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Jon Condon and James Nason, 26/07/2022

WELCOME to AgCarbon Central, Australian agriculture’s first dedicated online gathering-point for news, analysis and opinion across the rapidly emerging carbon industry.

The publishers of Beef, Sheep and Grain Central have monitored the spectacular rise in interest in carbon farming in recent years – a movement which is clearly going to be fundamental to agriculture’s future.

We feel the time is right to establish a dedicated platform to gather content around this topic.

AgCarbon Central will grow over time into a vast database of information about the carbon industry, and how it functions and evolves.

Readers can access the AgCarbon Central home page at this link or via the dedicated AgCarbon Central button or drop down menus on the Beef, Sheep and Grain Central home pages.

Among its key objectives, AgCarbon Central aims to:

  • Help decipher the information overload that exists about the carbon industry. Often we hear people say they don’t know much about, or understand carbon farming, while at the same time companies are pitching projects to them
  • Discussing how carbon and agriculture fit together
  • The carbon industry is changing rapidly, with a current Federal Government review taking place. The platform will provide regular updates on these regulatory and policy changes
  • Analysis of new carbon methodologies and strategies as they develop
  • New technologies and tools for measuring carbon
  • Holding companies and governments which are driving the industry to account
  • Sourcing opinion from key carbon industry stakeholders
  • Tracking how industry goals, like CN30, develop
  • Regular carbon market pricing updates
  • Providing a platform for industry-wide discussion and commentary.

Driving the editorial content on AgCarbon Central will be experienced Toowoomba-based Beef Central journalist, Eric Barker.

Eric Barker

Eric has built up comprehensive knowledge about, and contact networks within the carbon industry over the past 12 months, providing the foundation for AgCarbon Central’s future output.

Readers may have noted that even prior to AgCarbon Central’s launch, our existing websites – Beef, Sheep and Grain Central – have already focussed heavily on carbon issues, as the emerging industry has gained momentum.

Much of this has been authored by Eric. Listed on the bottom of the AgCarbon Central home-page are more than 50 articles published on the topic so far this year on our sites.

Regular content will be uploaded each week on AgCarbon Central, and our existing subscribers will receive an occasional email from us summarising recent carbon-related content.

In addition to carbon itself, the site will also cover related topics, such as methane – its mitigation, tools and products used to achieve it, and similar themes.

Our expanded focus on carbon-related content also now includes a new graph on our ‘Industry Dashboard’ panel on Beef Central’s home page plotting the carbon market trend, measured in Australian Carbon Credit Units, sourced from analysts, Jarden (see image below).

Advertising window

Readers will note a series of carbon industry-specific advertisements appearing on our new AgCarbon Central platform pages. Limited spaces remain for others interested in promoting their goods or services in the carbon market to Beef, Sheep and Grain Central’s vast reader networks.

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  1. Peter Honnef, 07/08/2022

    Good stuff Eric, I’ll be watching this space with interest as I’m sure you’ll have plenty report on.

    Thanks Peter, looking forward it. Eric

  2. Dick Morgan, 27/07/2022

    Good idea! But how about Central also reporting on the topic of “renewables” – the production of electricity from solar, wind and pumped hydro. All the politicians are talking about it and setting targets. But they are not telling us what it will cost and who will pay for it. Taxpayers money or corporate money. Private equity?

    The Greens want to close down all coal fired powered stations and transition to renewals. Fair enough! But again, who pays for it? And do they want to prohibit the export of coal both for the generation of power and the production of steel?

    The other topic that has to be discussed is batteries. We will need very powerful and compact batteries to provide electricity when the sun is not shining and the wind not blowing.

    Thanks for your comment, Dick. Carbon Central will also touch on topics like renewable energy, methane, and related topics in the sustainability space. Editor

  3. David Connellan, 27/07/2022

    Brilliant concept, incredibly perceptive, and exactly what the industry needs. Well done.

  4. David+Dwyer, 27/07/2022

    Excellent summary Eric and team. As different methodologies for reducing emissions in Agriculture become accepted by CER could you hyperlink them in your articles.

    Great idea, David. We will execute this – Editor

  5. Peter Johnston, 27/07/2022

    Good move thanks Jon, James and Eric.

  6. Tas Loane, CarbonLink, 26/07/2022

    Well done Jon and the team.

  7. SAM STAINES, 26/07/2022

    Well done

  8. Richard Rains, 26/07/2022

    Congratulations team Beef Central. A very timely & prudent move.

  9. Andrew Negline, 26/07/2022

    Great Initiative Team Central – this is a game changer for our industry and there is a lot to absorb and discuss as an industry.

  10. Roger Desailly, 26/07/2022

    Great initiative gentleman and much needed single source of truth and information for this emerging and future focused Ag sector!

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