strategies, including these six hints for attracting staff…Read More

Beef Central, 03/02/2023

MLA releases two new carbon management tools

Meat & Livestock Australia has released two new carbon management modules its free eLearning platform, known as ‘The Toolbox’…Read More

Beef Central, 03/02/2023

Dubbo sale 2 Feb 2023: Numbers lift to 3730

Young cattle to the trade were around firm with prime vealers selling from 360c to 430c/kg…Read More

Beef Central, 03/02/2023

Oceania beef processors poised to capitalise on beef exports

SensorX Accuro makes meeting export regulations and consumer demands easy, with accurate fat-to-lean ratios, reliable contamination detection and product traceability. ..Read More

Sponsored Content, 30/01/2023

US cattle numbers fall to third lowest on record, in aftermath of drought

Highly anticipated herd size data was released by the US Department of Agriculture overnight, confirming a dramatic decline in US cattle inventory last year due to drought liquidation. What does it mean for Aussie beef?..Read More

Jon Condon, 02/02/2023

Chris Howie: Analysing the price reset

Was this reset unexpected? Probably not, but continued rain drew many to the conclusion prices might stay up for another season, Chris Howie writes in this months wrap of cattle and sheep market trends around the country…Read More

Chris Howie , 02/02/2023

Grill’d launches grass and seaweed-fed low methane beef burger

Burger restaurant chain Grill’d has this week announced the launch of what it terms a “world-first sustainable, grass-fed beef Gamechanger, made from Angus cattle that produce “up to two-thirds less methane emissions than regular cattle”…Read More

Beef Central, 02/02/2023

Dalby sale 1 Feb 2023: Cows, bullocks see price lifts

Yearling steers and heifers to restockers and feed generally sold close to the previous weeks improved prices…Read More

Guest Author, 02/02/2023

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