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Wagga sale 19 March 2018: Price hold gains

Guest Author, 20 March 2018

Exporters, domestic processors and feedlots moved to give the bullock market direction with prices firm to 4c dearer.

Wagga sale 12 March 2018: Further rises for feeder, export classes

Guest Author, 13 March 2018

Despite the bigger offering of 4750, cattle heavy export cattle met with strong competition.

Wagga sale 5 March 2018: Rain drives rates higher

Guest Author, 06 March 2018

Rain in the north drove rates higher at Wagga in a bigger yarding of 4100. In a mixed quality offering the market added to last week’s rise with some prices 5-12c dearer.

Wagga sale 26 Feb: Boat, feedlot orders drive market

Guest Author, 27 February 2018

In a similar sixed yarding of 3,600 a boat order and feedlot competition had the greatest influence on the cattle market at Wagga. Quality was variable and prices showed some healthy gains on the back of widespread rain.

Wagga sale 19 Feb 2018: Prices reflect broader market trend

Guest Author, 19 February 2018

Cattle prices at Wagga were generally weaker in a similar sized yarding of 3600. The market is facing pressure from plainer quality and bigger numbers at other selling centres due to the dry conditions.

Wagga sale 12 Feb 2017: Jump in numbers brings mixed price trends

James Nason, 13 February 2018

Changes to feeder cattle prices in the past few weeks show how the market is still struggling to find a balance between supply and demand. There were fewer orders this week and prices dipped 18c for lighter steer weights 330-400kg to make from 242-303c/kg.

Wagga sale 29 Jan 2018: Restockers operate in smaller yarding

Guest Author, 29 January 2018

There were signs that restockers have faith and are prepared for the moment to push prices upwards by 5-18c/kg

Wagga sale 22 Jan 2018: Bidding selective as heat mounts

Guest Author, 23 January 2018

Bidding for cattle in a smaller yarding at Wagga of 2,485 became more selective as pressure mounts from the hot summer and easing export beef prices.

Wagga sale 15 Jan 2017: Cheaper trend amidst erratic bidding

Guest Author, 16 January 2018

Bidding remained erratic, with restockers still unsure of opening price trends in 2018. Light weight steers back to the paddock were hardest hit, with rates falling 45c for the 200-280kg weight range. The bulk of the lighter weight steers made from 252-358c/kg.

Wagga 8 Jan 2018: First NSW sale of 2018 opens on solid note

Guest Author, 09 January 2018

The Wagga prime cattle market gave the first indication of price trends for 2018 in New South Wales, and saw cattle prices lift over some categories in a yarding of just over 2300 head.