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‘We’re killing too many people, and it has to stop’

James Nason, 24 February 2017

While other industries such as mining have dramatically lowered their workplace accident rates – proving that safety is a problem than can be fixed – agriculture’s rate of improvement lags well behind all others.

Processor bodies commission independent study into carcase measurement technology

Beef Central, 24 February 2017

Red meat processor bodies have launched an independent review into the introduction of objective carcase measurement technology, and its application in the red meat processing industry.

JBS shuts Longford lamb operations for a month

Jon Condon, 24 February 2017

JBS Australia will shut lamb production at its Longford, TAS plant for at least four weeks from next week as tight supplies and high prices cut red meat processor margins across Australia. It’s been a recurring theme in both beef and lamb processing operations in the recent past.

Angus Hobson appointed new SAMRC Chair

Beef Central, 24 February 2017

Southern New South Wales livestock producer Angus Hobson has been appointed Chair of the Southern Australia Meat Research Council (SAMRC) and will take over the role from retiring Chair, Ralph Shannon, in April.

Recruitment: Staff retention should be top of managers’ priority list

Beef Central, 24 February 2017

The majority of Australian business managers are putting staff acquisition, staff retention and professional development for their staff at the top of their priority list for 2017, a recent survey has shown. Here’s eight areas that people managers across agriculture can focus on to achieve it.

Dubbo sale 23 Feb 2017: Feeder market eases

Guest Author, 24 February 2017

Not all the regular buyers were in attendance with the absence of some major feeder orders creating a cheaper market for the feeders which also flowed on to the trade market.

Was October 2016 the EYCI’s tipping point?

Beef Central, 23 February 2017

THE Eastern Young Cattle Indicator spent almost ten weeks from August to October in uncharted territory in 2016, when it was above 700¢/kg carcase weight. Since then, however, the market has been in a general decline, despite the ongoing short cattle availability.

Processors reject MLA’s objective carcase measurement proposal – in its current form

Jon Condon, 23 February 2017

Red meat processors remain unconvinced that MLA’s ambitious objective carcase measurement project in its current form justifies industry-wide investment, identifying a long list of “conceptual, methodological, and policy-related deficiencies” in the proposal.

Seasonal climate outlook Mar-May 2017

Beef Central, 23 February 2017

March is likely to be drier than average across most of Australia, according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s seasonal climate outlook statement released this morning.

WA goes its own way on BJD

James Nason, 23 February 2017

Moves to achieve a single, national, uniform approach to managing Johne’s Disease across the Australian beef cattle industry have run into a road block, with Western Australia confirming today it will not adopt the national framework accepted by other States last year.

Angus breeders head to Ballarat for 2017 national conference

Beef Central, 23 February 2017

Angus Australia has put together a first class speaking program for its 2017 national conference in Ballarat, Victoria in May.

BeefConnect webinar: Spelling strategies for recovery of pasture condition

Beef Central, 23 February 2017

In this webinar Senior Pasture Scientist, Paul Jones from DAF Emerald, will discuss spelling strategies, case studies and recommendations for producers.

Sausage Kings national winners in photos

Beef Central, 22 February 2017

Sausage Kings National winners in photos
The humble sausage took centre stage in Hobart on Saturday night as independent butchers from across Australia gathered for the national finals of the ever-popular National Sausage Kings competition, convened by the Australian Meat Industry Council. Here are the winners and place-getters in pictures.

Weekly Property Review – The view from the top

Guest Author, 22 February 2017

Three of Australia’s largest and longest-established national rural property marketing networks have made senior management appointments recently. For this week’s property review, we’ve taken the opportunity to engage with all three, seeking their views about competition in the cattle property market space, the opportunities that lie ahead, and potential growth.

Uncertainty surrounds impact from new Chinese rules on currency transfers

Beef Central, 22 February 2017

It’s not yet clear whether recent Chinese regulatory changes over international monetary transfers will have any short or longer-term impact on foreign investment in the Australian cattle property sector.

US nabs 15,000t Korean retail account, as Aussie beef tagged ‘uncompetitive’

Jon Condon, 22 February 2017

In another clear sign of the sagging price competitiveness of Australian export beef on the international stage, Korean retail giant Costco has shifted allegiance to US beef, after being supplied by Australia for the past decade or more. The deal will see all of Costco’s beef requirements sourced out of the US, amounting to 15,000 tonnes of exports annually.

Truck rollovers: Is electronic stability control appropriate for livestock transporters?

James Nason, 22 February 2017

While the concept of Electronic Stability Control technology sounds great in theory for trucks travelling on the modern highway networks of the Eastern seaboard, how will it work in remote Australia on rough unsealed roads and long-distances from workshops?

Producer-owned trucks over-represented in accident figures

James Nason, 22 February 2017

Trucks owned and operated by livestock producers are over-represented in major heavy vehicle accident data in Australia, according to a soon-to-be-released truck safety survey.

Is Australia’s reputation at risk with re-export of Aussie live cattle as beef?

Jon Condon, 22 February 2017

Prospects of beef being produced in Asian countries from live cattle imported from Australia, only to be re-exported in cartons to other countries have raised concerns within the red meat industry. References have been made to the possibility of re-export of beef produced from Australian live-exported cattle in three Asian markets in the past 12 months.

Roma store 21 Feb 2017: Numbers jump 30pc

Beef Central, 22 February 2017

Quality continues to be mixed and restockers provided plenty of competition on young light weight yearling steers, with average prices improving by 6c/kg.

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