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Weekly kills reach last gasp – but what lies ahead in pricing for 2016?

Jon Condon, 15 December 2015

As the long, often frenetic 2015 Eastern Australian beef kill draws to a close, attention is already starting to focus on what lies ahead for prices in the new slaughter year starting in mid-to-late January.

Weekly kill: Seasonal closures start for some plants; draw close for others

Jon Condon, 01 December 2015

With only two full weeks left in many East Coast processors’ schedules for the 2015 season and other plants already closed, there’s been a somewhat deceptive 4pc rise in the Eastern states tally for the week ended Friday. What’s caused it?

Weekly kill: Slaughter numbers edge lower, as 2015 finish-line looms

Jon Condon, 24 November 2015

With three full weeks to go until Christmas closures, the finish line is within sight for the 2015 Eastern Australian slaughter season, as slaughter numbers continued to edge lower this week.

Weekly kill: Drought’s shadow continues to drive numbers lower

Jon Condon, 17 November 2015

Eastern states weekly beef kills continue to trend downwards after an exhausting year of record high slaughter. NLRS logged a five-state tally of 143,834 head for the week ended Friday, down 8pc on the previous week, suggesting kills will become a ‘day-to-day proposition’ for many processors in coming weeks.

Weekly kill: Grids in limbo as supply reaches critical point

Jon Condon, 10 November 2015

There was little or no change in Qld grid prices this past week, as processors now seem resigned to the fact that there is currently little correlation between a hike in direct consignment cattle offers, and the consequent flow of slaughter stock. The key question now will be: What effect, if any, will the big decline in beef production have on what is currently a very lacklustre export and domestic beef market?

Weekly kill: Rain event has only modest impact so far on slaughter cattle pricing

Jon Condon, 03 November 2015

There’s been a surprisingly mild response in Queensland grid prices following the widespread, if very patchy rain that’s fallen across parts of Eastern Australia over the past week.
Southeast Queensland grids are either unchanged or 5c dearer, while there is a little more advance in grids in the more northern regions of the state, which are now battling to maintaining a kill through til season’s end.

Weekly kill: Solid lift in slaughter numbers masks underlying troubles

Jon Condon, 27 October 2015

A solid 4pc rise in slaughter last week masked some deeper underlying headwinds that suggest beef processors will continue to battle to accumulate worthwhile slaughter cattle numbers for what’s left of the 2015 kill season.

Weekly kill: Rapid descent in cattle prices shows little signs of abating

Jon Condon, 20 October 2015

The pace of change might have slowed a little, but slaughter cattle prices – both via saleyards and direct consignment – have continued their downward trend this week.

Weekly kill: Grids, saleyards continue rapid descent, as confidence is tested

Jon Condon, 13 October 2015

Both meatworks grids and saleyards have continued their rapid price descent this week, maintaining the sudden correction in cattle pricing that set-in a week earlier.

Weekly kill: Processors increasingly starved of slaughter numbers

Jon Condon, 07 October 2015

Rates of slaughter across Eastern Australia continued to trend down last week, adding to a consistent slide which started to take shape back around mid-year.