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Roma store 15 Aug 2017: Gaps widen in wait for spring rain

Beef Central, 16 August 2017

Cattle were of good quality for those who still have oats in the paddock or feed as the gap widens for those hanging on for Spring rain.

Roma store 8 Aug 2017: Winter dry reflected in market

Beef Central, 09 August 2017

All the usual buyers were present and operating in a market rewarding quality, however the dry of winter is now evident. The cow market was mostly affected as growers lighten off and batten down the hatches, hopeful for early spring rain.

Roma store 1 Aug 2017: Prices ease on drying weather, grain cost

Beef Central, 02 August 2017

The variables of forthcoming climate indications and grain costs elevating is key to the slide of up to 20c/kg.

Roma store 26 July 2017: Prices ease in bigger yarding

Beef Central, 26 July 2017

All buyers were present and operating in a market that remained easier, strengthening at times throughout the day however overall the market eased.

Roma store 18 July 2017: Market firm for 6822 yarding

James Nason, 19 July 2017

All buyers were in attendance and taking into consideration quality comparison to last week, there was unmentionable change, however with the rise in grain prices the feedlot entry money was back slightly.

Roma store 11 July 2017: Quality weaners draw out restockers

Beef Central, 12 July 2017

All buyers were present with additional restockers active in a market attracted by the class of the weaners consisting of large runs of exceptional quality and superior lines.

Roma store 4 July 2017: Prices ease in weaner dominated market

Beef Central, 05 July 2017

The market held strong early in the sale but eased as it progressed, the majority of the yarding being weaners with approximately 1,000 cows sold.

Roma store 27 June 2017: Annual Kindee run boosts market

Beef Central, 28 June 2017

The lanes were humming with the anticipation of a market kick due to quality runs of the Kindee high performing cattle.

Roma store 20 June 2017: Weaners dominate yarding

Beef Central, 21 June 2017

All the usual buyers were present and operating with a multitude of tourists and kids on school holidays relishing the action of a market holding strong, the majority of the yarding being weaners with just a handful of cows and calves up for sale.

Roma store 13 June 2017: Oats restockers compete on lighter steers

Beef Central, 14 June 2017

Quality is showing the signs of the early effects of winter with top prices being paid for lighter conditioned steers for those with good crops of feed or oats in their paddocks. Feedlot entry cattle, or those just needing a little finishing, are being purchased at a lesser weight for future slaughter indicating supply volatility and demand strong.