Speeding up Johne's disease diagnosis: MLA24 Apr

After more than a decade of research in Australia and overseas, sheep and cattle producers now have a rapid diagnostic test for Johne’s disease, Meat & Livestock Australia has reported today.
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Best bait rate win for wild dog control23 Apr

Best bait rate win for wild dog control

More than 90 percent of wild dogs can be effectively controlled by targeted 1080 aerial baiting programs, according to solid scientific evidence gathered in wild dog prone areas of NSW.
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Qld Govt steps up war on western weeds22 Apr

The Queensland Government has committed $1.88 million to fight prickly acacia and bellyache bush in northern and central Queensland.
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Ryegrass staggers reports on the rise22 Apr

Feedback from southern extension officers and producers is indicating that ryegrass staggers may be occurring more this year than normal, exacerbated by current seasonal conditions.
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