GRSB goals and objectives in the Strategic Plan include expanding global reach through new roundtables, projects and stakeholder engagement, as well as demonstrating those results by creating a data platform that reports on the progress being made, shares regional roundtable and project findings and tracks key global metrics.Additional key priorities in the plan include ongoing communication of continuous improvements around the globe, engagement on global issues through convening sectors, roundtables and geographies, and nurturing GRSB membership, member value and revenues.

“The work done to date has been exceptional and has set the stage to move into the next chapter,” said Dennis Laycraft, president of GRSB as well as the executive vice president of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association.

Goals in the GRSB Strategic Plan were guided by four key principles – relevance, impact, influence and clarity. In order to continue its progress, the organisation has focused on ensuring it remains relevant to the industry and its members through demonstrating tangible impacts in beef sustainability around the world.

The organisation also has committed to serving as a trusted global voice on beef and sustainability, while providing clarity about its role among its members, regional and national roundtables and emerging geographies of opportunity.

“The sustainable production of beef involves a significant number of industry segments, regions of the world, and members of the beef value chain as well as environmental and social organisations from civil society. The GRSB is positioned to be a key forum through which valuable information may be developed, validated and shared,” the organisation said in a statement.

In addition to the Board’s approval of the Strategic Plan, GRSB Technical Working Groups reported progress in areas that included sustainable beef benchmarking, antimicrobial stewardship, forests, communications and global indicators. The GRSB Board of Directors also provided a forum to regional roundtables and members to share progress made in beef sustainability in their respective areas.

Upcoming plans for the 2016 Global Conference on Sustainable Beef were also discussed at the board meeting. The Conference, entitled “Building on Experience: Regionally and Globally,”will be held October 4 –7 at the Fairmont Hotel in Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada.

Source: GRSB. Further inforamtion on the Global Conference on Sustainable Beef is available at this link