Processors push for higher uptake of eNVDs

Eric Barker, 04/10/2021

MEAT processors across the country are pushing for a higher uptake of electronic National Vendor Declaration (eNVD) forms, saying too much time is wasted managing mistakes in hard copies of the declaration.

The Red Meat Integrity Systems Company overhauled the way National Vendor Declarations are done last year, with eNVD replacing the eDEC system. The company says 33.5 percent of the consignments sold between and January and August this year used the new electronic system.

Several multi-site sheep and cattle processors have told Beef Central they would like to see more vendors using eNVD, with compliance officers spending up to half their day, everyday, fixing hard copies.

Thomas Foods International was one of the companies supporting the push. National livestock manager Paul Leonard said with the NVD being a legal document, it needed to be done properly.

The paperwork these days is non-negotiable, we need to have it done correctly or we can’t kill

“The paperwork these days is non-negotiable, we need to have it done correctly or we can’t kill and that’s out of our hands,” Mr Leonard said.

“We do have staff on the ground who spend quite a lot of time trying to sort out NVDs.”

Calls for agents to drive eNVDs

The latest conversation about eNVD was kicked off last month by Australian Lamb Company livestock manager Ben Verrall in an “Elders Update” interview with Murray Arnel – who also reports for Beef Central.

Ben Verrall

Mr Verrell said there needed to be an industry-wide push for more vendors to use eNVDs, with companies like the Victorian processor taking up too much time fixing hard copies.

“We don’t seem to be able to pick up that baton and run with it as an industry,” Mr Verrell said.

“I haven’t seen a big push for eNVDs lately and I think we really need push it.

“It’s probably the agents who need to drive it because they’re on the front line speaking to the vendors.”

Mr Verrell said the best eNVD systems were forms vendors could not submit without filling it in properly.

“It’s like a date of birth on an airline ticket, if you don’t fill it in you can’t submit it,” he said.

eNVD being updated

Agents and the Integrity Systems Company (ISC) say several factors are stopping a higher uptake of eNVDs – including poor connectivity and, in some cases, struggles with digital literacy.

Jo Quigley

ISC chief operating officer Jo Quigley said the organisation was looking at updating the eNVD system to account for some of these problems.

“We’re working on a mechanism enabling consignments to be created offline,” Ms Quigley said.

“Quite often producers won’t know exactly how many animals are being loaded onto the truck until they’re down in the yards – which is often out of phone and internet service.

“There could be a mobile application being used in that situation.”

Ms Quigley said eNVD adoption was on the increase, but like the processors, ISC would like to see more vendors using it.

“There is an opportunity for us to continue to encourage that adoption, right through the supply chain,” she said.

“We would like to see our feedlots, saleyards and processors all set up and receiving the consignments digitally.”








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  1. Andrew Davidson, 06/10/2021

    Amazing – AGBREED has already developed this technology for eNVDs in an app, and is fully licensed by ISC.

  2. Richard Thomson, 05/10/2021

    I have commented before. There seems to be a continuing effort by ISC and other bodies with vested interests to push their barrow. The long and short is that producers pay a levy for every beast sold surely it is not too much to ask that those people are included in all correspondence. ISC should be in contact with all producers – not just those with useable connectivity and computer skills to match. Mail services still run in most areas – paper and ink are still a proven means of communication.
    We are still having to check up on the completion of NVDs- after how many years . How is it that this “new” system is expected to be 100% correct in the first year?

    I appreciate, as most do, the importance of accuracy and timing – but it wont work just because one party Wants it. everyone has to pull together to develop the system.

  3. Tim Davis, 05/10/2021

    Better lobby the government for better phone reception!! Most farmers would love to enjoy the benefits of the 21st century, but we are simply limited by poor access.

  4. Richard+Golden, 04/10/2021

    Let’s echo the comments about why the system currently has very limited effective uptake. No mobile service at 3 of our 5 stockyards.
    No offline capacity, like here, and we simply never know until the mob is in the yard what will be going.
    The suggestion that only an accurate eNVD form can be completed- just because I’ve found something the database computer accepts doesn’t mean it’s accurate. One problem is that the form demands everything that any state requires, like destination PIC, which is not something I have needed to find when it’s not a requirement here in Queensland.
    Even the ridiculous argument I’ve had with a database about our business address- my details in the NLIS database are correct but the locality address system will argue with me when I’m trying to fill in an eNVD in the office at 4.30am before I leave to muster the catte; the PIC of the receiving business is in a private name while the receiving business name is not the same…. blah blah.
    If the meatworks are taking eNVD contents as gospel just because the LPA database computer has allowed the form to be completed then I suspect there are still some holes in the integrity system.
    Surprise surprise I’m back on hard copy again.

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