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Wagga sale 22 May 2017: Rain inspires restocker competition

Guest Author, 23 May 2017

Recent rain inspired restockers and feedlots who had the greatest influence over most categories. Weaner steers back to the paddock sold 6-22c/kg dearer. Steers weighing 330-400kg benefited from the strongest demand with store buyers who payed from 332-392c to average $1358.

Wagga sale 15 May 2017: Quality drops in smaller yarding

Guest Author, 16 May 2017

Even with a shortage of heavy export cattle the market lacked competition for bullocks, with prices wound back 10c/kg to average 316c/kg. Top quality younger lines of heavy grown steers 500 -600kg to slaughter lifted 6c with the grain assisted portion helping drive the market higher. The bulk of the better finished steers sold from 300-338c/kg.

Wagga sale 8 May 2017: Dry conditions bring supply pressure

Guest Author, 09 May 2017

There were weaker results for prices at Wagga in a similar sized yarding of 3700, as dry conditions continue to put supply pressure on the market.

Wagga sale 1 May 2017: Prices strengthen again

Guest Author, 01 May 2017

Cattle prices strengthened again following on from the significant price surge the previous week, due to damp conditions and limited supplies at most southern selling centres.

Wagga sale 24 Apr 2017: Prices 10-33c dearer

Guest Author, 24 April 2017

A shortage of stock due to the Easter holiday break lifted rates at Wagga in a yarding of 3,320.

Wagga sale 10 Apr 2017: Trade and export categories strengthen

James Nason, 11 April 2017

The tight supplies for both domestic and export processors strengthened prices across trade and export categories, with some of the better finished lines showing a hefty price rise.

Wagga sale 4 April 2017: Higher prices attract more secondary cattle

Guest Author, 04 April 2017

More than 3300 cattle were yarded at Wagga, as the higher prices of last week drove increased supplies of unfinished cattle onto the market. Price results were mixed, reflecting the plainer quality

NVLX Wodonga 28 March 2017: Heavy rain has instant impact on prices

Guest Author, 29 March 2017

Heavy rain across much of NSW and Victoria had an immediate effect on prices at NVLX Wodonga on Tuesday, in a slightly smaller yarding of just under 1400.

Wagga sale 27 March 2017: Numbers drop, prices rise 10-50c/kg

Guest Author, 28 March 2017

Weaner steer prices hit their highest level in three months on the back of widespread rain.

Wagga sale 20 March 2017: Hot, dry conditions add to supply pressure

Guest Author, 21 March 2017

Hot dry conditions continue to put supply pressure on the market, with producers mostly offloading secondary condition stock.