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Flying herds – Wagyu growth creating opportunities to breed specialist Angus replacement females

James Nason, 09 May 2017

The rapid expansion of Wagyu/Angus first cross (F1) cattle herds in Australia is creating opportunities for producers to adapt the flying herd concept from the dairy industry and for breeders to become specialist suppliers of Angus replacement females.

Angus breeders head to Ballarat for 2017 national conference

Beef Central, 23 February 2017

Angus Australia has put together a first class speaking program for its 2017 national conference in Ballarat, Victoria in May.

McDonald’s ‘Angus’ burger offer continues to resonate with customers

Beef Central, 21 May 2016

McDonald’s supply chain service director Tracey Monaghan used the Angus Australia national conference on Friday to appeal directly to beef producers for their help to grow the program.

Boom in demand for ‘Natural’ segment drives Angus Pure growth

Jon Condon, 12 March 2014

The number of MSA-backed red meat brands has grown from 76 to 90 over the past year, and there’s no better refection of the expansion in brand programs than the recent progress seen in the ‘Angus Pure’ grassfed program.

Don’t overlook importance of Angus genetics in Wagyu F1 programs, breeders told

Jon Condon, 30 October 2013

Accessing quality Angus maternal genetics is every bit as important as selecting the right Fullblood Wagyu terminal sire in developing successful F1 terminal crossbreeding programs, a pioneer of commercial Wagyu x Angus production in this country says.

‘No frills’ Angus herd helps utilise marshy Tassie midlands country

Jon Condon, 22 October 2013

A ‘no-frills’, yet high-performance Angus breeding herd is helping better utilise low-lying marshy country where there is little application for sheep on a northern Tasmanian grazing property.

Wagyu, Angus-based brands claim major honours in Sydney branded beef

Jon Condon, 17 September 2013

Consistency is a quality greatly coveted by branded beef program managers and their customers across Australia and overseas, and it was in evidence in spades in the Sydney Royal Show’s 2013 Fine Foods branded beef awards decided this week.

Angus Australia uploads US DD data, allowing close scrutiny

Beef Central, 15 August 2013

Angus Australia has acted incredibly swiftly in updating breed society records overnight, allowing members and others to scrutinise individual animals for risk associated with the newly identified genetic disorder, Developmental Duplication (DD).

Recessive genetic condition identified within Angus

Beef Central, 13 August 2013

A newly-identified recessive genetic condition called Developmental Duplication has been confirmed and brought to members’ attention by Angus Australia this week.

Premium Angus, Wagyu programs share Melbourne’s branded beef honours

Jon Condon, 18 July 2013

High-end grainfed beef brands representing Angus and Wagyu genetics shared the major honours at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards branded beef competition judged this week.