Tree laws: ‘A True Story’ video gives voice to landholder concerns

Beef Central, 27/04/2018

A True Story _ From the Heart of Queensland from QLD Food Future on Vimeo.


A GROUP of Central Queensland landholders has turned to social media in an attempt to give wider voice to the concerns of landholders before tougher new vegetation management controls are set to be passed in Queensland’s Parliament next month.

“Qld Food Future”, a small group of producers, has banded together to fund and create a video called “A true story – from the heart of Queensland’.

Through the voices of several landholders the video outlines concerns that the new laws are being implementned for political purposes, will in reality stop current good environmental practices used to stop sediment run-off to the Reef, and ignore “millions of dollars” of research on woodlands by previous Queensland Governments.

“Labor commissioned Bill Burrows, the senior scientists with the DPI, to do a report and what they were wanting the report to say was that the beef industry was carbon emitting, therefore they had to lock up the trees,” grazier Peter Anderson says on the video.

“The report actually said the beef indsutry was carbon neutral, or, if anything, carbon sequesting.”

CQ landholder and Beef Australia chairman Blair Angus said the laws were about gaining votes in inner city Brisbane, “where they don’t actually understand the environemnt we actually nurture out here”.

“If they actually came here and saw what we did they would actually see this is exactly what they are trying to ahcieve in reducing run off to the reef, building soilds capturing carbon.”

“We need to get the message where it needs to be to educate people what is really happening out here,” grazier Cameron Hewitt said.

Queensland’s controversial Vegetation Management and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 will be introduced to Parliament for debate on Tuesday, May 1.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk holds a majority and has told media she wants the Bill to pass by the end of May.

AgForce protest rally May 1

To coincide with that date AgForce is planning a day of action in Brisbane, which will include a rally at Parliament House from 8:15am to 10am.

AgForce CEO Michael Guerin said the Palaszczuk Government continued to ignore farmer pleas for fair and balanced vegetation management laws that delived good outcomes for both agriculture and the environment.

“The proposed laws could see many farmers walk off the land, shut down new agricultural development and severely damage rather than improve regional landscapes,” he said.

“This could be the last chance we have to send a strong, united message to the state’s politicians before the Palaszczuk Government rams these laws through the State Parliament.

“Enough is enough. Vegetation management has been a divisive issue for two decades. Let’s all work together on a long-lasting solution that is good for the environment and good for agricultural production.”

More details about next week’s Day of Action on Tuesday 1 May is available on AgForce’s website at


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  1. David Hunter, 02/05/2018

    A well produced piece and should resonate with any voter. It is so sad that it should require such an effort for farmers to justify what is their best management practices in caring for their’s and our country’s land and environment. If you cannot trust the family farmer that lives there, who can you trust to care for the land that produces our food? Industry organisations are excellent at keeping the “”wreckless lowest common denominators”” accountable. Instead government swathe a blanket over all and penalise the good.

  2. James Dickson, 02/05/2018

    We need to get this out to the masses of voters in the city. This is what will change peoples votes in the cities. They don’t see this, hear about it or understand it. Yet they would hate to think that there vote is hurting farmers. We are a farming nation & I believe all Australians are proud of it. Very strong message, keep up the great work.

  3. Jason Hall, 30/04/2018

    It’s time for Australia’s farmers to grow some balls – go and waive your placards if like, it is pointless. If we do not go to war on labour and the greens now – we might as well give up on our farms, as they are taking more of them every year.
    We still have options, leverage we can use ( the billions we pay in tax, and the food we grow )
    Yes I know our ag “leaders” are compromised, but it also seems we have lost the will to fight

  4. David Foote, 30/04/2018

    Congratulations to the organiser, participants and production team – a thoroughly well presented piece – one that should easily resonate with the viewer whoever that turns out to be and through whatever medium. Well done.

  5. Milton Watters, 28/04/2018

    I’m South Australian and have put up with a labour run state for 14 years. It’s not a question of when , but if , we will be able to overcome the destructive polices that have come about during their reign, which have been more about their (labours) survival, than the general public they say they represent . Beware when the cutbacks and sale of assets begin, ie; research & development, reduction of infrastructure works outside your major centres. Spending on subsidies for poorly researched renewable energy projects has proved to be the most wastefull ways to reduce carbon levels.

  6. Brad Bellinger, 28/04/2018

    Cannot believe how ruthless the Queensland Labour Party is. Completely ignoring science and specifically targeting farmers to destroy their livelihoods.
    South African farmers should not look at Queensland for respite, the Labour party is locking up what was once privately owned land without compensation.

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