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Wagga sale 20 Feb 2017: Restocker competition underpins market

Guest Author, 21 February 2017

Steady NSW and Victorian restocker competition helped underpinned demand for weaner steers and heifers at Wagga on Monday.

Wagga sale 13 Feb 2017: Wet conditions constrain yarding

Guest Author, 14 February 2017

Less processor and feedlot bidding meant most yearling categories showed easier price trends.

Wagga sale 6 Feb 2017: Numbers lift to 4200

Guest Author, 07 February 2017

Young vealers and yearlings were pushed along by backgrounders and restockers, while slaughter cattle varied according to quality.

Wagga sale 30 Jan 2017: Hot weather restricts numbers

Guest Author, 31 January 2017

The market seemed to lose some heat, with easier prices trends over some yearling categories. There were signs at the market that feedlots are for the moment, not prepared to keep pushing the market upwards, particularly at the plainer end of those categories.

Wagga sale 23 Jan 2017: Small buying panel leads to softer trend

Guest Author, 24 January 2017

The cheaper trend was obvious at the commencement of the sale with only two export processors operating, while feedlot competition was selective easing 3c/kg for the feeder steer portion.

Wagga 16 Jan 2017: Rates spike 10-26c for various categories

Guest Author, 17 January 2017

The red-hot cattle market continued to fire this week in a larger yarding of 4,700.

Wagga 9 Jan 2017: Mixed trends in first sale of 2017

Guest Author, 10 January 2017

Light weight store cattle rates softened due to fewer restocking orders in place. Light weight straight bred weaner steers, 200-280kg returning to the paddock made from 320c to 396c/kg. Plain-quality steers sold down to 318c, while the better conditioned heifers to the paddock ranged from 314c to 368c to average 354c/kg.

Wagga sale 19 Dec 2016: Rates rise in final sale of 2016

Guest Author, 19 December 2016

The approaching abattoir shut downs for the annual Christmas break placed pressure on the market. Young cattle destined for domestic and export abattoirs experienced a rate rise 7-20c/kg

Wagga sale 12 Dec 2016: Prices ease for mixed quality yarding

Guest Author, 13 December 2016

Warm conditions and plainer quality eroded prices at the top end in a similar sized yarding of 3,900 cattle at Wagga.

Teys Wagga Wagga plant picks up EU accreditation

Beef Central, 08 December 2016

Teys Australia’s Wagga Wagga plant will shortly start processing both grainfed and grassfed cattle for the premium European Union beef export market, having gained EU-accreditation this week.