Recruitment: Securing the right employees can hinge on your job ad message

Beef Central, 30/12/2015

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IT’S THE time of year when new objectives are determined and goals are set both personally and professionally.

For many workers, this may mean moving ahead in their current line of work or for some, a complete career overhaul.

As job-seeker activity tends to increase during the first months of the year and with the beef supply chain preparing to ramp-up in the coming months, how can businesses secure the right employees for the job from the start?

An extensive cattle grazing, lotfeeding or meat processing  business may know what qualities and experience they want in a worker for a particular job, but simply thinking like a job-seeker and their needs can help increase the number of suitable applications for that position.

Whether beef supply businesses are planning their recruitment needs for the year or are set to embark on a recruitment drive to keep up with production demand, the following tips can assist in boosting the opportunity of securing best-fit employees:


It’s all in the detail

Applying for a new job can take time and jobseekers want to know that they have the relevant experience, qualifications and skills to perform the job effectively before applying. By providing a detailed yet concise job advert, jobseekers will be able to make an informed decision as to whether they are suitable for/interested in the position, and in turn ensure that only appropriate applicants apply.

While it’s important for a job advert to be detailed, it can be a fine balancing act and applicants may be deterred from applying if too much content is provided.

Some important information to include:

  • Actual job responsibilities and expectations: By being up-front as to what duties a new employee will undertake and expectations on targets and performance, any surprises or cause for negativity will be reduced.
  • Including company information is a no-brainer for job adverts, though chances are, the majority of job seekers – particularly within the beef supply chain -may already know of the business. Instead of using up valuable space with a standard business profile, be creative and promote incentives for the jobseeker. This can include the culture of the business, employer benefits and what a new employee can receive. If possible, embed a short Youtube video within your online job advert showcasing the business and what it is like working at the company. It’s an interactive and engaging method for attracting applicants.
  • Use job titles that are widely accepted and used within the beef industry. Using job titles in which job seekers will type into a search engine or online job board can increase the chances of the advert being found and viewed. While ‘Standout Stockman’ may attract some attention, the chances are the jobseeker may be unsure as to what the role actually is and what would be expected of them as an employee and in turn not apply for the job.
  • While the job seeker should be able to determine their suitability for the role by the responsibilities and expectations, including the salary or hourly rate of pay range can further ensure job seekers have the right expectations for the job and can help minimise a business being inundated with unsuitable applicants.

Go digital

Smart phones and digital device usage is increasing dramatically, and now more than ever information can be viewed at any time and anywhere. This means job seekers expect to be able to search and apply for new opportunities whenever they wish. While most job board and online platforms are optimised for digital devices and will display adverts in a simple and easy to view layout, including specific keywords throughout the advert can boost its search performance and potentially the number of suitable applicants for the position.

If an applicant tracking system is used by an employer to collect job applications doing a quick test to see how the system is displayed on a mobile device is useful. Are the pages and forms easy to navigate through, is the information displayed appropriately?  If not, there may be opportunities in which it’s functionally and optimisation can be improved.

At the very least, a job-seeker should be able to view a job advert on their mobile or tablet.

Take advantage of targeted advertising opportunities offered by social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Posting job adverts on these platforms can be useful in engaging with both passive and active job seekers and potentially assist businesses find the right employees.


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