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Roma store 21 March 2017: Rain boosts yarding, prices

Beef Central, 22 March 2017

Recent rain must have been the motivator for the buyers at Roma Store sale with a robust yarding of 8136 head, a lift over 3500 head on last week.

Roma store 14 Mar 2017: Big jump to 8136 head

Beef Central, 15 March 2017

Quality was surprisingly solid with the minority showing any signs the effect of the dry summer, however rain has still been patchy throughout the area.

Roma store 28 Feb 2017: Yearling steers dominate market

Beef Central, 01 March 2017

Medium and light weight yearling steers dominated the market with active restockers in attendance after some scattered showers improving morale.

Roma store 21 Feb 2017: Numbers jump 30pc

Beef Central, 22 February 2017

Quality continues to be mixed and restockers provided plenty of competition on young light weight yearling steers, with average prices improving by 6c/kg.

Roma store 14 Feb 2017: Yarding feels heat

Guest Author, 15 February 2017

Prices reduced by a further 10c to 12c/kg on the yearling steers however a large part of this reduction was a direct result of the quality presented.

Roma store 31 Jan 2017: Price rise in solid market

Guest Author, 01 February 2017

The supply of stock experienced a small reduction and overall quality was fair to good, however the large runs of well-bred light weight young cattle at the previous week’s sale were absent.

Roma store 24 Jan 2017: Prices rise in larger yarding

Guest Author, 25 January 2017

Restockers and feeder operators took advantage of the well-bred lines of yearling steers and lifted average prices by 5c to 8c/kg. A similar trend developed on the yearling heifers with most making 12c to 18c/kg above the previous weeks averages.

Roma store 17 Jan 2017: Market opens on solid note

Guest Author, 18 January 2017

The first store sale for the New Year attracted a small yarding and overall quality was good to useful with some excellent lines included in the line-up. Isolated falls of rain across parts of the supply area encouraged a large number of restockers and backgrounders into the market.

Roma store 13 Dec 2016: Weaners to 434c/kg

Guest Author, 14 December 2016

It was a modest yarding of store cattle for the final sale of the year. Quality varied from plain to good with cattle drawn from across western Queensland.

Roma store 6 Dec 2016: Numbers jump 39pc

Guest Author, 07 December 2016

Yarding numbers jumped 39% as extreme hot weather prevailed across much of western Queensland.