Hinch urged to rethink call to phase out 1080 baiting

Beef Central, 29/08/2018

Comments in Parliament by Senator Derryn Hinch calling for the Federal Government to regulate the orderly phase-out of 1080 have triggered a swift response from the National Wild Dog Action Plan’ Coordination Committee.

The Leader of the Justice Party made allegations that 1080 use in Australia is poorly regulated and poses an unacceptable risk to public health, domestic pets and the environment.

National Wild Dog Action Plan’ Coordination Committee Chair Geoff Power said 1080 is Australia’s most effective and target-specific pest predator control tool.

Scientifically supported evidence demonstrated 1080 was biodegradable and posed no risk to humans and native species at the recommended dose rates for predator control.

In  letter with background material provided to Senator Hinch (link below), Mr Power also emphasised that 1080 baiting programs are highly regulated, monitored and recorded and the result of extensive community planning and engagement.

Mr Power called on Senator Hinch to reconsider his value judgment “that places the welfare of feral animals over that of the survival of native animals and livestock, the protection of Australia’s unique environment and the financial well-being of farmers and the Australian economy”.

“This is certainly not the position of the participants of the National Wild Dog Action Plan and unlikely to be for most Australians,” he said.

In the letter to Senator Hinch, Mr Power said participants of the National Wild Dog Action Plan were concerned he may not be fully aware of the ramifications on native animals, farmed livestock and rural communities if 1080 were to be banned.

“Feral animals are estimated to cost the Australian agriculture industry $797 million dollars in losses a year and this figure will sky rocket in the absence of 1080.

“More concerning however is the fact that over 300 species of native animals and wildlife already threatened by feral animals would be placed at far greater risk of extinction by feral cats, wild dogs, foxes and feral pigs if 1080 poison is banned for use in Australia.

“Given the current strict regulatory framework surrounding 1080’s use and the fact there are very few confirmed cases of accidental poisonings of domestic animals, in comparison to its widespread use, and no reported human health impacts at the dose rates imposed by state and federal agencies, we seek further clarification as to why your party would choose to ban the poison.

“Many decades of research and additional evidence from a review undertaken by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority in 2008, has shown that 1080 is the most effective, target-specific and environmentally-sensitive toxin available for use in Australia.

“Moreover, there are no current alternatives that deliver the level of control required to protect livestock and native animals.”

To view the full letter written click here

National Wild Dog Action Plan group is urging stakeholders to contact their local Member for Parliament, peak industry bodies and relevant interest groups to support the ongoing use of 1080.




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  1. douglas hurst, 30/08/2018

    persue more positive causes hinch , & take account of the damage to native wildlife , farm & domestic animals , & potential dangers to humans , that feral dogs, cats , & pigs cause . The economic losses to farmers also through feral animals is disheartening . Satisfy your ego on more positive pursuits to help farmers.

  2. Bruce Collins, 29/08/2018

    Hinch is obviously desperate for support for the flimsy hold on his seat.

  3. Peter Dunn, 29/08/2018

    What a travesty, and what an alarming concern it is that someone like Derryn Hinch can find themselves in such a position of power that every utterance, no matter how ill informed, ignorant or egotistical, has to be addressed by people with more important things to do, lest it cause to harm to industries and individuals already battling to make a living and make Australia a better place. It is a good guess that Derryn’s stance on 1080 involves some Senate political ‘deal’, but who would know? Derryn’s political acumen is yet to become apparent.

  4. Bruce Roberts, 29/08/2018

    Hey Derryn, what cloud did you fall out of. I’m sure 1080 will still be used when you are long gone. It is used to control dingos that destroy farmers livestock. They are the cruelest animals I’ve ever seen, they maim generally and don’t directly kill.

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